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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Emerald Dream-US Boss Kills
1Petrucci Banana BanditsEmerald Dream-US505914316490
2Dael Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US408615555641Not updated
3Nakhara Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US409815305628Not updated
4Defenestrate NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US390915545463Not updated
5Namie MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US367415255199Not updated
6Graggars DO WORKEmerald Dream-US331816985016Not updated
7Bëlla Hand of the Shá tarEmerald Dream-US347013454815
8Eternity Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US330614584764Not updated
9Cherubael Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US344812984746Not updated
10Zenal NightsEmerald Dream-US40636774740Not updated
11Stratis Point BlankEmerald Dream-US341912634682
12Brindyn MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US299115174508Not updated
13Elamahpla rip voidEmerald Dream-US295514164371Not updated
14Tulg Sythegore ArmEmerald Dream-US34938654358Not updated
15Kikula  Emerald Dream-US37295724301Not updated
16Raath Point BlankEmerald Dream-US33049124216
17Romanesque Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US36425284170Not updated
18Guido Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US259915184117Not updated
19Yesprobalo ObfuscateEmerald Dream-US37213934114Not updated
20Ordeath Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US31289784106Not updated
21Valyrra Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US274713454092Not updated
22Pahimanah NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US306610204086Not updated
23Zaithon Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US280912094018Not updated
24Endalamar NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US288911114000Not updated
25Nezzywezzy Kawaii ClubEmerald Dream-US251014693979Not updated
26Ianarion LividEmerald Dream-US30099453954Not updated
27Rayneqt LividEmerald Dream-US202819253953Not updated
28Thorival MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US261413343948Not updated
29Icyy  Emerald Dream-US230316213924Not updated
30Morganna AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US30278603887
31Wegner NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US286010143874Not updated
32Envisage Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US28829913873Not updated
33Goochacabra The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US29499233872Not updated
34Rozenbach NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US29458793824Not updated
35Diliam Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US33264863812Not updated
36Jrammy LividEmerald Dream-US259311583751Not updated
37Isshbalien ObliviousEmerald Dream-US31595833742Not updated
38Lorgrum Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US243713043741Not updated
39Ves Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US261011273737Not updated
40Noslo GnomenclatureEmerald Dream-US230514233728Not updated
41Shekza  Emerald Dream-US27868653651Not updated
42Powaqqatsi Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US27089123620Not updated
43Hawwtkunnk The Red Panda ElitesEmerald Dream-US26429563598
44Epidemicdk LividEmerald Dream-US227513223597Not updated
45Celerina Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US29555933548
46Marsartemis DO WORKEmerald Dream-US230312263529Not updated
47Gyranolyx Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US31333783511Not updated
47Harlinson DO WORKEmerald Dream-US227112403511Not updated
49Icedcoffee HypeEmerald Dream-US27357523487Not updated
50Zyrex LividEmerald Dream-US242910433472Not updated
51Trafton NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US27886463434Not updated
52Deathbringer Diametrically OpposedEmerald Dream-US28206023422Not updated
53Scubby NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US25089123420Not updated
54Elprime  Emerald Dream-US26407773417Not updated
55Atali EndeavorsEmerald Dream-US30094003409Not updated
56Sedate LividEmerald Dream-US212712773404Not updated
57Palandus MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US221511883403Not updated
57Imonaboät AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US28755283403
59Saeres The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US231310533366Not updated
60Sayerel  Emerald Dream-US23529973349Not updated
61Ambrosius Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US24858373322Not updated
62Roshambò Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US23059953300Not updated
63Shaladrius Tempus DominusEmerald Dream-US29683313299Not updated
64Deathbysoda  Emerald Dream-US26756163291Not updated
65Altherionn Army of the Blue WizardEmerald Dream-US28484413289
66Jivanmukta Juke Box AntiheroesEmerald Dream-US26905963286Not updated
67Wîcky NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US25227583280Not updated
68Breesy  Emerald Dream-US26326453277Not updated
69Oglop Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US23619123273Not updated
70Zerow LividEmerald Dream-US221410453259Not updated
71Abrahm LegionEmerald Dream-US25476893236
72Bananä Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US215310643217Not updated
73Mortis  Emerald Dream-US22459543199Not updated
74Bleedinggums NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US24877033190Not updated
75Magiquay MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US22948893183Not updated
76Thevolget Coup de EtatEmerald Dream-US27983763174Not updated
77Qean DO WORKEmerald Dream-US23567903146Not updated
78Digg  Emerald Dream-US24856373122Not updated
79Elemintastic LividEmerald Dream-US21659403105Not updated
80Yhtrod Once More With FeelingEmerald Dream-US27003723072Not updated
81Elanee Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US22897773066Not updated
82Whoseline  Emerald Dream-US23117543065Not updated
83Magnificat LegionEmerald Dream-US26893743063
84Suggar Exalted With Repair BotsEmerald Dream-US24655893054
85Jykupajr Blizzard Of OzzEmerald Dream-US22298203049Not updated
86Krisaga DO WORKEmerald Dream-US200810383046Not updated
87Sesska LegionEmerald Dream-US25295133042
88Trenon Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US23227153037Not updated
89Glorybox  Emerald Dream-US23516813032
90Adamai DeluxeEmerald Dream-US24875343021Not updated
91Blackacidice theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US25514392990
92Yukks Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US26613252986Not updated
93Nunitari After HoursEmerald Dream-US24375342971Not updated
94Salidir DO WORKEmerald Dream-US20189512969Not updated
95Holypowerd Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US25434202963Not updated
96Yuuzari Guardians of the LightEmerald Dream-US26173402957Not updated
97Badkittie NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US22377082945Not updated
98Ryokyo Syntax ErrorEmerald Dream-US24934492942Not updated
99Zeph AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US20718652936
100Scottykins MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US21237852908Not updated

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