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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-KR Boss Kills
1꽉쑤셔대 Soul in DarknessAzshara-KR493132628193Not updated
2나나니니나나 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR405435057559Not updated
3썬더칼리온 티탄Azshara-KR414833047452Not updated
4Hellfoxx A Knife Of HorrorAzshara-KR471127217432Not updated
5Astorean Task ForceAzshara-KR496523817346Not updated
6갯바위 Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR554217287270Not updated
7지옥의똥강아지 Heroes of the StormAzshara-KR448024886968Not updated
8얀샤프  Azshara-KR433526116946Not updated
9용병샬라 OakmontAzshara-KR434725506897Not updated
10까칠만땅그녀  Azshara-KR417926436822Not updated
11드하 Over TimeAzshara-KR364830366684Not updated
12파흑아스 Raid TeamAzshara-KR316334666629Not updated
13아르주술이 울지마 요스케군Azshara-KR408525316616Not updated
14밥군 노 동Azshara-KR376227526514Not updated
15미트퍼펫 Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR458718236410Not updated
16대학살자다 Magma DiversAzshara-KR416322066369Not updated
17부가티로얄 흑색창기병대Azshara-KR420521606365Not updated
18Wonsoo 모뇨모뇨Azshara-KR404323176360Not updated
19Notoriouse Counting StarsAzshara-KR411620926208Not updated
20정찌곰 Over TimeAzshara-KR362024546074Not updated
21유노유가릿 피 닉 스Azshara-KR365224086060Not updated
22Incise Haaqoo n banillaAzshara-KR292330896012Not updated
23Pagliaccio In extremisAzshara-KR288731005987Not updated
24마포장비 Task ForceAzshara-KR386621155981Not updated
25파워디펜스앤사도 울지마 요스케군Azshara-KR384621345980Not updated
26웍허 Killing SpreeAzshara-KR416118165977Not updated
27아직덜신어졌음 부들부들Azshara-KR328826775965Not updated
28클라디어스 얘네들 발컨이니 일단 얘네들부터 까주세요Azshara-KR380121435944Not updated
29추방 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구Azshara-KR430516115916Not updated
30거지형 midnight HQAzshara-KR353823445882Not updated
31사령도 MercenaryAzshara-KR313427285862Not updated
32Frostvein 토실토실 엉덩이 뽈록뽈록 나온 배Azshara-KR322926295858Not updated
33Adarasing 흡연가능업소입니다Azshara-KR329025625852Not updated
34Executuss E T E R N I T YAzshara-KR348723525839Not updated
35스탑더악숀 아마란스Azshara-KR396818665834Not updated
36몬스터킹 쉼터Azshara-KR314926355784Not updated
37꼬부깅 A Progressive GroupAzshara-KR345422915745Not updated
38인포서 부들부들Azshara-KR334223705712Not updated
39비의일격 집중해서 원트가요Azshara-KR370119815682Not updated
40죽빨 태권브이Azshara-KR389317845677Not updated
41Vensi Magma DiversAzshara-KR362620495675Not updated
42아디안텀 V AAzshara-KR352721335660Not updated
43얄굳 노인Azshara-KR322524175642Not updated
44말잘들어라 OvertakeAzshara-KR354620725618Not updated
45비설위 The AvengerAzshara-KR417514395614Not updated
46모뇨 모뇨모뇨Azshara-KR412414875611Not updated
47개쩌님 비 누Azshara-KR333222725604Not updated
48아레닌 여기서 이러시면 안됩니다Azshara-KR419714065603Not updated
49오르바 A pinkAzshara-KR345521355590Not updated
50배검사 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR325023285578Not updated
51Historia Reform DriveAzshara-KR373918005539Not updated
52변태곰 스위트하우스Azshara-KR332121915512Not updated
53민들레잎 세상에단하나뿐인Azshara-KR313323705503Not updated
54신속한회복력 IndividualistAzshara-KR272427585482Not updated
55새냥 집중해서 원트가요Azshara-KR350919585467Not updated
56재즈드럼 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구Azshara-KR334720865433Not updated
57비벨 Over AgainAzshara-KR340920055414Not updated
58Lplaine 붕어Azshara-KR331420945408Not updated
59표기대장군 흑색창기병대Azshara-KR327921255404Not updated
60꺼먼곰 울지마 요스케군Azshara-KR377716205397Not updated
61Informerz Counting StarsAzshara-KR303323605393Not updated
62그랑쉘 A Knife Of HorrorAzshara-KR356918155384Not updated
63Muzq 비 누Azshara-KR291824415359Not updated
64드라돈  Azshara-KR328720505337Not updated
65신세기훈남 성장수염기사단Azshara-KR341019145324Not updated
66Huntersad 저도참좋아하는데요Azshara-KR345918605319Not updated
67이뽀님 수 산 물Azshara-KR360617115317Not updated
68외로운사시미군  Azshara-KR308822285316Not updated
69천상의미인 파 라 다 이 스Azshara-KR302522795304Not updated
70하늘색존슨 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR284824355283Not updated
71사제천진 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR294423315275Not updated
72Pegasii C o u p l e sAzshara-KR319920715270Not updated
73행복여행 초토화Azshara-KR319020745264Not updated
74Axepert 길드가 없으면 어때 잔질처럼 만들면 되지Azshara-KR299522625257Not updated
75Wagamama 흑색창기병대Azshara-KR349517585253Not updated
76보라색존슨 즐거운공격대Azshara-KR310121445245Not updated
77리더의꿈 The ValHalLaAzshara-KR368815545242Not updated
78Polstar 흰별이Azshara-KR245227825234Not updated
79달빛의찬란  Azshara-KR347217585230Not updated
80애브라 Just Enjoy your PlayingAzshara-KR347217485220Not updated
81벗겨보니게이 집중해서 원트가요Azshara-KR329618765172Not updated
82드류지아 고블린키에 블엘얼굴 그리고 타우렌의 자존심Azshara-KR318819775165Not updated
83고리냥 어서와 어미새는 처음이지Azshara-KR366414925156Not updated
84서겸댕 색색Azshara-KR317819565134Not updated
85뿡쀼뀨쀼뀨쁑  Azshara-KR383312905123Not updated
85Devotionaura 대 충 해Azshara-KR287922445123Not updated
85동물타격대장 Death EatersAzshara-KR372913945123Not updated
88호드의미녀 E T E R N I T YAzshara-KR338417375121Not updated
89Petu OakmontAzshara-KR290722075114Not updated
90함락 LumpenAzshara-KR260625075113Not updated
91태연랑 Reform DriveAzshara-KR354915625111Not updated
92꽃피는이로하  Azshara-KR365714305087Not updated
93당근나라만듀 북태평양고기압Azshara-KR281722625079Not updated
94Amuge DelicatoAzshara-KR403010265056Not updated
95꾸술 보고 있나 친구들Azshara-KR350715465053Not updated
96에로당근 로데론의 망령Azshara-KR320018525052Not updated
97전질 No SurprisesAzshara-KR268723635050Not updated
98Tamura 흰별이Azshara-KR252825145042Not updated
99가호민 CREATUREAzshara-KR267523615036Not updated
100노을속무지개 신의 탑Azshara-KR341116165027Not updated

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