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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Elune-US Boss Kills
1Annalla Better Part of ValorElune-US395316345587Not updated
2Deathadder AmnestyElune-US351310764589Not updated
3Gizzybee AmnestyElune-US38096714480Not updated
4Acurrate  Elune-US309413104404Not updated
5Tigra AmnestyElune-US34428634305Not updated
6Donzy Reality CheckElune-US33399504289Not updated
7Smity AxisElune-US33359534288Not updated
8Chablis DamnationElune-US36945574251Not updated
9Eriya Better Part of ValorElune-US32829504232Not updated
10Drunky LNCElune-US35117074218Not updated
11Firatha Undying ResolutionElune-US292912844213Not updated
12Mindalen Undying ResolutionElune-US34217784199Not updated
13Finduilas FusionElune-US32928834175Not updated
14Ankzu Undying ResolutionElune-US32129304142Not updated
15Yubi Just CrusadeElune-US271514194134Not updated
16Jaynie  Elune-US31718994070Not updated
17Valeste Inner FocusElune-US31008513951Not updated
18Negbeard Just CrusadeElune-US287410753949Not updated
19Baldÿ AmnestyElune-US31277573884Not updated
20Stormmender Inner FocusElune-US30427943836Not updated
21Glem Better Part of ValorElune-US269811353833Not updated
22Gnoes Better Part of ValorElune-US29498313780Not updated
23Statler FusionElune-US268710923779Not updated
24Veroswen Better Part of ValorElune-US27789983776Not updated
25Zeuq Inner FocusElune-US29188553773Not updated
26Buckwild AmnestyElune-US27809233703Not updated
27Lacus AmnestyElune-US29377653702Not updated
28Krisshaman Socially AwkwardElune-US30476153662Not updated
29Durrty sit and knitElune-US235412993653Not updated
30Osmand Undying ResolutionElune-US28787713649Not updated
31Derbymchat Midnight CartelElune-US32693383607Not updated
32Kaly Just CrusadeElune-US228213113593Not updated
33Domínatríx AmnestyElune-US28307283558Not updated
34Turniphead Better Part of ValorElune-US240610973503Not updated
34Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US27527513503Not updated
36Kryptonic Inner FocusElune-US27876863473Not updated
37Torynn DamnationElune-US29804643444Not updated
38Cryll LNCElune-US28146093423Not updated
39Saeton AmnestyElune-US27476603407Not updated
40Dragon FusionElune-US26527233375Not updated
41Kato Better Part of ValorElune-US25068553361Not updated
42Traylon LNCElune-US28035513354Not updated
43Danielsan AmnestyElune-US27156363351Not updated
44Knotlit Acta SantiElune-US28245233347Not updated
45Webucifer Rising StormElune-US28365103346Not updated
46Celestial Rise of MayhemElune-US29543813335Not updated
47Anamis Afraid of ElementalsElune-US28624693331Not updated
48Cowwabunga stalk adn killElune-US224510693314Not updated
49Nightiee Just CrusadeElune-US228310253308Not updated
50Cherdol Reality CheckElune-US24927823274Not updated
51Lyraat Better Part of ValorElune-US25037633266Not updated
52Stryke AmnestyElune-US25427233265Not updated
53Shaemas Acta SantiElune-US27814683249Not updated
54Chataesik Inner FocusElune-US25476903237Not updated
55Rickjiszle Just CrusadeElune-US205511743229Not updated
56Djmill Just CrusadeElune-US25776513228Not updated
57Kozel Rising StormElune-US28923333225Not updated
58Starfollowre Midnight CartelElune-US30192013220Not updated
59Qallie Undying ResolutionElune-US24038153218Not updated
60Inmanhawk Dark SkiesElune-US27704453215Not updated
61Brou FusionElune-US25856223207Not updated
62Sany LNCElune-US27344713205Not updated
63Mooniverse Reality CheckElune-US26495263175Not updated
64Kaygome Undying ResolutionElune-US24047143118Not updated
65Doucheball Death By Nyan CatsElune-US22638373100Not updated
66Albe Acta SantiElune-US26414483089Not updated
67Lakmir  Elune-US24546153069Not updated
68Stephynnie Just CrusadeElune-US20789843062Not updated
69Brainsmasher Afraid of ElementalsElune-US26414153056Not updated
70Latheran Acta SantiElune-US28671883055Not updated
71Macnessa DamnationElune-US26603853045Not updated
72Ishzark Just CrusadeElune-US23307073037Not updated
73Lansdowne AmnestyElune-US25384933031Not updated
74Dreadstär Acta SantiElune-US24885273015Not updated
75Glagglag AmnestyElune-US25954153010Not updated
76Raina Celestial VanguardElune-US23566382994Not updated
77Aibe Afraid of ElementalsElune-US24575292986Not updated
78Rooni EluneminatiElune-US27971822979Not updated
79Johrael Better Part of ValorElune-US23156532968Not updated
80Mitius  Elune-US25434212964Not updated
81Nitnoid Rising StormElune-US25903592949Not updated
82Dunrik Undying ResolutionElune-US20498992948Not updated
83Rekviem Undying ResolutionElune-US21737572930Not updated
84Tetida Acta SantiElune-US26273012928Not updated
85Jinx VindicationElune-US26133092922Not updated
86Stryder Just CrusadeElune-US24644352899Not updated
87Burnerator Inner FocusElune-US26182672885Not updated
88Rsxonchrome  Elune-US20628222884Not updated
89Sineater Dark SkiesElune-US20358462881Not updated
90Raine AmnestyElune-US24584182876Not updated
91Dreden The Order of OrpheusElune-US24054672872Not updated
91Koristil The Lords of AggroElune-US25922802872Not updated
93Joeric VindicationElune-US24743892863Not updated
94Crystalina Rising StormElune-US26522022854Not updated
95Jahaira Rising StormElune-US26442032847Not updated
96Darach FusionElune-US22645742838Not updated
97Xaveir Questers RunElune-US23474822829Not updated
98Ariano VindicationElune-US22935322825Not updated
99Streich AxisElune-US24423802822Not updated
100Barathos Dark SkiesElune-US24104082818Not updated

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