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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Morogh-EU Boss Kills
1Craven ErzritterDun Morogh-EU431816005918Not updated
2Saphi Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU385218375689Not updated
3Balaos HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU393917315670Not updated
4Gold ErzritterDun Morogh-EU415113935544Not updated
5Lichtritter Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU392611945120Not updated
6Apocalyptik ErzritterDun Morogh-EU376712234990Not updated
7Fâtul LunaticsDun Morogh-EU40669194985Not updated
8Walkyra ErzritterDun Morogh-EU364011574797Not updated
9Beutju ErzritterDun Morogh-EU307616054681Not updated
10Kisury Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU312415134637Not updated
11Crösus MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU343011524582Not updated
12Gandos ErzritterDun Morogh-EU307514904565Not updated
13Aprøvis InfinitumDun Morogh-EU341311164529Not updated
14Drendus LunaticsDun Morogh-EU39675434510Not updated
15Blodewyn GaiaDun Morogh-EU341010574467Not updated
16Nerun ErzritterDun Morogh-EU310213004402Not updated
17Brommö Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU332410554379Not updated
18Memoréx MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU266317034366Not updated
19Guradia Sinners and SaintsDun Morogh-EU302312844307Not updated
20Nyâ NightforceDun Morogh-EU327010214291Not updated
21Milanos Die Zwei Lustigen DreiDun Morogh-EU35246674191Not updated
22Dariós EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU304511334178Not updated
23Mondragor essentialDun Morogh-EU33747434117Not updated
24Nelly Ars NecandïDun Morogh-EU35875054092Not updated
25Zurissa Ars NecandïDun Morogh-EU34685854053Not updated
25Anashya PegasusDun Morogh-EU31339204053Not updated
27Nearia GaiaDun Morogh-EU30339814014Not updated
28Finalkid HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU209918253924Not updated
29Deratronach Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU272611973923Not updated
30Takimon HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU29779383915Not updated
31Neithi Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU275011043854Not updated
32Consanesco PantheonDun Morogh-EU251713353852Not updated
33Prayloona Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU259112603851Not updated
34Mâdix  Dun Morogh-EU31675803747Not updated
35Lighthunter molôn labeDun Morogh-EU29138313744Not updated
36Hunterjack MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU252211953717Not updated
37Demetrios EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU249811973695Not updated
38Neraia Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU262010643684Not updated
39Ralaith MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU27389373675Not updated
40Qtice Team AquaDun Morogh-EU30196233642Not updated
41Avengore EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU213714673604Not updated
42Andy Bruderschaft der EhreDun Morogh-EU31674303597Not updated
43Abraxás EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU246111343595Not updated
44Menena SchattenlogeDun Morogh-EU30575103567Not updated
45Garrôn Platz da wir kommenDun Morogh-EU30864443530Not updated
46Malra CasanostraDun Morogh-EU241211093521Not updated
47Gorlim Blades of LightningDun Morogh-EU32892293518Not updated
48Illyria Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU28576153472Not updated
49Bûster Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU29365133449Not updated
50Jackiebull molôn labeDun Morogh-EU27766533429Not updated
51Rocflokati Bellum ÆternumDun Morogh-EU29944153409Not updated
52Daleepkaur Corpus DelictiDun Morogh-EU28895043393Not updated
53Chrisz Money INCDun Morogh-EU27785813359Not updated
54Vindao LunaticsDun Morogh-EU28704873357Not updated
55Menace Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU27765763352Not updated
56Rês Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU27865483334Not updated
57Guts Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU27495763325Not updated
58Mendrion ExilDun Morogh-EU27385823320Not updated
59Warros Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU26866153301Not updated
60Thamâr ErzritterDun Morogh-EU197113293300Not updated
61Aleah AnníhílatíonDun Morogh-EU28034903293Not updated
62Fraeggle LunaticsDun Morogh-EU25897023291Not updated
63Loxiya CrusâdersDun Morogh-EU23719163287Not updated
64Certero LeviathanDun Morogh-EU25856893274Not updated
65Qbanik Ars NecandïDun Morogh-EU28614103271Not updated
66Lillit Abtrünnige DrachenreiterDun Morogh-EU25546973251Not updated
67Weißerwolf Abtrünnige DrachenreiterDun Morogh-EU26915583249Not updated
68Lathi  Dun Morogh-EU221510183233Not updated
69Stoneslayer essentialDun Morogh-EU28313833214Not updated
70Aarrgghh EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU22829303212Not updated
71Fuss MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU218010023182Not updated
72Takkâ Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU23178503167Not updated
73Nurikoo Bruderschaft der EhreDun Morogh-EU23977493146Not updated
74Michâ CasanostraDun Morogh-EU26135253138Not updated
75Nelda SinityDun Morogh-EU28093243133Not updated
76Yûri Betreutes RaidenDun Morogh-EU25125723084Not updated
77Cratorez Ultionis SanguinisDun Morogh-EU25205553075Not updated
78Shinski shockwaveDun Morogh-EU22208523072Not updated
79Venqana Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU21479233070Not updated
80Tabo shockwaveDun Morogh-EU190311663069Not updated
81Sahaquiêl Treu bis in den TodDun Morogh-EU24785883066Not updated
82Akisara  Dun Morogh-EU23706943064Not updated
82Sorby Bruderschaft der EhreDun Morogh-EU27073573064Not updated
84Keiliminouge Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU25535093062Not updated
85Cupi  Dun Morogh-EU23457163061Not updated
86Pilsinger GaiaDun Morogh-EU24196403059Not updated
87Wildfáng NebulaDun Morogh-EU25115443055Not updated
87Infidem Betreutes RaidenDun Morogh-EU26953603055Not updated
89Nørina Zirkel der SchattenDun Morogh-EU25085433051Not updated
90Spickzettel molôn labeDun Morogh-EU23756673042Not updated
91Asamari MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU26473843031Not updated
92Shinjasa PrometheusDun Morogh-EU22757553030Not updated
93Dopamín MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU27592553014Not updated
94Titanes Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU24505613011Not updated
95Iljari FriendDun Morogh-EU26603493009Not updated
96Nikodemos Bruderschaft der EhreDun Morogh-EU27222863008Not updated
97Nohny essentialDun Morogh-EU21838223005Not updated
98Ozul LeviathanDun Morogh-EU26783202998Not updated
99Doraja RisenDun Morogh-EU23396562995Not updated
100Mikofnature essentialDun Morogh-EU196710032970Not updated

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