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Blade's Edge-US Boss Kills
1Bigblackout Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US477613606136
2Guywho Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US35387954333Not updated
3Juuno Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US35146934207
4Mellysa Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US28666513517
5Amazngrace OlympusBlade's Edge-US29994623461
6Grindwatch  Blade's Edge-US221610603276Not updated
7Fritamm Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US27264923218
8Lili S E R E N I T YBlade's Edge-US28273783205
9Slamber Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US26095833192
10Moolan Internet Monster SlayersBlade's Edge-US29701773147
11Asheda Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US25085653073
12Chaosfearsme Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US20439492992
13Tantaus Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US23935732966Not updated
14Morcillita ExileBlade's Edge-US22047422946
15Remma  Blade's Edge-US24065302936
16Darkdreamz  Blade's Edge-US26173062923Not updated
17Yaphirleon OlympusBlade's Edge-US25134032916
18Nivan KâRMABlade's Edge-US26192372856
19Mho CantankerousBlade's Edge-US2760802840Not updated
20Cinderra  Blade's Edge-US23974192816
21Zedamikaical Murder IncBlade's Edge-US21087012809
22Kokuei Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US23634172780Not updated
23Jhack Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US22914712762
24Lumiel Pain in the AzerothBlade's Edge-US25381962734Not updated
25Krymmie Death DealersBlade's Edge-US25971082705Not updated
26Aeryun Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US21974902687Not updated
27Duvessa Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US22354472682
28Zuestheruler OlympusBlade's Edge-US23283482676
29Krindil Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US20975772674
30Rothulivic Internet Monster SlayersBlade's Edge-US23143212635
31Nerandis Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US22173982615
32Amethaa Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US20115712582Not updated
33Alexor Alter EgoBlade's Edge-US22662892555
34Briswindus  Blade's Edge-US18496992548Not updated
35Eumetharlium UCORPBlade's Edge-US24211062527
36Tapøut Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US20544542508
37Nepals  Blade's Edge-US23101782488Not updated
38Fingal ExileBlade's Edge-US17767002476
39Fatherjames Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US20813552436
40Reykjavik Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US19664452411
41Jeysun Death DealersBlade's Edge-US2285992384Not updated
42Drager Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US19983522350
43Mangeras Noob SquadBlade's Edge-US19473932340Not updated
44Krosah  Blade's Edge-US14918412332Not updated
45Alexpower Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US19883412329
46Rehteah Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US17755482323Not updated
47Zigmo  Blade's Edge-US19863072293Not updated
48Bual  Blade's Edge-US21561352291
49Litespeed ExileBlade's Edge-US17924912283Not updated
50Vilencia Death DealersBlade's Edge-US2206762282
51Shootingstar Pain in the AzerothBlade's Edge-US21291432272
52Zamecca Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US18104512261Not updated
53Vieres ExileBlade's Edge-US15297212250Not updated
54Zuriez MartyrBlade's Edge-US20741752249Not updated
54Shweety OlympusBlade's Edge-US18983512249Not updated
54Alastiria KâRMABlade's Edge-US21001492249
57Rubiks  Blade's Edge-US19343142248Not updated
58Unger  Blade's Edge-US17784612239Not updated
59Shadwlord Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US19512802231Not updated
60Cynics  Blade's Edge-US17134992212Not updated
61Larcener Thirteenth LegionBlade's Edge-US20371532190
62Medisynal Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US15715932164
63Darktemtress Thirteenth LegionBlade's Edge-US20081462154
64Sydian Thirteenth LegionBlade's Edge-US17813702151Not updated
65Kiami  Blade's Edge-US15605862146Not updated
66Bunwebe Why So SeriousBlade's Edge-US19152282143
67Rikku  Blade's Edge-US16424712113Not updated
68Veronikamae Edge of the EmpireBlade's Edge-US18532532106
69Stewwy  Blade's Edge-US16364682104Not updated
70Voxvocis ExileBlade's Edge-US15555412096Not updated
71Mellardria OlympusBlade's Edge-US17293492078
71Aerenikus  Blade's Edge-US18762022078Not updated
73Pepperjaklyn CantankerousBlade's Edge-US2025452070Not updated
74Pius OlympusBlade's Edge-US18482212069Not updated
75Sou Killér InstinctBlade's Edge-US19211262047Not updated
76Parsonsbro Pain in the AzerothBlade's Edge-US18991362035
76Alzarius Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US16314042035
78Chamfer Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US15504632013Not updated
79Tygrax  Blade's Edge-US1917801997
80Ieynaa  Blade's Edge-US15914041995Not updated
81Pearrl  Blade's Edge-US17372571994
82Eurrie Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US18261671993
83Askurai Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US1911731984
84Çaedus  Blade's Edge-US17762011977Not updated
85Norjak Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US17132571970Not updated
86Kaanin OuroborosBlade's Edge-US15343861920Not updated
87Duruk  Blade's Edge-US15553561911Not updated
88Amaran PerseveranceBlade's Edge-US17191911910Not updated
89Rankô Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US11357721907
90Talisman ExileBlade's Edge-US14564321888Not updated
91Ekoleye I Am With StupidBlade's Edge-US16951911886Not updated
92Silphia  Blade's Edge-US17411361877Not updated
93Bartec OuroborosBlade's Edge-US15922831875Not updated
94Cninja Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US16332381871Not updated
95Tritainia  Blade's Edge-US16032661869Not updated
96Crüsader  Blade's Edge-US14953611856
97Fithofjack  Blade's Edge-US17031291832Not updated
98Ibony OuroborosBlade's Edge-US12275951822Not updated
99Xarik UCORPBlade's Edge-US16032171820
100Pristene Why So SeriousBlade's Edge-US16871321819

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