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Argent Dawn-US Boss Kills
1Bevee FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US430714845791
2Elleth Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US412714925619
3Iziel Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US413714695606
4Warwolfe for HordeArgent Dawn-US373116855416
5Wargallow A FortioriArgent Dawn-US367411474821
6Brya Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US328612724558
7Saphrani Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US329412344528
8Etna BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US35259404465
9Marusia Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US332511364461
10Justyna Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US34509444394
11Eillaura Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US33419674308
12Tizaria Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US36476534300
13Tsen BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US35297054234
14Eluniar Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US33098744183
15Ninali Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US308110134094
16Catalyst FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US32956543949
17Tominaetor Death by DesignArgent Dawn-US35243953919
18Mythaniel ArtOMyst DawningArgent Dawn-US34334703903
19Kramix Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US271411323846
20Restomak Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US271210383750
21Pythe House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US33214253746
22Zothlar Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US29557853740
23Udb QualityArgent Dawn-US28139243737
24Picture Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US27079973704
25Tomoe Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US29467363682
26Saritha BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US30775983675
27Tigrao FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US197516873662
28Mobious FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US221714423659
29Golgarax QualityArgent Dawn-US28737693642
30Storath Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US258410463630
30Garfal Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US251511153630
32Evelyndra Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US28716993570Not updated
33Adriana BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US30584643522
34Fearthefrost Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US24849633447
35Vicker ArcLightArgent Dawn-US30184263444
36Dek Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US26267483374
37Kotaro Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US29084643372Not updated
38Bossxut FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US24368673303
39Cincinattus Death by DesignArgent Dawn-US29393223261
40Alß Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US219810533251
40Teev Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US23888633251
42Horngrim Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US24597653224
43Xoinkaera TenaciousArgent Dawn-US22448953139
44Marku FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US23487693117
45Akiseth  Argent Dawn-US24586543112Not updated
46Arilith GameArgent Dawn-US28862153101Not updated
47Aileen House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US26913953086
48Kinral House StalwartArgent Dawn-US27663103076
49Jibbi Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US25874713058Not updated
50Valdy DementedArgent Dawn-US26963603056
51Inflikted  Argent Dawn-US26373923029
52Forra Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US25914353026
53Duckula Lost LegacyArgent Dawn-US26283913019Not updated
54Almalexi BaconArgent Dawn-US20289843012Not updated
55Mingtai Ani AyastigiArgent Dawn-US20769092985
56Baraka Kalimdor Cut ThroatsArgent Dawn-US26453242969Not updated
57Håides FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US21957632958
58Ogion House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US25633882951Not updated
59Jyneth Aerthyrian SovereigntyArgent Dawn-US25274132940
60Hiitachi Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US190710132920
61Airetari Ani AyastigiArgent Dawn-US20448752919
62Nivros BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US24065012907
63Luthane Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US25543472901Not updated
64Baktou Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US22256432868
64Tysent BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US23135552868
66Janimba Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US23754682843
67Odok Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US25482942842
68Romana Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US21237122835Not updated
68Gilyna Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US22176182835
70Nyanz BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US22286042832
71Móntish FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US144213782820
72Barrwin QualityArgent Dawn-US24423722814
73Ozu BaconArgent Dawn-US19048912795Not updated
74Onicorah Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US24463482794
75Yunella BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US23594212780
76Faid Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US21116592770
77Esda Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US23923502742
78Wiseweasel Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US24183132731
78Onchy Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US18518802731
80Giez Aerthyrian SovereigntyArgent Dawn-US23373822719Not updated
81Keishkadin Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US22774342711
82Meebles House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US23273702697
83Djemu  Argent Dawn-US17609192679Not updated
84Kirsdarke  Argent Dawn-US23343282662Not updated
85Hagendaz DevastationArgent Dawn-US19656932658Not updated
86Elvantis Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US20685712639
87Galorit Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US22613762637Not updated
88Malrazor BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US22153932608
89Felorix Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US21804172597
90Shadow  Argent Dawn-US17598362595Not updated
91Silverknight Burnt Out RaidersArgent Dawn-US21384562594
92Poshambo DevastationArgent Dawn-US18817112592Not updated
93Grimwharf DementedArgent Dawn-US20605272587
94Bedford BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US22423432585
95Hanodar Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US155810262584
96Kukuu  Argent Dawn-US24201612581Not updated
97Ashbringer Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US22063722578
98Daken Fates UnforgivenArgent Dawn-US24241532577Not updated
99Cove AreteArgent Dawn-US21204492569Not updated
100Bradaek Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US19915762567

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