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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-KR Boss Kills
1초베리롱 B L O O DAzshara-KR254014824022Not updated
2허탈 B L O O DAzshara-KR224812303478Not updated
3엄친아들 B L O O DAzshara-KR242010353455Not updated
4히말라야곰 B L O O DAzshara-KR205712563313Not updated
5밥텅 B L O O DAzshara-KR19489852933Not updated
6폴더 B L O O DAzshara-KR19187892707Not updated
7매끈사제 B L O O DAzshara-KR19685682536Not updated
8썩은죽 B L O O DAzshara-KR104512332278Not updated
9Challa B L O O DAzshara-KR16373732010Not updated
10심술난엘프 B L O O DAzshara-KR15583181876Not updated
11끔찍 B L O O DAzshara-KR11027021804Not updated
12탱죽긔 B L O O DAzshara-KR11866011787Not updated
13명바퀴 B L O O DAzshara-KR14882751763Not updated
14가이드 B L O O DAzshara-KR12093601569Not updated
15Knitting B L O O DAzshara-KR12023561558Not updated
16Benihil B L O O DAzshara-KR13072491556Not updated
17에코무사시 B L O O DAzshara-KR6369121548Not updated
18파워정술 B L O O DAzshara-KR7866741460Not updated
19Strikeagle B L O O DAzshara-KR10693191388Not updated
20냄새나드루 B L O O DAzshara-KR4948881382Not updated
21엄친딸래미 B L O O DAzshara-KR4888271315Not updated
22맘베인 B L O O DAzshara-KR10131891202Not updated
23캡틴존바츠 B L O O DAzshara-KR7074481155Not updated
24개흐접냥꾼 B L O O DAzshara-KR9022211123Not updated
25내가황소 B L O O DAzshara-KR8772101087Not updated
26유클리드기하학 B L O O DAzshara-KR6204321052Not updated
27Echohexes B L O O DAzshara-KR5125301042Not updated
28브렘스토커 B L O O DAzshara-KR8481851033Not updated
29맥스웰의방정식 B L O O DAzshara-KR6173841001Not updated
30데카르트좌표계 B L O O DAzshara-KR597398995Not updated
31속이꽉찬남자 B L O O DAzshara-KR725244969Not updated
32무에레 B L O O DAzshara-KR678284962Not updated
33존나쎈뭉이 B L O O DAzshara-KR384506890Not updated
34괴델의불확정성 B L O O DAzshara-KR576311887Not updated
35Shasta B L O O DAzshara-KR535339874Not updated
36프링향 B L O O DAzshara-KR77992871Not updated
37베노이트프랙탈 B L O O DAzshara-KR522341863Not updated
38파워마법사 B L O O DAzshara-KR435378813Not updated
39Bloodhonor B L O O DAzshara-KR639153792Not updated
40Azaleax B L O O DAzshara-KR320445765Not updated
41왕자를사랑한거울 B L O O DAzshara-KR581176757Not updated
42Magnificat B L O O DAzshara-KR66587752Not updated
43힐베르트의공간 B L O O DAzshara-KR505240745Not updated
44Toyoka B L O O DAzshara-KR451276727Not updated
45비밀요원허경영 B L O O DAzshara-KR340352692Not updated
46등천 B L O O DAzshara-KR423236659Not updated
47피타고라스정리 B L O O DAzshara-KR495155650Not updated
48플랑크양자역학 B L O O DAzshara-KR499126625Not updated
49스파이크비밥 B L O O DAzshara-KR355249604Not updated
50Sewing B L O O DAzshara-KR364238602Not updated
51오키타안리 B L O O DAzshara-KR291279570Not updated
52쉬운타우렌 B L O O DAzshara-KR226336562Not updated
53Gen B L O O DAzshara-KR318243561Not updated
54물빵덕후 B L O O DAzshara-KR49549544Not updated
55Catchgun B L O O DAzshara-KR40796503Not updated
56Bilrock B L O O DAzshara-KR336160496Not updated
57핑크푸쉬 B L O O DAzshara-KR131358489Not updated
58Keltaron B L O O DAzshara-KR313175488Not updated
59새김 B L O O DAzshara-KR345130475Not updated
60리스타일 B L O O DAzshara-KR224247471Not updated
61Eiichiro B L O O DAzshara-KR260210470Not updated
62샤아잇히 B L O O DAzshara-KR265204469Not updated
63팔단지달 B L O O DAzshara-KR341120461Not updated
64지끈 B L O O DAzshara-KR195254449Not updated
65천영비 B L O O DAzshara-KR315128443Not updated
66라플라스의변환 B L O O DAzshara-KR313112425Not updated
67Shybody B L O O DAzshara-KR83335418Not updated
68Pasio B L O O DAzshara-KR268123391Not updated
69세차 B L O O DAzshara-KR173207380Not updated
70Tarma B L O O DAzshara-KR202165367Not updated
71Xeskkun B L O O DAzshara-KR86265351Not updated
72쉐골 B L O O DAzshara-KR208105313Not updated
73옭법사 B L O O DAzshara-KR121182303Not updated
74아벤트 B L O O DAzshara-KR131167298Not updated
75츄름 B L O O DAzshara-KR142155297Not updated
76머라구함 B L O O DAzshara-KR25340293Not updated
77우간다똥개 B L O O DAzshara-KR21672288Not updated
78앙퓨 B L O O DAzshara-KR82195277Not updated
79파워냥꾸니 B L O O DAzshara-KR19970269Not updated
80내면의연가시 B L O O DAzshara-KR111156267Not updated
80여수 B L O O DAzshara-KR2670267Not updated
82아더스제우스 B L O O DAzshara-KR115151266Not updated
83보카 B L O O DAzshara-KR2528260Not updated
83풀어헤드코코 B L O O DAzshara-KR16199260Not updated
85해적혼 B L O O DAzshara-KR16297259Not updated
86Gabiz B L O O DAzshara-KR19266258Not updated
87데쓰몬 B L O O DAzshara-KR138114252Not updated
88크립쏜리버 B L O O DAzshara-KR19054244Not updated
88암걸린공 B L O O DAzshara-KR26218244Not updated
90Ampm B L O O DAzshara-KR2420242Not updated
91치명자 B L O O DAzshara-KR103122225Not updated
92Echotzar B L O O DAzshara-KR17248220Not updated
93루라 B L O O DAzshara-KR11095205Not updated
94소주는이슬이최고 B L O O DAzshara-KR81123204Not updated
95유기농힐 B L O O DAzshara-KR85109194Not updated
95끙끙 B L O O DAzshara-KR42152194Not updated
97Bloodhorror B L O O DAzshara-KR16329192Not updated
98미쳐버린천재 B L O O DAzshara-KR15929188Not updated
99Bloodragon B L O O DAzshara-KR12660186Not updated
100Getti B L O O DAzshara-KR14734181Not updated

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