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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Bonechewer-US Boss Kills
1Beargor Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US453516926227Not updated
2Xauwoo Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US332114284749
3Chrona Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US271213674079
4Suntrapper Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US28369663802
5Kisses Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US28618853746Not updated
6Mitnal Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US266310763739
7Hemocaut Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US257610393615
8Nachopicasso Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US27547913545
9Damingo Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US244210843526
10Kahlex Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US193815653503
11Teeptrip Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US218812143402
12Reevy Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US215312053358
13Shakedown Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US25006553155
14Lieluu Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US21229963118
15Donkehpunch Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US159513822977
16Helmarn Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US24644322896
17Chexmix Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US22206632883
18Vikingo Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US18969622858
19Crystalïne Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US18469272773Not updated
20Noobê Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US19867432729Not updated
21Jamboro Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US17898672656Not updated
22Khû Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US18905632453Not updated
23Gumms Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US15397762315
24Banyon Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US18734302303
25Zerkon Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US17055892294
26Beewbeez Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US14407372177Not updated
27Elouicious Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US18802912171
28Elindrys Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US13647622126Not updated
29Myniggz Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US16163872003Not updated
30Zofu Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US91010741984
31Weylock Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US13466001946Not updated
32Twistedelmo Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US8808821762
33Clâms Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US8868691755
34Kregin Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US13833041687
35Akkahl Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US12384261664Not updated
36Slashroar Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US13782731651
37Vavalephvav Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US14072361643Not updated
38Kalzèth Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US14501651615
39Flasheals Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US8587431601Not updated
40Jemilyn Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US12762791555
41Phonetic Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US12213131534Not updated
42Lagann Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US9175071424
43Zanzall Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US11183041422Not updated
44Tullus Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US11212271348Not updated
44Vaitsev Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US9024461348Not updated
46Inflamesya Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US9233851308
47Taps Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US6136771290
48Salt Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US9543311285Not updated
49Winehauss Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US7305391269Not updated
50Khuadin Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US7674321199Not updated
51Érrai Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US9691411110
52Apparations Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US7353461081
53Spânkey Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US1024441068Not updated
54Kwarlis Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US931841015Not updated
55Manonhigh Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US558438996
56Eternalhate Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US489472961
57Roswind Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US618305923Not updated
58Shiftstains Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US337542879
59Obnoxious Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US702171873
60Cheerless Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US622232854
61Nhori Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US751101852
62Eternaltyr Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US8389847
63Kaylian Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US549267816Not updated
64Doirdyn Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US77441815Not updated
65Lanadelray Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US672140812
66Shàmàn Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US659147806Not updated
67Teitra Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US70498802
68Exâka Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US569224793
69Voldrik Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US477291768
70Invisibler Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US506260766Not updated
71Wubwubz Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US71036746Not updated
72Jemi Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US570173743Not updated
73Haikhu Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US414327741Not updated
74Buckwhêât Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US569146715Not updated
75Hilldawgg Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US68132713
76Kahlenn Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US62377700
77Sarahconnar Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US511152663Not updated
78Evilseer Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US60442646Not updated
79Thunderlane Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US391244635
80Héphaestus Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US395232627
81Doomsong Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US518102620
82Seppius Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US6112613Not updated
83Tailea Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US333255588Not updated
84Vanordoa Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US54429573
85Badmadcow Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US403165568
86Monigglez Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US294242536Not updated
87Kodakiller Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US48846534Not updated
88Jane Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US290235525
89Bearshark Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US42673499
90Djuma Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US42237459Not updated
91Roein Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US38260442
92Ikors Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US42615441Not updated
93Keeses Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US41525440Not updated
94Arsnl Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US299132431
95Greenweenie Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US4088416Not updated
96Riam Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US282128410
97Skharn Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US34857405Not updated
98Sancha Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US4004404Not updated
99Lundyn Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US134263397
100Cesan Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US36717384Not updated

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