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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drek'Thar-EU Boss Kills
1Svàrog World OriginDrek'Thar-EU471513596074Not updated
2Chevalfou No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU372215145236Not updated
3Mortdurone No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU354413124856Not updated
4Zherka Raid is DeadDrek'Thar-EU36846914375Not updated
5Chakta S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU317010394209Not updated
6Faintear Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU30844713555Not updated
7Ynak Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU25728573429Not updated
8Efreetul IrréelDrek'Thar-EU30792693348Not updated
9Mypmyp Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU28574893346Not updated
10Alasthôr AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU27714133184Not updated
11Heliand Dead and BreakfastDrek'Thar-EU28732293102Not updated
12Foonkyz  Drek'Thar-EU23746843058Not updated
13Adéenne Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU25954593054Not updated
14Hàgen  Drek'Thar-EU26203342954Not updated
15Dosgor Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU25064312937Not updated
16Palaâla Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU21887262914Not updated
17Angelito Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU22576312888Not updated
18Jolyplum ApophisDrek'Thar-EU26372322869Not updated
19Noref La confrérie des quinzeDrek'Thar-EU24893702859Not updated
20Yielialinna No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU20457942839Not updated
21Sylvedar Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU23514372788Not updated
22Kîmahrî  Drek'Thar-EU24613132774Not updated
23Deadwomens Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU24363032739Not updated
24Falkos Absolutely FabulousDrek'Thar-EU22354922727Not updated
25Bélerøphøn ApophisDrek'Thar-EU22134862699Not updated
26Dräconie Archenøde FørtéDrek'Thar-EU25061772683Not updated
27Ect SølarisDrek'Thar-EU21804912671Not updated
28Nannar EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU18767922668Not updated
29Gullî Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU19916562647Not updated
30Phicobux La ZiZaNieDrek'Thar-EU22823632645Not updated
31Ashuraken  Drek'Thar-EU19007022602Not updated
32Luigiboss Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU20425482590Not updated
33Fafina Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU21534322585Not updated
34Gretsïe  Drek'Thar-EU19476272574Not updated
35Hastérion La Garde d IsisDrek'Thar-EU22642852549Not updated
36Ashyra IrréelDrek'Thar-EU22252862511Not updated
37Quigone Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU21713282499Not updated
38Fullinoob TalenteDDrek'Thar-EU20953982493Not updated
39Noelie  Drek'Thar-EU20674102477Not updated
40Messalia Dead and BreakfastDrek'Thar-EU21532952448Not updated
41Warneven Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU21203252445Not updated
42Coralliy YØU GØT BUSTEÐDrek'Thar-EU21872552442Not updated
43Kary S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU20583702428Not updated
44Qross Les tøntøns wiperDrek'Thar-EU22671592426Not updated
45Andalucia La Rerøll CømpagnieDrek'Thar-EU21792162395Not updated
46Goldeneye La confrérie des quinzeDrek'Thar-EU21612252386Not updated
47Orixone  Drek'Thar-EU19274382365Not updated
48Majos  Drek'Thar-EU21791852364Not updated
49Artotec No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU19274352362Not updated
49Haziell  Drek'Thar-EU19154472362Not updated
51Ironixan  Drek'Thar-EU20812772358Not updated
52Kalahane The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU21641862350Not updated
53Fandoï OblivionDrek'Thar-EU19374042341Not updated
54Nuendes Knight of TrustDrek'Thar-EU19593802339Not updated
55Frédo AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU19993312330Not updated
56Olivierd EmïnenceDrek'Thar-EU18694552324Not updated
57Mykie  Drek'Thar-EU19293932322Not updated
58Sniperbow  Drek'Thar-EU18125052317Not updated
59Viciouserham Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU20023132315Not updated
60Nazofuman AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU19793322311Not updated
61Grizzdibi Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU20072972304Not updated
62Karlugh EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU20013012302Not updated
63Roxxtor  Drek'Thar-EU20182732291Not updated
64Dalwin World OriginDrek'Thar-EU17175652282Not updated
65Landry Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU20931862279Not updated
66Melilo Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU17994792278Not updated
67Tilc  Drek'Thar-EU20042712275Not updated
68Grongi Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU17954692264Not updated
69Erasielle No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU20112502261Not updated
70Chilipeppers Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU18454072252Not updated
71Basiliane La Rerøll CømpagnieDrek'Thar-EU20232272250Not updated
72Morgy  Drek'Thar-EU19552942249Not updated
73Kyzia EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU17325162248Not updated
74Jàce EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU18953442239Not updated
75Valium  Drek'Thar-EU21221132235Not updated
76Elendil The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU21031182221Not updated
77Calliøpée BADASSDrek'Thar-EU18133812194Not updated
78Réshëp World OriginDrek'Thar-EU14757142189Not updated
79Làzàrs Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU17574312188Not updated
80Gorzo Elwÿnn Is A PvP ZønEDrek'Thar-EU17394452184Not updated
81Subaya  Drek'Thar-EU19222402162Not updated
82Ferig EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU17843712155Not updated
83Cide DaemonDrek'Thar-EU18642842148Not updated
84Orkow No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU16514952146Not updated
85Ness BADASSDrek'Thar-EU18972412138Not updated
86Dementhor La Garde d IsisDrek'Thar-EU20181022120Not updated
86Üranium  Drek'Thar-EU18912292120Not updated
88Hesseth La PléïadeDrek'Thar-EU20051122117Not updated
89Dap Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU16954172112Not updated
90Lupiana WildcatsDrek'Thar-EU2032742106Not updated
91Volôloîn Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU18962052101Not updated
92Kaëlhia Dead and CircleDrek'Thar-EU17583422100Not updated
93Kuintarar Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU16014962097Not updated
94Odinsilvest Raid is DeadDrek'Thar-EU19111812092Not updated
95Exuss GénésìsDrek'Thar-EU18072802087Not updated
96Seka The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU19531262079Not updated
97Cascas Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU19081702078Not updated
98Ginma No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU18622142076Not updated
99Tarês Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU16684062074Not updated
100Darkcroft ApophisDrek'Thar-EU1997762073Not updated

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