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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arygos-EU Boss Kills
1Corinna Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU9622441206Not updated
2Stælthy Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU828139967Not updated
3Yoshîo Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU74699845Not updated
4Casjopaya Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU661114775Not updated
5Necroknight Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU68188769Not updated
6Xorbius Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU74522767Not updated
7Grimmlio Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU59437631Not updated
8Kyliê Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU53838576Not updated
9Altonia Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU52835563Not updated
10Paleface Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU46847515Not updated
11Melgrant Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU46632498Not updated
11Voldemoord Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU4935498Not updated
13Celesst Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU33955394Not updated
14Jeannedârk Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU32168389Not updated
15Benedikt Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU31157368Not updated
16Bluecatty Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU3208328Not updated
17Papakrümel Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU31211323Not updated
18Woo Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU25851309Not updated
19Sizzler Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU23765302Not updated
20Zickchên Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU25822280Not updated
21Skol Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU24923272Not updated
22Rêvoxx Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU2388246Not updated
23Cougá Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU18056236Not updated
24Eyshia Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU18837225Not updated
25Moredecay Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU17138209Not updated
26Ireliâ Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU1864190Not updated
27Inukshuk Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU15433187Not updated
28Teku Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU12733160Not updated
29Klikipetjaa Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU10353156Not updated
30Mamakrümel Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU12128149Not updated
31Teripoter Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU5286138Not updated
32Garchomp Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU1229131Not updated
33Lycantrop Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU1216127Not updated
34Lotuspfote Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU9418112Not updated
35Holia Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU1080108Not updated
35Dimmo Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU1053108Not updated
37Saduh Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU9013103Not updated
37Heripoter Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU8914103Not updated
37Kantren Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU7033103Not updated
40Nadal Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU642791Not updated
41Irka Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU87087Not updated
42Seranari Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU82183Not updated
43Dimitrieh Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU681482Not updated
44Nachtælf Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU78280Not updated
45Meripoter Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU66672Not updated
46Prediger Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU54559Not updated
46Tadoussac Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU59059Not updated
48Mythbuster Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU51455Not updated
48Littlê Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU54155Not updated
50Merlusko Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU49049Not updated
51Jaggi Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU48048Not updated
52Dieb Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU47047Not updated
52Olijfje Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU47047Not updated
54Frechesetwas Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU46046Not updated
55Delishus Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU44044Not updated
55Tchitsu Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU143044Not updated
57Geripoter Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU33942Not updated
58Rayfun Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU40040Not updated
59Lulátsch Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU38139Not updated
60Kalnor Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU31738Not updated
61Goldbaard Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU36036Not updated
62Creecher Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU34034Not updated
63Kirna Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU29433Not updated
64Montesque Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU151631Not updated
65Shamoroko Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU30030Not updated
66Raikoudix Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU23629Not updated
67Zwartbaard Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU28028Not updated
68Tchutsu Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU26026Not updated
69Kumoryu Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU25025Not updated
70Nacat Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU21021Not updated
71Aidea Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU20020Not updated
72Hekati Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU19019Not updated
73Zapfig Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU18018Not updated
74Thoradon Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU10717Not updated
74Bellerophone Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU17017Not updated
76Thundermalet Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU15015Not updated
77Elumee Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU14014Not updated
78Snorry Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU13013Not updated
79Nishara Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU7512Not updated
79Sinsai Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU11112Not updated
81Mash Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU11011Not updated
81Wynillo Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU10111Not updated
83Dämien Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU9110Not updated
83Shirva Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU4610Not updated
83Annabelliona Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU10010Not updated
86Xalgolim Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU909Not updated
86Steeks Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU909Not updated
88Lehmansister Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU707Not updated
88Æquilæ Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU707Not updated
88Ebisin Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU617Not updated
91Keâraliv Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU606Not updated
92Naomee Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU505Not updated
92Ketasu Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU505Not updated
92Eithya Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU505Not updated
95Hexermann Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU404Not updated
95Maibock Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU404Not updated
95Schwarzfell Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU404Not updated
98Metâll Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU202Not updated
98Firstworg Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU202Not updated
98Tâla Ultimate Light HuntersArygos-EU202Not updated

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