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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Demon Fall Canyon-TW Boss Kills
1酷羅諾 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW403911025141Not updated
2普魯桑邪教僧 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW327415584832Not updated
3星玥楓  Demon Fall Canyon-TW349011404630Not updated
4微風水漾 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW329413034597Not updated
5菲爾斯 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW322813364564Not updated
6井上織姬 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW340011354535Not updated
7楓色怒雷 首席Demon Fall Canyon-TW36538424495Not updated
8煌雷焰 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW320911844393Not updated
8馬吉小熊  Demon Fall Canyon-TW303713564393Not updated
10村上 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW309612184314Not updated
11海歇爾 Thunder StormDemon Fall Canyon-TW32629884250Not updated
12風鈴噹  Demon Fall Canyon-TW308011314211Not updated
13請問你找誰  Demon Fall Canyon-TW34527564208Not updated
14思念放逐 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW34217804201Not updated
15Myfresh God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW302010694089Not updated
16闇夜星 Thunder StormDemon Fall Canyon-TW35105294039Not updated
17任隨風  Demon Fall Canyon-TW274412644008Not updated
18職業補釘籽  Demon Fall Canyon-TW31307603890Not updated
19Mizuka 動感馬戲團Demon Fall Canyon-TW29199143833Not updated
20飄邈之音 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW266511483813Not updated
21冰沙 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW28139783791Not updated
22雷云風暴  Demon Fall Canyon-TW215215273679Not updated
23Chargo New CenturyDemon Fall Canyon-TW29317123643Not updated
24Caramelheart Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW29776623639Not updated
25地獄娃兒  Demon Fall Canyon-TW27658393604Not updated
26乾坤徐 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW259410093603Not updated
27神羅天征 New CenturyDemon Fall Canyon-TW28627403602Not updated
28恆滅無垠 封神Demon Fall Canyon-TW28177813598Not updated
28大槌羅瑞恩 逆襲Demon Fall Canyon-TW255210463598Not updated
30風之情 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW29106823592Not updated
31帝影 Thunder StormDemon Fall Canyon-TW30764723548Not updated
32呢個死賊仔 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW30155113526Not updated
33Natatsu 人生就是不停的戰鬥Demon Fall Canyon-TW30084983506Not updated
34暮依晴 New CenturyDemon Fall Canyon-TW27237773500Not updated
35扉向 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW27437383481Not updated
36Hkhk 首席Demon Fall Canyon-TW25698853454Not updated
37高橋統虎 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW27197273446Not updated
38哈雷諾 New CenturyDemon Fall Canyon-TW26348063440Not updated
39愉貉悅  Demon Fall Canyon-TW27726593431Not updated
40變態門準門主 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW26307953425Not updated
41英雄血 iDream TxDemon Fall Canyon-TW218012163396Not updated
42阿沙布碌 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW28575363393Not updated
43Windyhunter iDream TxDemon Fall Canyon-TW228011093389Not updated
44蕾麗安娜 魔獸學院Demon Fall Canyon-TW27496373386Not updated
45大宅神  Demon Fall Canyon-TW25947703364Not updated
46東瀧 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW25857703355Not updated
47紫音之王 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW26916513342Not updated
48寶貝細 霧中樓Demon Fall Canyon-TW25048203324Not updated
49漫漫仲夏 Frost MournDemon Fall Canyon-TW25347753309Not updated
50龍九州  Demon Fall Canyon-TW24298553284Not updated
51Belibala 無情屠殺Demon Fall Canyon-TW28224583280Not updated
52熊貓吃竹子 逐夢Demon Fall Canyon-TW23688863254Not updated
53牙膏 iDream TxDemon Fall Canyon-TW22849693253Not updated
54東方劫 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW27275073234Not updated
55Gandolf 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW27215023223Not updated
56櫻花鉤吻鮭 魔獸學院Demon Fall Canyon-TW208511373222Not updated
57夜凱伊 狗狗俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW26475193166Not updated
58聖琪拉艾兒  Demon Fall Canyon-TW25965643160Not updated
59肉熊 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW23547983152Not updated
60Sen  Demon Fall Canyon-TW25695823151Not updated
61氣中懋  Demon Fall Canyon-TW22039183121Not updated
62菲薩羅斯 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW23507563106Not updated
63隔壁佬王 New CenturyDemon Fall Canyon-TW24616363097Not updated
64布丁雪喵  Demon Fall Canyon-TW24016783079Not updated
65風吾語 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW25255533078Not updated
66哩嘛幫幫忙 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW25954543049Not updated
67揪是貓 幸福天堂Demon Fall Canyon-TW23317013032Not updated
68喀喳 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW21278993026Not updated
69身旁是正咩 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW23566503006Not updated
70諸神拂曉 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW23776273004Not updated
71Silvernight 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW26683333001Not updated
71御神師  Demon Fall Canyon-TW24525493001Not updated
73奶酪雪喵 霧中樓Demon Fall Canyon-TW22477462993Not updated
74鋒之煞 indexDemon Fall Canyon-TW22147752989Not updated
75不死復仇 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW25174642981Not updated
76Jaoabajj 封神Demon Fall Canyon-TW24095702979Not updated
77把褲子穿好 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW20139442957Not updated
78痛苦之淵 Merciless SlaughterDemon Fall Canyon-TW25743792953Not updated
79伊織 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW20279252952Not updated
79祈祈術士 魔鬼軍團Demon Fall Canyon-TW27172352952Not updated
81Davidst 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW25623862948Not updated
82老凰  Demon Fall Canyon-TW22796642943Not updated
83紅豆加湯圓 幸福天堂Demon Fall Canyon-TW22117172928Not updated
84雷電交加  Demon Fall Canyon-TW25204022922Not updated
84鄉鄉 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW24614612922Not updated
86琰玥 封神Demon Fall Canyon-TW22826332915Not updated
86Divinity 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW19839322915Not updated
88雅晴 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW23655492914Not updated
89弒赤 Evil GraceDemon Fall Canyon-TW23395732912Not updated
90小小冰雪兒 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW21008072907Not updated
91小惡魔提利昂 幸福天堂Demon Fall Canyon-TW24015042905Not updated
92風影之闇 魔獸學院Demon Fall Canyon-TW23235682891Not updated
93野外殺手  Demon Fall Canyon-TW21337562889Not updated
94沒魔囉 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW23804912871Not updated
95琉璃姬 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW24664002866Not updated
96黑牛柏葉 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW23455192864Not updated
97騷大爺  Demon Fall Canyon-TW20498122861Not updated
98娜蒂婭 iDream TxDemon Fall Canyon-TW174011192859Not updated
99死神夜引弓 Thunder StormDemon Fall Canyon-TW19509072857Not updated
100Ulrica 霧中樓Demon Fall Canyon-TW20897652854Not updated

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