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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Legion-US Boss Kills
1Barwolf Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US46176845301Not updated
2Sensations HCBurning Legion-US244921934642Not updated
3Kanpan HCBurning Legion-US285615244380Not updated
4Runawaynow Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US30027733775Not updated
5Madogre Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US258810563644Not updated
6Sepulcrus  Burning Legion-US250311113614Not updated
7Wilhuff Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US31324243556Not updated
8Existed Reborn in FlameBurning Legion-US27966993495Not updated
9Sieghart CrossbonesBurning Legion-US26597433402Not updated
10Shawolf Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US27785653343Not updated
11Shizzoobies Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US25097333242Not updated
12Katence HCBurning Legion-US22719593230Not updated
13Troponin Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US30112153226Not updated
14Deeq SanctityBurning Legion-US29862093195Not updated
15Seaferret  Burning Legion-US24267523178Not updated
16Morac Mind FreaksBurning Legion-US28532563109Not updated
17Monq Get Rich Sell GuildBurning Legion-US22718293100Not updated
18Celara Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US21499503099Not updated
19Malike AksarbenBurning Legion-US23267683094Not updated
20Myingan  Burning Legion-US24376453082Not updated
21Bignog OgBurning Legion-US22827923074Not updated
22Gulevek I Ate The BonesBurning Legion-US22248073031Not updated
23Alipeve SanctityBurning Legion-US28371923029Not updated
24Radella SanctityBurning Legion-US27892273016Not updated
25Parasomnia HCBurning Legion-US20868712957Not updated
26Pocket ExodusBurning Legion-US24524952947Not updated
26Faerjan AcheronBurning Legion-US25973502947Not updated
28Dkaye  Burning Legion-US186610312897Not updated
29Spirulina CrossbonesBurning Legion-US24714192890Not updated
30Kaligaran CrossbonesBurning Legion-US24833782861Not updated
31Delphye RenewalBurning Legion-US24883302818Not updated
32Bowflexxinn HCBurning Legion-US159012242814Not updated
33Shoutoramaru Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US22915202811Not updated
34Syioria SoloBurning Legion-US24203872807Not updated
35Athari HCBurning Legion-US18479542801Not updated
36Inexx HCBurning Legion-US20257702795Not updated
37Thundrspiryt Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US25901832773Not updated
38Novadi Outlaws and InlawsBurning Legion-US24313232754Not updated
39Grandissimo HCBurning Legion-US22434592702Not updated
40Munt  Burning Legion-US19567412697Not updated
41Graviti Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US22714222693Not updated
42Thbrius ExodusBurning Legion-US20656262691Not updated
43Inject  Burning Legion-US17938742667Not updated
43Symba CrossbonesBurning Legion-US23692982667Not updated
45Tanequil CrossbonesBurning Legion-US22803702650Not updated
46Fwuffy IRONFISTBurning Legion-US22104272637Not updated
47Yoogii AcheronBurning Legion-US23013252626Not updated
48Whimlo  Burning Legion-US18427632605Not updated
49Quitlol  Burning Legion-US21604342594Not updated
50Shinjiro OgBurning Legion-US17897942583Not updated
51Gluefactor BrinkBurning Legion-US23382432581Not updated
52Amorfus  Burning Legion-US23142652579Not updated
53Jepsum HCBurning Legion-US21474282575Not updated
54Tythor Mind FreaksBurning Legion-US23941792573Not updated
55Evanark ExodusBurning Legion-US21743842558Not updated
56Balistik ExodusBurning Legion-US21364102546Not updated
57Ñostradamus Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US18197232542Not updated
58Scarryd Chocobo BanditsBurning Legion-US21603812541Not updated
59Grelkluz HCBurning Legion-US15379882525Not updated
60Jordruidence Born from the AshesBurning Legion-US24031132516Not updated
61Jokie GenesisBurning Legion-US2376992475Not updated
62Rhaiah CrossbonesBurning Legion-US21752932468Not updated
63Tesla Lethality GamingBurning Legion-US19515022453Not updated
64Rhalevan Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US20793722451Not updated
65Dagariane Midlife CrisisBurning Legion-US22781712449Not updated
66Tookillyou Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US20084282436Not updated
67Bobbonatale Midlife CrisisBurning Legion-US22211812402Not updated
68Avengeance ExodusBurning Legion-US20213592380Not updated
69Sweetpeppas Stacked Like PancakesBurning Legion-US22161612377Not updated
70Potluck Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US21931802373Not updated
71Tempizt BROOKLYN QUEENS SANDWICHBurning Legion-US15398192358Not updated
72Pawnchito Skeleton CrewBurning Legion-US16427122354Not updated
73Farmergregor ReanimatedBurning Legion-US19743582332Not updated
74Kalosvalor SalientBurning Legion-US18115172328Not updated
75Mouthfull HCBurning Legion-US17695582327Not updated
76Ishigo ExodusBurning Legion-US20432702313Not updated
77Durids  Burning Legion-US18924162308Not updated
78Friedrib Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US19563502306Not updated
79Racegun AdventBurning Legion-US20452602305Not updated
80Scourgeeater  Burning Legion-US17775212298Not updated
81Taincityjr Into the MistsBurning Legion-US19103832293Not updated
82Hattrick PantsBurning Legion-US14957952290Not updated
83Telroth We Brought SnacksBurning Legion-US16006642264Not updated
84Galbrei Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US18424182260Not updated
85Elthiri  Burning Legion-US20222252247Not updated
86Soulwhip Extended LockoutBurning Legion-US17944482242Not updated
87Catheta Casually DedicatedBurning Legion-US18503852235Not updated
88Fuzzii HCBurning Legion-US14327902222Not updated
89Srslyimagirl Spare No AlliesBurning Legion-US18193892208Not updated
90Nycteus Bank of EagleBurning Legion-US18633432206Not updated
91Beliás PrøBurning Legion-US17694332202Not updated
92Cadence Into the MistsBurning Legion-US18043952199Not updated
93Aniiss Dirty Mike and The BoysBurning Legion-US20341572191Not updated
94Tydar Into the MistsBurning Legion-US17164722188Not updated
95Galasin CrossbonesBurning Legion-US19072722179Not updated
96Samui AdventBurning Legion-US18273482175Not updated
97Infuse Mad ReachBurning Legion-US14057652170Not updated
98Absurdity Skeleton CrewBurning Legion-US15016472148Not updated
99Vanar BrinkBurning Legion-US19102172127Not updated
100Jessia  Burning Legion-US17074102117Not updated

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