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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blade's Edge-EU Boss Kills
1Zalost Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU369319345627Not updated
2Iron  Blade's Edge-EU311315194632Not updated
3Auril Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU294915354484Not updated
4Tiu Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU323211724404Not updated
5Theblades  Blade's Edge-EU291813154233Not updated
6Thuban Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU28597733632Not updated
7Arfess UníqueBlade's Edge-EU237911163495Not updated
8Perpe  Blade's Edge-EU200712783285Not updated
9Kayrah Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU26186613279Not updated
10Mellian Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU197412643238Not updated
11Malevalence Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU25926293221Not updated
12Youwantme Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU23648553219Not updated
13Lilith Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU23029013203Not updated
14Jlarks The Saints Of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU24367333169Not updated
15Fumble ØbliviousBlade's Edge-EU26354543089Not updated
16Ellaj Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU24376023039Not updated
17Vantage FlareBlade's Edge-EU22357973032Not updated
18Razerboy Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU192810472975Not updated
19Seea Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU19229582880Not updated
20Ilara FlareBlade's Edge-EU20626742736Not updated
21Death ØbliviousBlade's Edge-EU19897072696Not updated
22Mirbaz Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU16999872686Not updated
23Flifly Damage ControlBlade's Edge-EU22474342681Not updated
24Mishtentia The Forgotten OnesBlade's Edge-EU161610102626Not updated
25Veru  Blade's Edge-EU20335282561Not updated
26Yeria Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU16658452510Not updated
27Amariee FirestormBlade's Edge-EU21183912509Not updated
28Dreadlah ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU19245682492Not updated
29Rafaellich Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU18206582478Not updated
30Jaaye  Blade's Edge-EU20574072464Not updated
30Pectumesor UníqueBlade's Edge-EU18336312464Not updated
32Gendars Guesthouse ParadisoBlade's Edge-EU18435752418Not updated
33Warrin ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU19614302391Not updated
34Kunko Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU18385332371Not updated
35Swunk Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU15478222369Not updated
36Gupas Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU19094502359Not updated
37Valwyrn Team ABlade's Edge-EU18355102345Not updated
38Laatex ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU17016342335Not updated
38Hrist  Blade's Edge-EU17815542335Not updated
40Longranger KARMABlade's Edge-EU16856472332Not updated
41Adanwen Alliance Death DealersBlade's Edge-EU21411582299Not updated
42Criticism  Blade's Edge-EU18004842284Not updated
43Amirea Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU17454982243Not updated
44Melvina AquaBlade's Edge-EU20032162219Not updated
45Mattomeo  Blade's Edge-EU16715472218Not updated
46Ardvore AquaBlade's Edge-EU16215902211Not updated
47Charmas  Blade's Edge-EU17933742167Not updated
48Elfgurl FlareBlade's Edge-EU16954412136Not updated
49Lussie  Blade's Edge-EU16554622117Not updated
50Nightferal Brotherhood of SteelBlade's Edge-EU16924242116Not updated
51Noaha ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU18562422098Not updated
52Elen FabledBlade's Edge-EU15575072064Not updated
53Reflex Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU14635932056Not updated
54Chiigo  Blade's Edge-EU14955492044Not updated
55Fysonmire KARMABlade's Edge-EU18052282033Not updated
56Passive  Blade's Edge-EU16743552029Not updated
57Menzo ApocalypticBlade's Edge-EU18321862018Not updated
58Rhinoceros  Blade's Edge-EU15754412016Not updated
59Géén FlareBlade's Edge-EU15005092009Not updated
60Seregfin Dramatic CureBlade's Edge-EU13526502002Not updated
61Merrygold Avengers of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU16903081998Not updated
62Ilikebrain ApocalypticBlade's Edge-EU17042921996Not updated
63Diamon ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU17902031993Not updated
64Fme GladiatorBlade's Edge-EU18331341967Not updated
65Rean Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU16583041962Not updated
66Freeform Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU15593861945Not updated
67Cable ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU16792631942Not updated
68Rivete NephilimBlade's Edge-EU16762611937Not updated
69Xindi Mostly HarmlessBlade's Edge-EU17821521934Not updated
70Roâry  Blade's Edge-EU15803531933Not updated
71Protean Saints RebornBlade's Edge-EU17022281930Not updated
72Zerel SurrealBlade's Edge-EU17252041929Not updated
73Khaydin Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU16422841926Not updated
74Beattybobs ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU16332921925Not updated
75Kaidá AbsolutionBlade's Edge-EU16702531923Not updated
76Saytana  Blade's Edge-EU14424791921Not updated
77Asklater  Blade's Edge-EU13815391920Not updated
78Reáls TRYHARDSBlade's Edge-EU16322871919Not updated
78Blácksnow ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU16103091919Not updated
80Persá Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU15713421913Not updated
81Firewhisper  Blade's Edge-EU16602501910Not updated
81Shagrat  Blade's Edge-EU15283821910Not updated
83Darklegends The Forgotten OnesBlade's Edge-EU15253811906Not updated
84Holymoe  Blade's Edge-EU16082971905Not updated
85Deathbrïnger Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU14064971903Not updated
86Vrzasq ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU13715111882Not updated
87Odeanathus Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU58712941881Not updated
87Diesler ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU13365451881Not updated
89Zephrasis Bound by BloodBlade's Edge-EU15083641872Not updated
90Naîve Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU10857861871Not updated
91Caladin INQUISITIONBlade's Edge-EU17071591866Not updated
92Mierin Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU9928731865Not updated
92Emilie Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU12685971865Not updated
94Xonar  Blade's Edge-EU16871661853Not updated
95Beattrice IronicBlade's Edge-EU15502991849Not updated
96Ptz Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU14553771832Not updated
97Crussh Alliance Death DealersBlade's Edge-EU15802411821Not updated
98Blt Damage ControlBlade's Edge-EU14713481819Not updated
99Markelus  Blade's Edge-EU14014151816Not updated
99Aragõrn Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU13894271816Not updated

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