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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dentarg-EU Boss Kills
1Tystnad Bad OmenDentarg-EU314618144960Not updated
2Ashthar Bad OmenDentarg-EU248021794659Not updated
3Archstanton Bad OmenDentarg-EU275515324287Not updated
4Gobtain Bad OmenDentarg-EU217517813956Not updated
5Vejsinii Bad OmenDentarg-EU264912623911Not updated
6Keine Bad OmenDentarg-EU207618083884Not updated
7Arlena Bad OmenDentarg-EU252213383860Not updated
8Dots Bad OmenDentarg-EU193318413774Not updated
9Benita Bad OmenDentarg-EU26819843665Not updated
10Hanta Bad OmenDentarg-EU28676813548Not updated
11Sariah Bad OmenDentarg-EU217912893468Not updated
12Gicu The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU24748263300Not updated
13Crc Bad OmenDentarg-EU195912183177Not updated
14Sargonas Bad OmenDentarg-EU21177972914Not updated
15Iyura ConsiderationDentarg-EU23845062890Not updated
16Rokiaoe  Dentarg-EU22925602852Not updated
17Darmor NollTvåTreDentarg-EU158610862672Not updated
18Zyrix Bad OmenDentarg-EU17967812577Not updated
19Jorev Bad OmenDentarg-EU16428362478Not updated
20Noelle Bad OmenDentarg-EU19784742452Not updated
21Jolinar Bad OmenDentarg-EU16907132403Not updated
22Purifylol Bad OmenDentarg-EU16777212398Not updated
23Atena PenanceDentarg-EU18974522349Not updated
24Vantokkernx  Dentarg-EU13899022291Not updated
25Roine ConsiderationDentarg-EU19613252286Not updated
26Mithimna Bad OmenDentarg-EU17734782251Not updated
27Teshkal Bad OmenDentarg-EU15336922225Not updated
28Kakazi Bad OmenDentarg-EU15675982165Not updated
29Velecasna PenanceDentarg-EU17083892097Not updated
30Mywiddlepony Bad OmenDentarg-EU14026922094Not updated
31Comeau Divine WrathDentarg-EU16643932057Not updated
32Cyppress Bad OmenDentarg-EU14635722035Not updated
33Athéa Bad OmenDentarg-EU16184162034Not updated
34Cyberninja NecroticDentarg-EU15303981928Not updated
35Kanerria ConsiderationDentarg-EU14954251920Not updated
36Royaltank  Dentarg-EU14954091904Not updated
37Puddy Bad OmenDentarg-EU70811731881Not updated
38Khroma  Dentarg-EU15782741852Not updated
39Chesler NerfDentarg-EU17161331849Not updated
40Mikru  Dentarg-EU14383691807Not updated
41Limmit NerfDentarg-EU12925111803Not updated
41Enx SOCIAL DANCE CLUBDentarg-EU16981051803Not updated
43Tipsy  Dentarg-EU13634381801Not updated
44Fesa  Dentarg-EU13444541798Not updated
45Smallerfox SOCIAL DANCE CLUBDentarg-EU15602371797Not updated
46Drexciya IceColdDentarg-EU15002711771Not updated
47Redhothottie Nox NoctisDentarg-EU16031561759Not updated
48Parli EldersDentarg-EU14802751755Not updated
49Hugebull  Dentarg-EU15452071752Not updated
50Zozol Nox NoctisDentarg-EU15432001743Not updated
51Warmistus PenanceDentarg-EU14592811740Not updated
52Flòwerpòwer  Dentarg-EU15541811735Not updated
53Pov Anyone For A PintDentarg-EU13783461724Not updated
54Yergatglir NerfDentarg-EU12424811723Not updated
55Piri  Dentarg-EU14682481716Not updated
56Lilik One Big Happy FamilyDentarg-EU15611411702Not updated
57Docwolf Anyone For A PintDentarg-EU13463431689Not updated
58Alphan Bad OmenDentarg-EU11964851681Not updated
59Spellslayer  Dentarg-EU13972671664Not updated
60Sephora Bad OmenDentarg-EU13842721656Not updated
61Warningz  Dentarg-EU15511011652Not updated
62Benknäckaren Bad OmenDentarg-EU1547951642Not updated
63Cosanzeana Pui de DacDentarg-EU14132251638Not updated
64Cigaratte East DragonDentarg-EU14302011631Not updated
65Atonément East DragonDentarg-EU13982321630Not updated
66Petronia  Dentarg-EU14461831629Not updated
67Zmajcina Night BirdsDentarg-EU13183041622Not updated
68Wimiao East DragonDentarg-EU14541671621Not updated
69Starfall ConsiderationDentarg-EU11234921615Not updated
70Darthix Bad OmenDentarg-EU13262881614Not updated
70Abzint NerfDentarg-EU13782361614Not updated
72Draugluin Thousand SunnyDentarg-EU12393651604Not updated
73Blackruler Lavovi HrvatskeDentarg-EU13851901575Not updated
74Crítias  Dentarg-EU13602021562Not updated
75Archina Bad OmenDentarg-EU13342171551Not updated
76Magistica  Dentarg-EU13611891550Not updated
77Liadrine  Dentarg-EU13402091549Not updated
78Seraphin Lavovi HrvatskeDentarg-EU13182281546Not updated
79Honks Bad OmenDentarg-EU7787671545Not updated
80Citronsaft The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU11044361540Not updated
81Revoked NerfDentarg-EU11963381534Not updated
81Ofelio ConsiderationDentarg-EU12552791534Not updated
83Sinch Bad OmenDentarg-EU11264021528Not updated
84Dosta Lazy PeonsDentarg-EU14241011525Not updated
84Emkey Bad OmenDentarg-EU11763491525Not updated
86Ghtuz Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU12772371514Not updated
87Srbinn  Dentarg-EU12352681503Not updated
88Hatweeo  Dentarg-EU13811111492Not updated
89Lolbroek  Dentarg-EU13551281483Not updated
90Drakestalker Bad OmenDentarg-EU10454301475Not updated
91Iskarel  Dentarg-EU1385831468Not updated
92Crumbafröten  Dentarg-EU13521101462Not updated
93Amitola Bad OmenDentarg-EU11493121461Not updated
94Lightshow  Dentarg-EU11622671429Not updated
95Volga NerfDentarg-EU10753521427Not updated
95Electrobudda  Dentarg-EU12551721427Not updated
97Tormak Anyone For A PintDentarg-EU11023241426Not updated
98Tyrygosa The GardenDentarg-EU1330921422Not updated
99Wormpje  Dentarg-EU11262731399Not updated
100Peter BGZBankDentarg-EU12401571397Not updated

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