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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cenarius-KR Boss Kills
1만져줘 BUSCenarius-KR589623998295Not updated
2타뮤 폐인Cenarius-KR448424986982Not updated
3흐그흐그응 ZannEsuCenarius-KR482721296956Not updated
4프윌미나위단 갱스터Cenarius-KR407523346409Not updated
5트랩퍼 CROSSCOUNTERCenarius-KR424720456292Not updated
6야옹꺼이 지금그장비에잠이옵니까Cenarius-KR502211036125Not updated
7봉자양 커 플Cenarius-KR437416996073Not updated
8애스카플로네 육 즙Cenarius-KR402619355961Not updated
9아웃사이드힐링 World Of BestCenarius-KR416317665929Not updated
10Ssuhaya PERFECTCenarius-KR345723485805Not updated
11로드오브오크 The UnforgivenCenarius-KR404017325772Not updated
12단혜령 피의 반이 알콜Cenarius-KR373619185654Not updated
13Dantalian  Cenarius-KR355420895643Not updated
14크래머 휘 모 리Cenarius-KR374018445584Not updated
15딴따라라 훈 련 용 허 수 아 비Cenarius-KR372017965516Not updated
16시에프리나 얼라는 디저트Cenarius-KR353219645496Not updated
17GANNZ SkypeCenarius-KR356119285489Not updated
18확던져  Cenarius-KR420312705473Not updated
19검은강 부산바다Cenarius-KR334521165461Not updated
20Greedy 갱스터Cenarius-KR355717635320Not updated
21Cristyne 세상의테두리Cenarius-KR356217255287Not updated
22벨로레 Against All AuthorityCenarius-KR347616475123Not updated
22연합 블리자드 이 망할놈들아 스랄이 왜 빡빡이냐Cenarius-KR384912745123Not updated
24사왕염살흑룡파 Miss MoonlightCenarius-KR371013005010Not updated
25알한님 RomantistCenarius-KR355714364993Not updated
26지존닉 D P SCenarius-KR357913944973Not updated
27트래드 MirageKnightCenarius-KR313318344967Not updated
28Rosery Empire of QUEENCenarius-KR337215354907Not updated
29송고통 Against All AuthorityCenarius-KR329216044896Not updated
30라쟈니  Cenarius-KR382810344862Not updated
31세오라 VamosCenarius-KR371411184832Not updated
32핑크빛꾸미 C a l l i aCenarius-KR299518044799Not updated
33흑빛의칼날 QueenzBridge CliqueCenarius-KR315216234775Not updated
34Evolution 친절한Cenarius-KR283119374768Not updated
35Moonstriker 나는 석유왕이 될테야Cenarius-KR311516144729Not updated
36Thewingzero 꽃 등 심Cenarius-KR326014654725Not updated
37귀신비  Cenarius-KR355811324690Not updated
38초롱매실 Urban DesertCenarius-KR290117864687Not updated
39한국대표레드  Cenarius-KR272019424662Not updated
40루이츠  Cenarius-KR339912504649Not updated
41Soulwarriors SLR CLUBCenarius-KR328813594647Not updated
42샤인힐러 역사는밤에이루어진다Cenarius-KR36779684645Not updated
43Narcynyak 하 나Cenarius-KR255120734624Not updated
44Neaon 무 사Cenarius-KR37808254605Not updated
45Scolgeqeen  Cenarius-KR355710304587Not updated
46막이  Cenarius-KR36159594574Not updated
47그집유부남 우리길드방울방울해요Cenarius-KR313914174556Not updated
48절망의덫 A N C H O RCenarius-KR296415674531Not updated
49낭만곰도리 나는 석유왕이 될테야Cenarius-KR282517004525Not updated
50무기만은살려주마 BUSCenarius-KR323212704502Not updated
51즐거운나나루 WrathCenarius-KR312213784500Not updated
52Ruddla 부산바다Cenarius-KR284615594405Not updated
53여인간  Cenarius-KR35837924375Not updated
54베래스  Cenarius-KR290114714372Not updated
55Jostrider Horde OrchestraCenarius-KR304913154364Not updated
56룬마 EXCEEDCenarius-KR255418034357Not updated
57동그레 Dream TreeCenarius-KR291714374354Not updated
58이냐영 CACAOCenarius-KR302613114337Not updated
59얼톰 DuroSlayerSCenarius-KR292414034327Not updated
60도키냥꾼 PERFECTCenarius-KR290114104311Not updated
61와바잭 Miss MoonlightCenarius-KR300613014307Not updated
62흑혈마객 수수께끼는모두풀렷다범인은우리중에있다Cenarius-KR227220314303Not updated
63아문센 카르페디엠Cenarius-KR33529504302Not updated
64다이서 휘 모 리Cenarius-KR270116004301Not updated
65체리빛 주식회사 인간사냥Cenarius-KR231519844299Not updated
66교이  Cenarius-KR312511724297Not updated
67백번구운김선생 EatMe DrinkMeCenarius-KR34508414291Not updated
68나나제니  Cenarius-KR223320424275Not updated
69기이지수 D P SCenarius-KR276115064267Not updated
70유매력 Royal ClubCenarius-KR280714574264Not updated
71옥수수브이콘 Urban DesertCenarius-KR246517884253Not updated
71네온네온 RomantistCenarius-KR33059484253Not updated
73창공의섬 Crimson ReaperCenarius-KR280514264231Not updated
74Kleine  Cenarius-KR298612244210Not updated
75망그님  Cenarius-KR282413804204Not updated
76Allrounder 얼라는 디저트Cenarius-KR282213684190Not updated
77짱나면캐삭 싸우는자에게 힘을Cenarius-KR266515144179Not updated
78분홍물고기 실제로 만나서도 칠수 있나 봅시다Cenarius-KR31989794177Not updated
79세크라멘트 휘 모 리Cenarius-KR31839864169Not updated
80안녕도라지 얼라는 디저트Cenarius-KR247216904162Not updated
81조드는부엉부엉 심 쿵Cenarius-KR32119164127Not updated
82할리로드킹 수수께끼는모두풀렷다범인은우리중에있다Cenarius-KR264714764123Not updated
83주니엽  Cenarius-KR304010804120Not updated
84로끌 싸우는자에게 힘을Cenarius-KR35195874106Not updated
85나르시소 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭Cenarius-KR241616794095Not updated
86국의 죽 은 넘 쓰 랄 만 지 기Cenarius-KR290711764083Not updated
87사정거리가멀어요 형이 야동을 안봐서 뒷치기가 뭔지 모른다Cenarius-KR265714204077Not updated
88Cafemoka  Cenarius-KR31159514066Not updated
89블러드히메 Sword of HonorCenarius-KR246915844053Not updated
90Uus 피의 반이 알콜Cenarius-KR258814574045Not updated
91꽐라아찌 형이 야동을 안봐서 뒷치기가 뭔지 모른다Cenarius-KR271013294039Not updated
91수야성 수수께끼는모두풀렷다범인은우리중에있다Cenarius-KR203520044039Not updated
93Aspirin  Cenarius-KR276812634031Not updated
94로빈쨩 Urban DesertCenarius-KR253314954028Not updated
95을지흑마  Cenarius-KR225417393993Not updated
96죽생 미 친 개 프 로 덕 션Cenarius-KR245715253982Not updated
97린히 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭Cenarius-KR213618373973Not updated
98Cruxy The StyxCenarius-KR295610163972Not updated
99Robmayth ILLUSIONCenarius-KR31068583964Not updated
100크레이지호자 애드는 기본 전멸은 옵션 닌자는 서비스Cenarius-KR288110803961Not updated

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