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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emerald Dream-EU Boss Kills
1Deathcam Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU458012365816Not updated
2Navi IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU374613255071Not updated
3Murderhorn Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU39619834944Not updated
4Fraggy RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU335813244682Not updated
5Lyorn OmenEmerald Dream-EU364010384678Not updated
6Defensor IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU359910244623Not updated
7Gizy RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU340211444546Not updated
8Soryshe Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU327112704541Not updated
9Shinamaya Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU318712114398Not updated
10Cyber IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU306612564322Not updated
11Papa IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU34317634194Not updated
12Naathwen  Emerald Dream-EU277213764148Not updated
13Suv Last SunriseEmerald Dream-EU281213144126Not updated
14Rocknroll Outlaws TornEmerald Dream-EU36095114120Not updated
15Dondiago EquilibriumEmerald Dream-EU35685064074Not updated
16Yowshi VIIEmerald Dream-EU35404984038Not updated
17Xirthill IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU291311224035Not updated
18Jillybean IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU30718683939Not updated
19Celeus BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU267512153890Not updated
20Malantura Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU276911023871Not updated
21Whias AurumEmerald Dream-EU30597923851Not updated
22Dratz Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU273311003833Not updated
23Süperrai  Emerald Dream-EU31566663822Not updated
24Varil IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU29778133790Not updated
25Gnumpf RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU245113303781Not updated
26Tiamar IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU27959793774Not updated
27Taina IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU28159473762Not updated
28Effex Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU260111403741Not updated
29Chrisychris Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU218315503733Not updated
30Zalanth SunfallEmerald Dream-EU32334853718Not updated
31Damsinos LunarEmerald Dream-EU261310483661Not updated
32Shinra Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU27479023649Not updated
33Kiara Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU27768663642Not updated
33Pennguinx BattleRagersEmerald Dream-EU28088343642Not updated
35Roné LunarEmerald Dream-EU28897413630Not updated
36Chaýa RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU26679453612Not updated
37Meyón Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU28757253600Not updated
38Vigilant AurumEmerald Dream-EU28537423595Not updated
39Cômewithme LunarEmerald Dream-EU27277923519Not updated
40Macfish Out of ManaEmerald Dream-EU25869253511Not updated
41Spamuk  Emerald Dream-EU27757053480Not updated
42Héraclés Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU28166493465Not updated
43Artill Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU224412193463Not updated
44Nailyam Red LightingEmerald Dream-EU29904593449Not updated
45Iv LunarEmerald Dream-EU234710863433Not updated
46Baabe Outlaws TornEmerald Dream-EU30204063426Not updated
47Nuvielle  Emerald Dream-EU24919083399Not updated
48Liveit  Emerald Dream-EU25797883367Not updated
49Belga Outlaws TornEmerald Dream-EU28854403325Not updated
50Vagelis RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU23119983309Not updated
51Kaoz  Emerald Dream-EU26256623287Not updated
52Fendil  Emerald Dream-EU22969753271Not updated
53Bendeis LunarEmerald Dream-EU215011203270Not updated
54Líam AurumEmerald Dream-EU23189503268Not updated
55Dumbeldore RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU211111493260Not updated
56Fatfury  Emerald Dream-EU26665913257Not updated
57Rawenna Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU23049523256Not updated
58Himiko RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU218910603249Not updated
59Bootec RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU23988223220Not updated
60Haldar RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU24277663193Not updated
61Excitedsoup BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU22988943192Not updated
62Darkangelz BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU214610283174Not updated
63Ardha Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU194012123152Not updated
64Failadin SunfallEmerald Dream-EU27623893151Not updated
65Zapzorz IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU23098333142Not updated
66Seba SunfallEmerald Dream-EU27174133130Not updated
67Vainzki ParanoidEmerald Dream-EU28033203123Not updated
68Ayen Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU195811443102Not updated
69Therisths FameEmerald Dream-EU27413583099Not updated
70Aryadne BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU22188803098Not updated
71Mezzy AurumEmerald Dream-EU21169723088Not updated
72Maci SunfallEmerald Dream-EU26544103064Not updated
73Capognomdon Made in GnomereganEmerald Dream-EU26903613051Not updated
74Pessimism VIIEmerald Dream-EU24865563042Not updated
75Fleabitten Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU26523793031Not updated
75Mythius VIIEmerald Dream-EU25005313031Not updated
77Ksenia IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU22267993025Not updated
78Yúna Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU24555643019Not updated
79Turox Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU22127872999Not updated
80Scartrion Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU20699112980Not updated
81Burningwood LunarEmerald Dream-EU21158572972Not updated
82Fiver Nervous EnergyEmerald Dream-EU23406172957Not updated
83Menegroth SunfallEmerald Dream-EU24554992954Not updated
84Caathelitea Trolling Paladin ForumsEmerald Dream-EU25823672949Not updated
85Laniah IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU21537952948Not updated
86Synamon ExilesEmerald Dream-EU24524902942Not updated
87Quackers IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU21657742939Not updated
88Euréka Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU24844462930Not updated
89Neverhôôd BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU19759542929Not updated
90Hellsßells SolaceEmerald Dream-EU25553712926Not updated
91Jordana AurumEmerald Dream-EU21687562924Not updated
91Milas Out of ManaEmerald Dream-EU22616632924Not updated
93Khristellyne IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU191610072923Not updated
94Baltaer Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU24584392897Not updated
95Lindles AurumEmerald Dream-EU21807112891Not updated
96Oniliquid  Emerald Dream-EU23295442873Not updated
97Gothmogx Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU23425202862Not updated
98Duffmann Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU25453072852Not updated
98Ljohnsilver AurumEmerald Dream-EU20388142852Not updated
100Lariel ExilesEmerald Dream-EU23485012849Not updated

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