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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackwing Lair-US Boss Kills
1Gumpugh Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US31144763590Not updated
2Azrelle Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US30594193478Not updated
3Gray Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US25744303004Not updated
4Gokussan Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US24022512653Not updated
5Flackjacket  Blackwing Lair-US16499842633Not updated
6Mexlock Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US22621652427Not updated
7Kangi Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US20953262421Not updated
8Drelle Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US19383262264Not updated
9Vanylla Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US20351182153Not updated
10Cowswitguns The FreelanceBlackwing Lair-US1995302025Not updated
11Jammy Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US18561582014Not updated
12Raex  Blackwing Lair-US15113941905Not updated
13Chupachug Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US17961041900Not updated
14Devarlest  Blackwing Lair-US13884201808Not updated
15Akaihime RedDolphinBlackwing Lair-US15762301806Not updated
16Neeba Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US16811161797Not updated
17Abraxi Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US16721051777Not updated
18Heidruin Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US1691821773Not updated
19Ridish Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US15761941770Not updated
20Clemsnide PvE is HardBlackwing Lair-US15811671748Not updated
21Ajinforsir Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US14742611735Not updated
22Oxe EpochalypseBlackwing Lair-US1647851732Not updated
23Ehapada Dark ProphecyBlackwing Lair-US1623521675Not updated
24Niyatimel Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US14671921659Not updated
25Aedronys NoxiousBlackwing Lair-US14921571649Not updated
26Thradan Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US15131141627Not updated
27Copperman Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US12953191614Not updated
28Caseybear Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US13391791518Not updated
29Froznsoul Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US14081091517Not updated
30Proximity  Blackwing Lair-US13831071490Not updated
31Cedrikke Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US13481371485Not updated
32Pryona The WickedBlackwing Lair-US13231441467Not updated
33Fläy  Blackwing Lair-US10524041456Not updated
34Wakariba  Blackwing Lair-US1391501441Not updated
35Spartakus From AshesBlackwing Lair-US12691651434Not updated
36Freshsalad Delirium TriggerBlackwing Lair-US11332931426Not updated
37Cobenn  Blackwing Lair-US12841371421Not updated
38Toki EpochalypseBlackwing Lair-US1331811412Not updated
39Penitence Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US1308881396Not updated
40Bubbleagent  Blackwing Lair-US12851041389Not updated
41Ragebomb  Blackwing Lair-US11981661364Not updated
42Druidsauce  Blackwing Lair-US1339221361Not updated
43Sathor  Blackwing Lair-US1280801360Not updated
44Jalya Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US11771711348Not updated
45Ezaculator Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US1242741316Not updated
46Wolvesfang  Blackwing Lair-US1286291315Not updated
47Vodkapoom ÐeathRowBlackwing Lair-US1265341299Not updated
48Tabbie EpochalypseBlackwing Lair-US1233631296Not updated
49Undeadmarge  Blackwing Lair-US1256241280Not updated
50Pewpewudead  Blackwing Lair-US11641151279Not updated
51Firefox Superiority ComplexBlackwing Lair-US10312391270Not updated
52Funkytowwn Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US8793891268Not updated
53Tobolaeh Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US1161861247Not updated
54Ugmo Armed and HammeredBlackwing Lair-US1192441236Not updated
55Adrim AttainBlackwing Lair-US10332021235Not updated
56Dellpc Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US11201101230Not updated
57Aysa  Blackwing Lair-US9752541229Not updated
58Bachanazza  Blackwing Lair-US1124871211Not updated
59Meowmiz  Blackwing Lair-US9682371205Not updated
60Pendemic Order of the DarkKnightsBlackwing Lair-US1089931182Not updated
60Cruelthesis RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US1128541182Not updated
62Drakzar Dark ProphecyBlackwing Lair-US1123531176Not updated
63Kilologic PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US116481172Not updated
64Quaraza Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US1077841161Not updated
65Ocuura Delirium TriggerBlackwing Lair-US10101501160Not updated
66Bubblepop Undying LoveBlackwing Lair-US1072801152Not updated
67Lapetoç Destroy the OppositionBlackwing Lair-US10331101143Not updated
68Gizzmoo  Blackwing Lair-US1111241135Not updated
69Drathia  Blackwing Lair-US1072561128Not updated
70Zartian The Burning GardenBlackwing Lair-US1062511113Not updated
71Mysterbig EpochalypseBlackwing Lair-US1054551109Not updated
72Thenn  Blackwing Lair-US1046531099Not updated
73Chelsea Superiority ComplexBlackwing Lair-US9881101098Not updated
74Atrain RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US1000871087Not updated
75Asmorano  Blackwing Lair-US9631161079Not updated
76Nekrotok  Blackwing Lair-US9621161078Not updated
77Vulldozer Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US1033431076Not updated
78Tetsusáigá DoMBlackwing Lair-US989831072Not updated
79Scyrah  Blackwing Lair-US1023461069Not updated
80Mageorpayn Superiority ComplexBlackwing Lair-US9471131060Not updated
81Lunarknight The Burning GardenBlackwing Lair-US985671052Not updated
82Hobokitty  Blackwing Lair-US950991049Not updated
83Housewife Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US973711044Not updated
84Dersh Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US8661771043Not updated
85Strwburryjam Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US7702711041Not updated
86Xxalethra  Blackwing Lair-US976601036Not updated
87Georgmichael Secret ServiceBlackwing Lair-US997341031Not updated
88Ruinblade Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US1002281030Not updated
89Churchsdeath Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US989401029Not updated
90Tomatotyrant  Blackwing Lair-US7402851025Not updated
91Verticalrulz  Blackwing Lair-US9191051024Not updated
92Armond Cruel RegulatorsBlackwing Lair-US978391017Not updated
93Tyryon PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US8561581014Not updated
94Ñanna  Blackwing Lair-US957531010Not updated
95Sconeboy  Blackwing Lair-US6323731005Not updated
96Radstev  Blackwing Lair-US9799988Not updated
97Cathie Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US91446960Not updated
98Fírelilly EternalMastersBlackwing Lair-US94414958Not updated
99Cherryman MaliceBlackwing Lair-US667288955Not updated
100Nausicaa Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US92826954Not updated

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