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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Durotan-KR Boss Kills
1Celin  Durotan-KR430021976497Not updated
2딜리키 R E V E R S EDurotan-KR447219536425Not updated
3으지 SuddenlyDurotan-KR371822785996Not updated
4분노와절제 TEAM BLUE OCEANDurotan-KR428316255908Not updated
5이손안에 E C ODurotan-KR393219415873Not updated
6Eelli EPDurotan-KR310827385846Not updated
7도적만수 ZesTopDurotan-KR351822585776Not updated
8빛의세공사 The Knights of GenesisDurotan-KR371220325744Not updated
9바람한 저 사람 공략 잘 몰라요Durotan-KR335623765732Not updated
10드라코니안 Team GWDurotan-KR452610835609Not updated
11고비다 Team PlageDurotan-KR406914915560Not updated
12주하 Team PlageDurotan-KR313023545484Not updated
13갑돌리 좋은 사람들Durotan-KR382116325453Not updated
14박봄여름가을겨울 SaruherDurotan-KR415312305383Not updated
15때리면문다 E C ODurotan-KR359916575256Not updated
16메이킹베이비 희 망Durotan-KR355516835238Not updated
17Mirsia FRIENZDurotan-KR397012075177Not updated
18검은고양이쭌 Have FunDurotan-KR340517605165Not updated
19짱나원 E C ODurotan-KR295022145164Not updated
20쉐도우겔러리 묻지도 따지지도 않아요 인생이 다 그렇죠 뭐Durotan-KR394911995148Not updated
21환웅천황 할렘의돌달구Durotan-KR286322555118Not updated
22협동 Team PlageDurotan-KR386912035072Not updated
23뒤까기 설풍Durotan-KR308319885071Not updated
24발샤 XvideoDurotan-KR312019345054Not updated
25바람의서약 CielDurotan-KR329717345031Not updated
26만고불멸 D A R TDurotan-KR321817975015Not updated
27Desmond E C ODurotan-KR303019725002Not updated
28Blackbutler S A S I NDurotan-KR380811774985Not updated
29레인윈드 D A R TDurotan-KR318517784963Not updated
30와오 E C ODurotan-KR313118034934Not updated
31사제아크 E C ODurotan-KR268022274907Not updated
32퓨온 Y G G D R A S I LDurotan-KR276321414904Not updated
33Empedocless TEAM BLUE OCEANDurotan-KR312117804901Not updated
34Michella 난 독Durotan-KR293519114846Not updated
35잘나가는정수기 공략은봤어요Durotan-KR318016354815Not updated
36Akki SaruherDurotan-KR286119414802Not updated
37피에물든달 흰구름속에내리는서설Durotan-KR299018064796Not updated
38데이몬킹 설풍Durotan-KR296018174777Not updated
39Quintet SuddenlyDurotan-KR263521334768Not updated
40Damianmarley 쉼 표Durotan-KR323215304762Not updated
41퓌퓌양 D o r o t h yDurotan-KR281619454761Not updated
42오호랏 SuddenlyDurotan-KR263821104748Not updated
43시진아가씨 노르웨이의 숲Durotan-KR351312344747Not updated
44닥흐술사  Durotan-KR311416274741Not updated
45마포삽사리  Durotan-KR325714834740Not updated
46만두사제 D A R TDurotan-KR298717404727Not updated
47붉은빛향앵두 Area VIIDurotan-KR310016194719Not updated
48산톡히 O N EDurotan-KR310916054714Not updated
49Quietus D A R TDurotan-KR325514504705Not updated
50곰솔나무 로아Durotan-KR303416414675Not updated
51공일공공 E C ODurotan-KR277718944671Not updated
52잭더루퍼 SaruherDurotan-KR315814784636Not updated
53설예랑 D o r o t h yDurotan-KR300916204629Not updated
54에로스냥 TEAM BLUE OCEANDurotan-KR332912924621Not updated
55Shadowseeker Z z a LDurotan-KR323613834619Not updated
56레이포스 Team PlageDurotan-KR306415484612Not updated
57Knowhow Celestial LegionDurotan-KR299715964593Not updated
58붉은우마왕 향 수Durotan-KR335212344586Not updated
59포스검 Team PlageDurotan-KR295016034553Not updated
60기사단주술사 E C ODurotan-KR280117324533Not updated
61Estasy E C ODurotan-KR289816284526Not updated
62델리키 R E V E R S EDurotan-KR276217314493Not updated
63리리아앨런 아제로스Durotan-KR342910604489Not updated
64노움대흑마법사  Durotan-KR305014384488Not updated
65초코스톰 A K KDurotan-KR263818404478Not updated
66Veneficus 신세계Durotan-KR35828854467Not updated
67Xme Red FactoryDurotan-KR266317334396Not updated
68너도아프냐 Team PlageDurotan-KR297514184393Not updated
69Rekiel CielDurotan-KR302213684390Not updated
70안단티노 E C ODurotan-KR328910994388Not updated
71아스포댈 황혼에서 새벽까지Durotan-KR318312034386Not updated
72아웬운도미엘 할렘의돌달구Durotan-KR276716184385Not updated
73Huayra TEAM BLUE OCEANDurotan-KR253818394377Not updated
74게루 EPDurotan-KR283515404375Not updated
75바람의귀환 SaruherDurotan-KR299013754365Not updated
76캐나즈 EPDurotan-KR228920704359Not updated
77뽀송루비 로아Durotan-KR281715384355Not updated
78잇시마 CielDurotan-KR200723404347Not updated
79엘디나르  Durotan-KR311812184336Not updated
80슬프니나엘 The SpecialistDurotan-KR262517014326Not updated
81불각 공략은봤어요Durotan-KR318911364325Not updated
82악포 저 사람 공략 잘 몰라요Durotan-KR284714774324Not updated
83양지국거리 부들부들Durotan-KR289814234321Not updated
84Shaderx Over the RainbowDurotan-KR320311024305Not updated
85Peka NH BANKDurotan-KR323810664304Not updated
86농약먹고쿨럭 Picture of Dorian GrayDurotan-KR34678364303Not updated
87내술샤  Durotan-KR274215364278Not updated
88쥬신대장군님 개 빡 집 중Durotan-KR298912844273Not updated
89노분노 Handsome PeopleDurotan-KR288613774263Not updated
90시에린 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR34108504260Not updated
91아나톨리 바람의안식처Durotan-KR269815604258Not updated
92블랑누아 BrilliantDurotan-KR287513804255Not updated
93임운비 SaruherDurotan-KR243218174249Not updated
94아넬리아크 The Dark KnightsDurotan-KR32519914242Not updated
95최종궁수푸우 묻지도 따지지도 않아요 인생이 다 그렇죠 뭐Durotan-KR295512834238Not updated
96원정희 ComposureDurotan-KR317110544225Not updated
97아이엘리 D o r o t h yDurotan-KR251216914203Not updated
98사야마아이 E C ODurotan-KR249917034202Not updated
99마법늑대한 SaruherDurotan-KR256216394201Not updated
100은희경 발컨들만 모인 수다쟁이들Durotan-KR33278694196Not updated

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