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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dark Iron-US Boss Kills
1Hardtix ThrustDark Iron-US388321956078
2Kronisaurus Gag ReflexDark Iron-US321824855703
3Bangarrang Gag ReflexDark Iron-US403514215456
4Bopcommander ThrustDark Iron-US393214815413
5Santasreaper Kind of a Big DealDark Iron-US35238604383
6Zelnaga EternityDark Iron-US36396264265Not updated
7Venith Gag ReflexDark Iron-US261016484258
8Atomicb AxisDark Iron-US312110794200
9Neevyn ThrustDark Iron-US31378163953
10Theronguard Clan WolfDark Iron-US294310023945
11Cobee ThrustDark Iron-US191620043920
12Izonami Gag ReflexDark Iron-US29439473890Not updated
13Athená AxisDark Iron-US29878833870
14Deathelemnt Gag ReflexDark Iron-US29758473822
15Thornleif  Dark Iron-US30826783760Not updated
16Zettsuei AxisDark Iron-US27999313730
17Seks ThrustDark Iron-US233112483579
18Acertante ThrustDark Iron-US229912633562
19Logos  Dark Iron-US212513663491
20Syrenseven Gag ReflexDark Iron-US28536063459Not updated
21Tyrnyx Gag ReflexDark Iron-US203013793409
22Specialsauce Gag ReflexDark Iron-US28234763299Not updated
23Glaube chickenflightDark Iron-US28284443272
24Josiewales Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US24208213241Not updated
25Yarini  Dark Iron-US198212193201
26Midiañ ThrustDark Iron-US188712773164
27Zeal Gag ReflexDark Iron-US130118313132
28Hungerr  Dark Iron-US199911173116Not updated
29Lekar AxisDark Iron-US24916193110
29Stonehand Disciples of DivxDark Iron-US26854253110Not updated
31Amaristo Strong Like BearDark Iron-US21569363092
32Oskee ThrustDark Iron-US21429433085Not updated
33Ibandit Gag ReflexDark Iron-US21828733055
34Hitsuji Panda AttackDark Iron-US28102423052Not updated
35Milade AxisDark Iron-US20579402997
36Griip The HurricaneDark Iron-US25144152929Not updated
37Ekwon  Dark Iron-US21777282905Not updated
38Mythriak ROMEDark Iron-US22366602896
39Wyujroi Assassin NationDark Iron-US20178492866Not updated
40Feoress ThrustDark Iron-US171311292842
41Heartlily ThrustDark Iron-US20058182823
42Ferc ROMEDark Iron-US19898082797
43Daddario SynergÿDark Iron-US24153752790Not updated
44Failnotice ThrustDark Iron-US166011112771
45Mepeteatu EternityDark Iron-US24802692749
46Vitessa ExuberanceDark Iron-US25002392739
47Typhoaus Gag ReflexDark Iron-US21795422721Not updated
48Xenocidal  Dark Iron-US21795382717Not updated
49Gwenoven Kind of a Big DealDark Iron-US24392562695
50Cherabimm  Dark Iron-US21645222686Not updated
51Rayliana  Dark Iron-US24352482683Not updated
52Shizamus EternityDark Iron-US24821862668
53Vonwoot Strong Like BearDark Iron-US20565932649Not updated
54Lediv Gag ReflexDark Iron-US20695682637
55Carlyle ExuberanceDark Iron-US21315052636
56Iao Panda AttackDark Iron-US24361922628
57Solitara Kind of a Big DealDark Iron-US23153042619
58Kotu Strong Like BearDark Iron-US18757392614Not updated
59Grimmstone  Dark Iron-US19986042602Not updated
60Secsay  Dark Iron-US19596392598Not updated
61Athanasia ThrustDark Iron-US22982492547
62Nesi  Dark Iron-US19465982544Not updated
63Icedout ThrustDark Iron-US18586722530
64Selyristo ThrustDark Iron-US20234962519
65Reighven AxisDark Iron-US20304772507
66Parallax  Dark Iron-US19095552464Not updated
67Vetoe  Dark Iron-US23121512463Not updated
68Moongarde  Dark Iron-US19744822456Not updated
69Vrox ThrustDark Iron-US19475082455
70Motnahp  Dark Iron-US17756782453Not updated
71Neurlock ThrustDark Iron-US16777662443
72Frostraven Strong Like BearDark Iron-US17736682441Not updated
72Blutrünstig Gag ReflexDark Iron-US136810732441Not updated
74Zelphinius Gag ReflexDark Iron-US18006222422Not updated
75Azizza  Dark Iron-US15338852418Not updated
76Vanargand  Dark Iron-US21153012416Not updated
77Ðarkmagician  Dark Iron-US18955192414Not updated
78Yunaiv  Dark Iron-US17316662397Not updated
79Maellas Burly MenDark Iron-US22571212378
80Senkrads No ThroneDark Iron-US21651952360
80Now BleaChDark Iron-US22291312360
82Gnurft Panda AttackDark Iron-US21891692358
83Lesha AnnarchyDark Iron-US21102442354Not updated
84Gyankosh AnnarchyDark Iron-US20692822351
85Fossil  Dark Iron-US18434922335Not updated
86Zhuangzi ExuberanceDark Iron-US20802452325
87Cárty EternityDark Iron-US19753432318
88Holyjoe Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US18554512306
89Vmg Are You Criting MeDark Iron-US18983942292Not updated
90Prickly  Dark Iron-US17884802268Not updated
91Lambofhosts ExuberanceDark Iron-US21251402265
92Laserturkey Clan WolfDark Iron-US16616022263Not updated
93Methanize ThrustDark Iron-US115310982251
94Magnusson AxisDark Iron-US15017492250
95Kaalli  Dark Iron-US21181262244Not updated
96Orelious  Dark Iron-US17504912241Not updated
97Belvalkris Panda AttackDark Iron-US20691652234Not updated
98Voodöo  Dark Iron-US18823462228Not updated
99Aeoz  Dark Iron-US16945262220Not updated
100Torgos Strong Like BearDark Iron-US17045122216Not updated

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