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Darkspear-US Boss Kills
1Pabby RAWDarkspear-US78165846Not updated
2Mimami RAWDarkspear-US66717684Not updated
3Thebestman RAWDarkspear-US5017508Not updated
4Narkel RAWDarkspear-US47416490Not updated
5Cyrusblack RAWDarkspear-US28673359Not updated
6Toadily RAWDarkspear-US3054309Not updated
7Ikimonji RAWDarkspear-US24124265Not updated
8Zeromuss RAWDarkspear-US1990199Not updated
9Rhédbull RAWDarkspear-US1822184Not updated
10Mistáke RAWDarkspear-US1495154Not updated
11Physchø RAWDarkspear-US1445149Not updated
12Skülkar RAWDarkspear-US1290129Not updated
13Dèàthknight RAWDarkspear-US8037117Not updated
14Citocran RAWDarkspear-US1122114Not updated
15Rød RAWDarkspear-US1081109Not updated
16Hyphymike RAWDarkspear-US975102Not updated
16Blkburri RAWDarkspear-US9111102Not updated
18Shwayzeexo RAWDarkspear-US861096Not updated
19Hundro RAWDarkspear-US90090Not updated
20Narkell RAWDarkspear-US70070Not updated
21Cucknoris RAWDarkspear-US66167Not updated
22Fecaltornado RAWDarkspear-US57057Not updated
23Ryzo RAWDarkspear-US46046Not updated
23Terithus RAWDarkspear-US46046Not updated
25Stümpy RAWDarkspear-US44044Not updated
26Solpallyzx RAWDarkspear-US34135Not updated
27Méddler RAWDarkspear-US34034Not updated
28Narkanark RAWDarkspear-US25025Not updated
29Ravénholdt RAWDarkspear-US24024Not updated
30Zaiel RAWDarkspear-US21223Not updated
30Ðasfire RAWDarkspear-US23023Not updated
32Venök RAWDarkspear-US22022Not updated
33Itaru RAWDarkspear-US17421Not updated
34Tryndamerk RAWDarkspear-US17017Not updated
34Knotted RAWDarkspear-US17017Not updated
36Novafire RAWDarkspear-US14115Not updated
37Macheen RAWDarkspear-US12012Not updated
38Wakeandcake RAWDarkspear-US8311Not updated
38Slowz RAWDarkspear-US11011Not updated
38Speeks RAWDarkspear-US11011Not updated
41Tholdamon RAWDarkspear-US8210Not updated
42Pissancy RAWDarkspear-US909Not updated
42Frekcles RAWDarkspear-US909Not updated
44Aphrõditè RAWDarkspear-US707Not updated
45Jatha RAWDarkspear-US505Not updated
46Lôcnlôâd RAWDarkspear-US202Not updated
46Sarkath RAWDarkspear-US202Not updated
46Obywankenobi RAWDarkspear-US202Not updated
46Knivezmcgee RAWDarkspear-US202Not updated
50Acmilany RAWDarkspear-US101Not updated
50Deadlydotter RAWDarkspear-US101Not updated
50Testamentt RAWDarkspear-US101Not updated
50Sandison RAWDarkspear-US101Not updated
54Alisonsta RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Iwid RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Missmagical RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Stgregory RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Angmara RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Ulgy RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Itsmike RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Rädsla RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Sacrosanctt RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Deflowerme RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated
54Jaydiesel RAWDarkspear-US000Not updated

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