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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-TW Boss Kills
1異形禮 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW492928507779Not updated
2卍飛鳥卍 五木路海七海八北中南縱貫大本營Arthas-TW405613335389Not updated
3菲飛 DisplaceArthas-TW400713635370Not updated
4飛翔 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW374714565203Not updated
5Kirameki Dragon SoulArthas-TW307219805052Not updated
6絕代聖光 MythologyArthas-TW351614554971Not updated
7尋塵淺墨 Eternal FlameArthas-TW346714844951Not updated
8邪釋天 Death InvitationArthas-TW332616124938Not updated
9Arbel 黑執事軍團Arthas-TW324616174863Not updated
10落葉無痕 Dragon SoulArthas-TW280719754782Not updated
11哩細咧跨山小 MythologyArthas-TW365011184768Not updated
12亞那爾斯 愛丟卡慘細Arthas-TW367810704748Not updated
13莎貝 Peace of FormosaArthas-TW331913334652Not updated
14奧古拉爾 我要我們永遠宅一起Arthas-TW352311224645Not updated
15漆黑腳毛 JudgementArthas-TW297416574631Not updated
16達人狂 GladiatorArthas-TW322414004624Not updated
17上官雲 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW301516014616Not updated
18Paladingg Void JokerArthas-TW293615494485Not updated
19Shackle TreasureArthas-TW323512394474Not updated
20瑪仔 白色狂想曲Arthas-TW305213474399Not updated
21紅蓮劫焰 Void JokerArthas-TW309312904383Not updated
22紫青琉 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW335710224379Not updated
23風皇 Honor and FaithArthas-TW34678874354Not updated
24娟娟守護神 Void JokerArthas-TW268515764261Not updated
25微月若雪 Eternal FlameArthas-TW273915054244Not updated
26雷蓮娜 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW276314644227Not updated
27愛天使路西華 巧克力夢想莊園Arthas-TW35446804224Not updated
28白銀月夜 Death InvitationArthas-TW320410174221Not updated
29聖賢者希恩 dangue fireArthas-TW311511044219Not updated
30鬼泣騎士 TreasureArthas-TW312410854209Not updated
31乂眷戀乂 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW280013864186Not updated
32幽魅 JudgementArthas-TW286913114180Not updated
33Wishofpray Finding NeverlandArthas-TW264015304170Not updated
34傷跡 圈圈最口愛Arthas-TW313410024136Not updated
35就叫我笨蛋 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW273913964135Not updated
36Zynffia Dragon SoulArthas-TW205620274083Not updated
37白色阿華田 Void JokerArthas-TW32558034058Not updated
38Zohar 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW299410614055Not updated
39空語 白色之戀Arthas-TW32277954022Not updated
40Bondgirl Peace of FormosaArthas-TW291111004011Not updated
41戀戀瀦 Pact of ShadowArthas-TW223617704006Not updated
42小蓉兒 緋夜Arthas-TW31888154003Not updated
43變了 Peace of FormosaArthas-TW33756233998Not updated
44正豆 Dragon SoulArthas-TW263713563993Not updated
45Happylazy 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW281311773990Not updated
46劉易士 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW32457373982Not updated
47臨明前 黑執事軍團Arthas-TW31617923953Not updated
48綺願星  Arthas-TW288010683948Not updated
49艾麗塔 Void JokerArthas-TW247314663939Not updated
50Xaviere Peace of FormosaArthas-TW271712083925Not updated
51暴走阿李 dangue fireArthas-TW285210553907Not updated
52肋眼血蹄 Dream of eternalArthas-TW272511763901Not updated
53就叫我科科 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW286410253889Not updated
54亡者在現 Finding NeverlandArthas-TW31227533875Not updated
55稻葉浩志 JudgementArthas-TW280010633863Not updated
56星之月光 愛丟卡慘細Arthas-TW32026153817Not updated
57禹甯娜 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW227114993770Not updated
58糯米鹹年糕 FreiheitArthas-TW31016613762Not updated
59黑晝 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW273610073743Not updated
60一口吞天 我要我們永遠宅一起Arthas-TW31625483710Not updated
61六拳神劍修羅 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW30176913708Not updated
62都彭 索蘭尼亞騎士團Arthas-TW28478543701Not updated
63Rurulady Dragon SoulArthas-TW233713463683Not updated
64白髮女 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW258510463631Not updated
65裂爪 白色之戀Arthas-TW29976253622Not updated
66易君塵 JudgementArthas-TW26079953602Not updated
67紫之痕 JudgementArthas-TW246511363601Not updated
68就叫我北鼻 Who is Ur DaddyArthas-TW27068793585Not updated
69可憐的小紅 黑執事軍團Arthas-TW30165583574Not updated
70Chihan Finding NeverlandArthas-TW226213103572Not updated
71帥花 Death InvitationArthas-TW238811833571Not updated
72卍圈圈兒卍 Piece of CakeArthas-TW28517113562Not updated
72空手奪白刃  Arthas-TW29016613562Not updated
74流水蕤子 你獲得了打成就打到被退公會的成就Arthas-TW244011133553Not updated
75宮煌 Pact of ShadowArthas-TW26858673552Not updated
76Wshnte Dragon SoulArthas-TW237611563532Not updated
76景稍 TreasureArthas-TW27198133532Not updated
78Hilda Dragon SoulArthas-TW233911923531Not updated
79紫醉晴靡 傻蛋俱樂部Arthas-TW30065153521Not updated
80空小小 Pact of ShadowArthas-TW28226933515Not updated
81圓圓大小姐  Arthas-TW246110473508Not updated
82道成寺蛇獄 Death InvitationArthas-TW231311773490Not updated
83Leenleen 白色之戀Arthas-TW28196693488Not updated
83淩亂的思緒  Arthas-TW159218963488Not updated
85一葉伊豆 Pact of ShadowArthas-TW202914443473Not updated
86嫵夜 Felice InsiemeArthas-TW29035573460Not updated
87艾莉維亞 Myth of EternityArthas-TW29814783459Not updated
88秋憶楓嵐  Arthas-TW30363903426Not updated
89神之太子 你獲得了打成就打到被退公會的成就Arthas-TW27646483412Not updated
90匹歐西首席 Piece of CakeArthas-TW29005093409Not updated
91小餅餅 Dragon SoulArthas-TW239010153405Not updated
92瘋子小波  Arthas-TW225411433397Not updated
93武侍  Arthas-TW28735213394Not updated
94佐頓庫勒 MURLOCArthas-TW25088793387Not updated
95贏政 傻蛋俱樂部Arthas-TW27865903376Not updated
96謎蝶姬 Peace of FormosaArthas-TW229510723367Not updated
97格拉維斯 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW214512193364Not updated
98社長 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW25148333347Not updated
99Alassra Dragon SoulArthas-TW180015313331Not updated
100小灰  Arthas-TW231310103323Not updated

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