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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Bleeding Hollow-TW Boss Kills
1Mireias 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW364621565802
2天使會害羞 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW385418055659Not updated
3伊小祈 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW369214195111
4鐺鐺 風行王者Bleeding Hollow-TW388511915076Not updated
5泊雲 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW325516314886
6千彩 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW280420024806
7神玉堂 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW334012964636Not updated
8口波口波 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW313514004535Not updated
9藍妮 幸運草莓Bleeding Hollow-TW36478824529Not updated
10黑引信 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW274316654408
11小笨牧 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW284715534400Not updated
12紫璇月 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW301413524366Not updated
13淡漠隨風 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW245119134364
14以諾絲 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW35767614337
15Devilbreath 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW33818464227Not updated
16布魯迪卡 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW238016784058Not updated
17Ferrari  Bleeding Hollow-TW303210194051Not updated
18為部落爾戰 Liar GameBleeding Hollow-TW264313614004
19來勢熊熊 PeacefulBleeding Hollow-TW30108853895
20Badfox 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW270011883888Not updated
21森林之子  Bleeding Hollow-TW237514703845Not updated
22萌萌的胖胖 漫步星空Bleeding Hollow-TW221216073819Not updated
23可依 幸運草莓Bleeding Hollow-TW30327773809Not updated
24天籟之音 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW264011593799
25奧杜凶星 狼焱Bleeding Hollow-TW30357193754Not updated
26Pallyshing 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW27959533748
27小川川 幸運草莓Bleeding Hollow-TW27979443741Not updated
28Meyers Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW268110183699Not updated
29Appledevil 初夏茶集Bleeding Hollow-TW29237603683Not updated
30艾莉絲魂守 神啟Bleeding Hollow-TW30406383678Not updated
31悠緹洛 ZeNith ReborNBleeding Hollow-TW27718943665Not updated
32Svag 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW245512003655
33新手犽 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW245011943644Not updated
34白色妖姬 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW29127203632
35Vaelaria 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW248711443631
36Obsidian 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW26039883591Not updated
36Smirnoffice 花田村Bleeding Hollow-TW31394523591Not updated
38Fvirus TogetherBleeding Hollow-TW189716933590Not updated
39微風旋律 The BoVBleeding Hollow-TW26189663584Not updated
40祖爾銅 Royal TeamBleeding Hollow-TW27648103574Not updated
41Vivoperlie 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW250110583559
42銀河星辰  Bleeding Hollow-TW25889643552Not updated
43終結部落 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW25419603501Not updated
44酒仙喝喝 BurningMythBleeding Hollow-TW235611353491
45乙羽 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW25219643485
46西郎骨頭 拾荒夜流星Bleeding Hollow-TW234711263473Not updated
47全日愛 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW25579123469Not updated
48流星雪 LegendBleeding Hollow-TW222912083437Not updated
49風戀 彼岸Bleeding Hollow-TW236410333397Not updated
50勾勾纏 滅團高手Bleeding Hollow-TW28075503357
51狂暴琦琦 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW28165333349Not updated
52羽毛剪  Bleeding Hollow-TW27406083348Not updated
53天破 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW26127033315
54天譴軍術 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW25287813309
55星村麻衣 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW24069003306Not updated
56Mistralvearn Dream StarBleeding Hollow-TW25327513283Not updated
57立花道雪 初夏茶集Bleeding Hollow-TW26336303263Not updated
58新人笑 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW24488013249
59氪殷 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW26605673227
60Deathdelight 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW188713243211Not updated
61Shihtichi Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW25296793208Not updated
62冷玉無瑕  Bleeding Hollow-TW23398403179Not updated
63噗噗水餃 我們仍未知道那天所看見的花的名字Bleeding Hollow-TW24906853175Not updated
64看啥小 千年守護Bleeding Hollow-TW26515183169
65軒轅玥  Bleeding Hollow-TW24746693143
66知恩圖報 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW208110573138
67暗紫  Bleeding Hollow-TW24936343127Not updated
68牧色已晚 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW24896373126Not updated
69夢境風兒 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW25685493117Not updated
70乂魔人布歐乂  Bleeding Hollow-TW21929153107
71賽利納斯 拾荒夜流星Bleeding Hollow-TW23507513101Not updated
72無名小盜賊 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW25075883095Not updated
73芭小佟 聯朋結盟Bleeding Hollow-TW25435503093Not updated
74野格炸斷 元氣喵喵谷Bleeding Hollow-TW192411663090Not updated
75伊芙莉思  Bleeding Hollow-TW24066703076Not updated
76漓月 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW24046703074
77Novice Royal TeamBleeding Hollow-TW23177513068Not updated
78劍風雲 向日葵小班Bleeding Hollow-TW26174483065Not updated
79一補血就斷線 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW25135503063Not updated
80迴音  Bleeding Hollow-TW21698903059Not updated
81給共威丟開槍 彼岸Bleeding Hollow-TW27602823042Not updated
81Bigbear 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW23347083042Not updated
81Brami 奶茶Bleeding Hollow-TW25654773042Not updated
84亡命垃圾 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW22967433039Not updated
85薩梵克宙 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW25015353036Not updated
86蘑菇殿下 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW200410283032Not updated
87殞落星辰 BurningMythBleeding Hollow-TW22287953023Not updated
88奧桑妮 雷摩特Bleeding Hollow-TW26513693020Not updated
89Tarecgosa 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW20939253018Not updated
90死姬 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW26004123012Not updated
91一撒卡蘭姆一 彼岸Bleeding Hollow-TW25784273005
92真拿妳沒辦法 奶茶Bleeding Hollow-TW23336652998Not updated
93大濕胸 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW21878072994Not updated
94嗑獅 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW22757162991Not updated
95智者小森 拾荒夜流星Bleeding Hollow-TW23346522986Not updated
96一月半月半一 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW23436382981Not updated
97洛丹倫挽歌 MoonlightBleeding Hollow-TW22677092976Not updated
98神的降臨 向日葵小班Bleeding Hollow-TW25913722963Not updated
99閃現到你背 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW21777822959Not updated
100命七天 漫步星空Bleeding Hollow-TW192710142941Not updated

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