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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Chillwind Point-TW Boss Kills
1情楓夢痕 紫竹楓Chillwind Point-TW450412335737Not updated
2堤恩 執著Chillwind Point-TW411714365553Not updated
3史凱菲斯 死神趴趴幫Chillwind Point-TW40959775072Not updated
4提卡爾  Chillwind Point-TW327312564529Not updated
5箭矢之刺 艾澤拉斯的天空Chillwind Point-TW342310814504Not updated
6Lovetone 蒼狼月影Chillwind Point-TW329111654456Not updated
7灰飛但不湮滅 Blue WingsChillwind Point-TW329811164414
8雪裏紅 蒼狼月影Chillwind Point-TW34728684340
9轟你老母 絕傲部落Chillwind Point-TW300012974297Not updated
10希費斯特斯 God and AcesChillwind Point-TW325510384293
11喵喵迴來了 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW302211524174
12魋魎 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW269514744169Not updated
13米米公主 囧幫Chillwind Point-TW31919314122Not updated
14茹茹米 Dark AgeChillwind Point-TW35905064096
15伊斯凱特 死神趴趴幫Chillwind Point-TW269513684063Not updated
16爆動族 雷霸天超帥超霸氣人品超好手超紅名字超好聽Chillwind Point-TW290911184027Not updated
17Blademoon 絕傲部落Chillwind Point-TW31078913998Not updated
18傷心的復仇 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW249114723963Not updated
19風小舞  Chillwind Point-TW238115713952Not updated
20死期到了 雷霸天超帥超霸氣人品超好手超紅名字超好聽Chillwind Point-TW262812103838Not updated
21談無慾 百鬼屋Chillwind Point-TW33095283837Not updated
22一把小槌子 執著Chillwind Point-TW246913203789Not updated
23蟠小龍 死神趴趴幫Chillwind Point-TW31526213773Not updated
24湯傑惡鬼  Chillwind Point-TW237813903768Not updated
25戳一戳就跑  Chillwind Point-TW246012323692Not updated
26粉紅小蘋果 執著Chillwind Point-TW181818443662Not updated
27賞你個拔辣  Chillwind Point-TW26839723655Not updated
28楓戀影 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW256910543623
29猜火車 絕傲部落Chillwind Point-TW27578403597Not updated
30Apshen 艾澤拉斯的天空Chillwind Point-TW249910793578Not updated
31御魂者 Light n darknessChillwind Point-TW27198553574
32悲劇的連續劇 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW221013523562Not updated
33Popcoke 執著Chillwind Point-TW244411163560Not updated
34飄零無歡 God and AcesChillwind Point-TW248310393522
35Balderzero 蒼狼月影Chillwind Point-TW26937993492Not updated
36小嫩薩 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW223912323471Not updated
37孤狼提摩菲 愛的抱抱Chillwind Point-TW26817703451Not updated
38妮姆姆 艾澤拉斯的天空Chillwind Point-TW27636793442Not updated
39Hillfire Dark AgeChillwind Point-TW26967343430Not updated
40剪刀邊緣 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW225811703428
41Alisabeth Light of DawnChillwind Point-TW24259873412Not updated
42最愛搞基 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW24639463409
43Nefarious 赤色風暴Chillwind Point-TW29494593408Not updated
44拉貝三槐培章 百鬼屋Chillwind Point-TW25987443342Not updated
45老頭仔 Blue WingsChillwind Point-TW28255133338Not updated
46緋緋默默 艾澤拉斯的天空Chillwind Point-TW24239053328Not updated
47雪露  Chillwind Point-TW209012223312Not updated
48爆裂的天真 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW26476633310Not updated
49紅曜 Blue WingsChillwind Point-TW24638393302
50史凱費斯  Chillwind Point-TW27495503299Not updated
51慾犯糰 永恆不朽Chillwind Point-TW29593383297Not updated
52月兒泉 絕傲部落Chillwind Point-TW25027863288
53蒂法妮婭 執著Chillwind Point-TW165216333285Not updated
54側魔  Chillwind Point-TW226310123275Not updated
55有備而來  Chillwind Point-TW202712423269Not updated
56菲慕瑞雪 死神趴趴幫Chillwind Point-TW24827793261Not updated
57四夜幸運草 蒼狼月影Chillwind Point-TW25357203255
58伯爵娃娃 BastetChillwind Point-TW25616843245Not updated
59貓獵人 崑崙Chillwind Point-TW26455903235Not updated
60雙魚座的貓咪 Sky castleChillwind Point-TW24248093233Not updated
60橘子收割者 PranksterChillwind Point-TW25586753233Not updated
62櫻花漫舞 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW23398903229
63Adeva The Last GloryChillwind Point-TW26765483224Not updated
64紫紅物語 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW185913613220
65Battleterran 疏庸自放Chillwind Point-TW26585483206
66法蘭拉仔 囧幫Chillwind Point-TW24777153192
66路遙星偎  Chillwind Point-TW194812443192Not updated
68微風中的祝福 PranksterChillwind Point-TW26924943186
69殺很大噴錢獸 InvincibleChillwind Point-TW22469353181Not updated
70Mecuryelf 愛的抱抱Chillwind Point-TW25825903172Not updated
71祈禱之光  Chillwind Point-TW25666013167Not updated
72露薇娜 Leap ToplessChillwind Point-TW23887773165Not updated
73恨天無悔 愛的抱抱Chillwind Point-TW23927713163
74小波妞 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW209810533151Not updated
75珪心試劍 囧幫Chillwind Point-TW26245263150Not updated
76江南弘 崑崙Chillwind Point-TW25336013134Not updated
77亞克若羅基亞 死神趴趴幫Chillwind Point-TW23607693129Not updated
78胤紅雪 CyberholicChillwind Point-TW27413873128Not updated
79佟司 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW22878333120
80夜甯靜  Chillwind Point-TW21439623105Not updated
81乂志玲姊姊乂 囧幫Chillwind Point-TW25455543099Not updated
82南山車夫  Chillwind Point-TW24156723087
83笛德莉特 Blue WingsChillwind Point-TW22758033078Not updated
84充血海綿體 愛的抱抱Chillwind Point-TW22937693062Not updated
84荒蕪霜吼 三國聯軍Chillwind Point-TW23527103062Not updated
86Sunnytoy Beginning of the EndChillwind Point-TW23716893060Not updated
87女馬女馬 執著Chillwind Point-TW21429153057Not updated
88屮嘜小豬 Live Or DieChillwind Point-TW20679883055Not updated
89飛天御劍流 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW23367043040Not updated
90花瘋 Beginning of the EndChillwind Point-TW22108283038Not updated
91老年阿賓 一忏悔一Chillwind Point-TW23287093037Not updated
92蛋非絕圓 執著Chillwind Point-TW155814773035Not updated
93血術者 蒼狼月影Chillwind Point-TW21538553008Not updated
94苦味鳳梨醬 PranksterChillwind Point-TW23846183002
94Frostmaste 執著Chillwind Point-TW173312693002Not updated
96Arindo Citizen ErasedChillwind Point-TW24585362994Not updated
97Deathrise PranksterChillwind Point-TW23336582991
98寂寞秋楓  Chillwind Point-TW22327572989Not updated
99万丈 PranksterChillwind Point-TW24934912984Not updated
100銀劍傻傻 Beginning of the EndChillwind Point-TW20649142978

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