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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Modr-EU Boss Kills
1Savagelegend VengeanceDun Modr-EU474223847126Not updated
2Nefrîaga VengeanceDun Modr-EU356723605927Not updated
3Nairin Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU392017885708Not updated
4Kellwak Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU424211525394Not updated
5Shyara NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU379115715362Not updated
6Malephyka VengeanceDun Modr-EU402513105335Not updated
7Yesitis Artic PenguinsDun Modr-EU327920445323Not updated
8Sîckness Dark MatterDun Modr-EU382014455265Not updated
9Cachüpin Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU319417154909Not updated
10Beren InsomnioDun Modr-EU251123774888Not updated
11Theangel Focus al gordoDun Modr-EU324216164858Not updated
12Arëusa DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU316116894850Not updated
13Nightshadow Chaos TheoryDun Modr-EU39838394822Not updated
14Nèócrazy Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU355511724727Not updated
15Puchuchu EurekaDun Modr-EU293917004639Not updated
16Faylinn VengeanceDun Modr-EU361210214633Not updated
17Dânä Focus al gordoDun Modr-EU298716304617Not updated
18Cateye Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU343511734608Not updated
19Morkkan Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU314514214566Not updated
20Spáwn Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU331912084527Not updated
21Odinix Last ExileDun Modr-EU326712564523Not updated
22Amanohara AliveDun Modr-EU282716584485Not updated
23Chanko Artic PenguinsDun Modr-EU251019684478Not updated
24Dareck Guardián de los TitanesDun Modr-EU35768954471Not updated
25Vocaltrance VengeanceDun Modr-EU38066564462Not updated
26Bäphomet VengeanceDun Modr-EU264118014442Not updated
27Matusai InsomnioDun Modr-EU277816514429Not updated
28Zërok Herp DerpDun Modr-EU331210814393Not updated
29Jacass FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU330010914391Not updated
30Nerisilme InsomnioDun Modr-EU240319764379Not updated
31Leoric ElysiumDun Modr-EU34499294378Not updated
32Pooky Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU335910054364Not updated
33Ykarius Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU308012654345Not updated
34Shinegai Chaos TheoryDun Modr-EU318611454331Not updated
35Atanar Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU286014384298Not updated
36Reget PerceptionDun Modr-EU215820904248Not updated
37Phunos InsomnioDun Modr-EU263016074237Not updated
38Kyren PerceptionDun Modr-EU214920844233Not updated
39Dayanna EmotiveDun Modr-EU307811354213Not updated
40Kirli InsaneDun Modr-EU296212484210Not updated
41Hundya Last StandDun Modr-EU306111174178Not updated
42Goldesin FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU279913684167Not updated
42Tamrik Dark MatterDun Modr-EU268614814167Not updated
44Neocloud Los TerciosDun Modr-EU33897704159Not updated
45Ryuzenkai Chaos TheoryDun Modr-EU32388874125Not updated
46Necoso  Dun Modr-EU295311364089Not updated
47Kadexo AsgardDun Modr-EU31819064087Not updated
48Xîva PvP RattedDun Modr-EU31049564060Not updated
49Abranxi InsomnioDun Modr-EU190221484050Not updated
50Omegalight MERCENARIOS PVPDun Modr-EU34116304041Not updated
51Nöfëär EurekaDun Modr-EU257214664038Not updated
52Aversa  Dun Modr-EU282512094034Not updated
53Maryam Cheerful CoffinDun Modr-EU32337944027Not updated
54Imbalancë Players of the PastDun Modr-EU262213944016Not updated
55Whiteangel VengeanceDun Modr-EU237816203998Not updated
56Loktarov GënesisDun Modr-EU279311983991Not updated
57Kobê ToP RaiderSDun Modr-EU31728103982Not updated
58Crk  Dun Modr-EU236316113974Not updated
59Erians EurekaDun Modr-EU269412423936Not updated
60Synycyenta Herp DerpDun Modr-EU183120923923Not updated
61Bbixoa  Dun Modr-EU270712153922Not updated
62Lilsoul VengeanceDun Modr-EU29619603921Not updated
63Titolum Defense of the UniquesDun Modr-EU275311583911Not updated
64Thaessita DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU223816273865Not updated
65Tarpea VengeanceDun Modr-EU230415363840Not updated
66Nipur DementzDun Modr-EU208917493838Not updated
67Lignd Herp DerpDun Modr-EU205817783836Not updated
68Zieprakis InsomnioDun Modr-EU199718273824Not updated
69Dreuzz FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU265111583809Not updated
70Ferniuns EurekaDun Modr-EU231614793795Not updated
71Hélloween WishMasterDun Modr-EU30927023794Not updated
72Nîrvana ËVOLUTIONDun Modr-EU278410063790Not updated
73Athron InsomnioDun Modr-EU207117153786Not updated
74Eilynn Guardián de los TitanesDun Modr-EU31076653772Not updated
75Vkpelón EmotiveDun Modr-EU275310123765Not updated
76Nymús Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU270210493751Not updated
77Shakax DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU223615053741Not updated
78Oznô ZeRo RaidersDun Modr-EU228314453728Not updated
79Anarîelle Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU265210693721Not updated
79Klosanfexyz DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU226514563721Not updated
81Angelous FakeDun Modr-EU250012103710Not updated
82Starkiller Artic PenguinsDun Modr-EU251511943709Not updated
83Frana PerceptionDun Modr-EU180219063708Not updated
83Braënor NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU263610723708Not updated
85Amocafre PerceptionDun Modr-EU207916243703Not updated
86Sigvat FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU29237703693Not updated
87Toaa VengeanceDun Modr-EU225814343692Not updated
88Sneker DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU211015733683Not updated
89Tirblack Corsair TimeDun Modr-EU33103703680Not updated
90Pitusá TsunamîDun Modr-EU232313473670Not updated
91Cblú PerceptionDun Modr-EU260710613668Not updated
92Bbixoe  Dun Modr-EU256710853652Not updated
93Brejucoval  Dun Modr-EU242112223643Not updated
94Vanchi NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU29337023635Not updated
95Pumuman EmotiveDun Modr-EU26489843632Not updated
96Exfiria Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU255310413594Not updated
97Manë Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU255910303589Not updated
98Kotei Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU27248443568Not updated
99Odta ImmuneDun Modr-EU27597953554Not updated
100Turalyôn  Dun Modr-EU239411583552Not updated

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