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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-TW Boss Kills
1Tairyu Zero To HeroArthas-TW7092711Not updated
2就是愛流浪 Zero To HeroArthas-TW53086616Not updated
3大獅兇 Zero To HeroArthas-TW54258600Not updated
4首夫托拉斯基 Zero To HeroArthas-TW48061541Not updated
5燈泡有腦 Zero To HeroArthas-TW44574519Not updated
6東京好熱 Zero To HeroArthas-TW43061491Not updated
7追魂小天使 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4739482Not updated
8Wondergirlss Zero To HeroArthas-TW42840468Not updated
9心很空 Zero To HeroArthas-TW39318411Not updated
10Nabokov Zero To HeroArthas-TW34522367Not updated
11Thegodmake Zero To HeroArthas-TW30034334Not updated
12謝絕來訪 Zero To HeroArthas-TW25530285Not updated
13大睿 Zero To HeroArthas-TW23910249Not updated
14Uroboros Zero To HeroArthas-TW2392241Not updated
15Qn Zero To HeroArthas-TW2083211Not updated
16Sindorie Zero To HeroArthas-TW15240192Not updated
17雲羲 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1810181Not updated
18璇機 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1631164Not updated
19死訷吥哭 Zero To HeroArthas-TW14911160Not updated
20蘇珊霸王 Zero To HeroArthas-TW14118159Not updated
21Klungz Zero To HeroArthas-TW13816154Not updated
22火火猛男 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1433146Not updated
23奧蕾莉亞之歌 Zero To HeroArthas-TW13011141Not updated
24蘇珊老妖 Zero To HeroArthas-TW12114135Not updated
25落日追風 Zero To HeroArthas-TW11024134Not updated
26火火靚釹 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1136119Not updated
27火火靚女 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1150115Not updated
28邪神油菜 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1121113Not updated
29佛雷斯 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1016107Not updated
30安海瑟威 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1010101Not updated
30Hical Zero To HeroArthas-TW8912101Not updated
30山姆衛斯 Zero To HeroArthas-TW8912101Not updated
33黯然馨夢 Zero To HeroArthas-TW772097Not updated
34蘇珊 Zero To HeroArthas-TW85489Not updated
35颯諺 Zero To HeroArthas-TW681987Not updated
36史昂 Zero To HeroArthas-TW513283Not updated
37露祺亞 Zero To HeroArthas-TW76682Not updated
38小乖勒個受 Zero To HeroArthas-TW701181Not updated
39雙刀飛花 Zero To HeroArthas-TW531972Not updated
40小慧兒 Zero To HeroArthas-TW71071Not updated
41蘇珊魂 Zero To HeroArthas-TW64064Not updated
42急症室 Zero To HeroArthas-TW59362Not updated
42慧空 Zero To HeroArthas-TW56662Not updated
44永恆的思念 Zero To HeroArthas-TW56359Not updated
44天天搞那個 Zero To HeroArthas-TW59059Not updated
46劫火紅蓮 Zero To HeroArthas-TW57057Not updated
47第五貓妖 Zero To HeroArthas-TW54054Not updated
48曉魚兒 Zero To HeroArthas-TW49453Not updated
48午夜之陽 Zero To HeroArthas-TW53053Not updated
50純青色 Zero To HeroArthas-TW46349Not updated
51箭鼎 Zero To HeroArthas-TW47047Not updated
52戴斯耐特 Zero To HeroArthas-TW46046Not updated
53伈情蟲蟲 Zero To HeroArthas-TW39241Not updated
54霜哀傷的僕從 Zero To HeroArthas-TW33538Not updated
55淡淡絲雨 Zero To HeroArthas-TW37037Not updated
55索托斯 Zero To HeroArthas-TW37037Not updated
57流暢哥 Zero To HeroArthas-TW36036Not updated
58顫抖吧 Zero To HeroArthas-TW33235Not updated
59仲子 Zero To HeroArthas-TW34034Not updated
59Darkarno Zero To HeroArthas-TW34034Not updated
59順圭順圭跳 Zero To HeroArthas-TW34034Not updated
62Zhou Zero To HeroArthas-TW32032Not updated
62Warth Zero To HeroArthas-TW32032Not updated
64冷瞳 Zero To HeroArthas-TW31031Not updated
65相約來生 Zero To HeroArthas-TW25530Not updated
65Devildam Zero To HeroArthas-TW30030Not updated
67黑凰 Zero To HeroArthas-TW171229Not updated
68一定要靠自己 Zero To HeroArthas-TW28028Not updated
69Katiyana Zero To HeroArthas-TW161127Not updated
70可愛一百 Zero To HeroArthas-TW26026Not updated
70榮耀聖語 Zero To HeroArthas-TW21526Not updated
72扛壩子 Zero To HeroArthas-TW24024Not updated
72泰倫萊亞 Zero To HeroArthas-TW24024Not updated
72Persia Zero To HeroArthas-TW24024Not updated
72無極丁力 Zero To HeroArthas-TW121224Not updated
76真勢如破竹 Zero To HeroArthas-TW121123Not updated
76Peteraid Zero To HeroArthas-TW111223Not updated
76流玄德 Zero To HeroArthas-TW23023Not updated
76幸福歸來 Zero To HeroArthas-TW14923Not updated
76星辰小雨 Zero To HeroArthas-TW23023Not updated
81鎧旋 Zero To HeroArthas-TW21021Not updated
81Gonyu Zero To HeroArthas-TW21021Not updated
83爵士奶爸 Zero To HeroArthas-TW19019Not updated
83千水凝冰 Zero To HeroArthas-TW19019Not updated
85艾利卡影刃 Zero To HeroArthas-TW18018Not updated
86七月七日雨 Zero To HeroArthas-TW17017Not updated
87雷薩斯希雅 Zero To HeroArthas-TW15015Not updated
87Bladeer Zero To HeroArthas-TW15015Not updated
87愛我一棒槌 Zero To HeroArthas-TW15015Not updated
87虛假的真相 Zero To HeroArthas-TW15015Not updated
87Diktator Zero To HeroArthas-TW13215Not updated
92我唻整死你菛 Zero To HeroArthas-TW14014Not updated
93泰坦机械 Zero To HeroArthas-TW13013Not updated
93地獄小瀦 Zero To HeroArthas-TW13013Not updated
93血毒 Zero To HeroArthas-TW13013Not updated
93普琳格 Zero To HeroArthas-TW13013Not updated
97時光已逝 Zero To HeroArthas-TW12012Not updated
98Leehomee Zero To HeroArthas-TW11011Not updated
98狼哩個狼 Zero To HeroArthas-TW11011Not updated
98妲臥斯臥爾 Zero To HeroArthas-TW11011Not updated

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