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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Boss Kills
1Taumina Continental DriftDraenor-EU21484432591Not updated
2Nuc Continental DriftDraenor-EU17574512208Not updated
3Woe Continental DriftDraenor-EU14884301918Not updated
4Noctem Continental DriftDraenor-EU13975151912Not updated
5Dmorga Continental DriftDraenor-EU10734311504Not updated
6Soulstryke Continental DriftDraenor-EU8913991290Not updated
7Burre Continental DriftDraenor-EU1061651126Not updated
8Dvora Continental DriftDraenor-EU92141962Not updated
9Tauraline Continental DriftDraenor-EU92722949Not updated
10Zanthoxyl Continental DriftDraenor-EU743157900Not updated
11Uturn Continental DriftDraenor-EU538131669Not updated
12Silicon Continental DriftDraenor-EU61713630Not updated
13Drackbo Continental DriftDraenor-EU52981610Not updated
14Dontron Continental DriftDraenor-EU42359482Not updated
15Eija Continental DriftDraenor-EU43835473Not updated
16Kamazz Continental DriftDraenor-EU37516391Not updated
17Orolmy Continental DriftDraenor-EU25829287Not updated
18Tunnus Continental DriftDraenor-EU27411285Not updated
19Tyrra Continental DriftDraenor-EU2756281Not updated
20Gåzh Continental DriftDraenor-EU24139280Not updated
21Razorbane Continental DriftDraenor-EU2562258Not updated
22Samhuinn Continental DriftDraenor-EU24314257Not updated
23Thundamasta Continental DriftDraenor-EU22313236Not updated
24Warrmorr Continental DriftDraenor-EU21615231Not updated
25Facile Continental DriftDraenor-EU1885193Not updated
25Minoth Continental DriftDraenor-EU1930193Not updated
27Bubblès Continental DriftDraenor-EU15812170Not updated
28Ptolomy Continental DriftDraenor-EU13929168Not updated
29Tunjin Continental DriftDraenor-EU1616167Not updated
30Sectopod Continental DriftDraenor-EU1503153Not updated
31Belhzina Continental DriftDraenor-EU1345139Not updated
32Shazam Continental DriftDraenor-EU1291130Not updated
33Hellas Continental DriftDraenor-EU1207127Not updated
33Panzerkuh Continental DriftDraenor-EU1270127Not updated
35Nisus Continental DriftDraenor-EU1222124Not updated
36Signus Continental DriftDraenor-EU1140114Not updated
37Ashalia Continental DriftDraenor-EU86086Not updated
38Sneakydutch Continental DriftDraenor-EU741185Not updated
39Tunchi Continental DriftDraenor-EU78078Not updated
40Silmarwen Continental DriftDraenor-EU572077Not updated
41Thanariagun Continental DriftDraenor-EU72072Not updated
42Nianji Continental DriftDraenor-EU541771Not updated
43Daimoni Continental DriftDraenor-EU61364Not updated
44Sulfiden Continental DriftDraenor-EU63063Not updated
45Héx Continental DriftDraenor-EU56157Not updated
46Carcass Continental DriftDraenor-EU56056Not updated
46Kadara Continental DriftDraenor-EU54256Not updated
48Lucrécia Continental DriftDraenor-EU55055Not updated
48Hyades Continental DriftDraenor-EU55055Not updated
50Vonhintern Continental DriftDraenor-EU46046Not updated
51Evand Continental DriftDraenor-EU45045Not updated
52Dagradai Continental DriftDraenor-EU40040Not updated
53Adinua Continental DriftDraenor-EU39039Not updated
54Kamaz Continental DriftDraenor-EU33538Not updated
55Minitun Continental DriftDraenor-EU37037Not updated
56Thorianblast Continental DriftDraenor-EU25025Not updated
57Bornhald Continental DriftDraenor-EU22224Not updated
58Tuntuntun Continental DriftDraenor-EU16016Not updated
58Justforkicks Continental DriftDraenor-EU16016Not updated
60Phuchanat Continental DriftDraenor-EU15015Not updated
61Nualah Continental DriftDraenor-EU14014Not updated
62Tuntun Continental DriftDraenor-EU13013Not updated
63Deco Continental DriftDraenor-EU808Not updated
63Deedlebag Continental DriftDraenor-EU808Not updated
65Shockzor Continental DriftDraenor-EU707Not updated
66Wtfwasthat Continental DriftDraenor-EU606Not updated
67Senarah Continental DriftDraenor-EU303Not updated
67Pestilenza Continental DriftDraenor-EU303Not updated
67Aejiu Continental DriftDraenor-EU303Not updated
70Zulphi Continental DriftDraenor-EU202Not updated
70Fnaskepott Continental DriftDraenor-EU202Not updated
72Chindi Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Nightykiller Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Do Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Stargaze Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Drdocc Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Magret Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Legina Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Mikha Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Hupla Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated
72Akeley Continental DriftDraenor-EU000Not updated

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