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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Argent Dawn-EU Boss Kills
1Sínj Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU393019895919Not updated
2Amirie Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU399613865382
3Chizuko The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU40019474948
4Ðaz ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU377311294902
5Calaron The High GuardArgent Dawn-EU43585174875
6Maximillius The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU37619444705
7Traiaki NagaArgent Dawn-EU39296974626
8Zelcandor ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU342210564478
9Shomru Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU35238744397
10Lince Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU33648674231
11Azjia Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU36235844207
12Taeron StormguardArgent Dawn-EU32108794089
13Evallyn InnovationArgent Dawn-EU36034684071
14Crucifixia Raiders IncArgent Dawn-EU284411213965Not updated
15Asaki ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU250213783880
16Absynthia ProminenceArgent Dawn-EU31996713870Not updated
17Mjalla Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU30817633844
18Madkafka Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU33135133826
19Mirthe ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU30797283807
20Staltar Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU32615413802
21Uzimaki Light in the DarkArgent Dawn-EU29897813770Not updated
22Alirien CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU216515863751
23Reckless Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU27899323721
24Asakí  Argent Dawn-EU234913203669Not updated
25Kiliria Vox TurbaArgent Dawn-EU28967263622
26Akoran RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU29306883618
27Hucknell The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU28027923594
28Tavrick InnovationArgent Dawn-EU29965653561
29Jaqqen Pixel HeroesArgent Dawn-EU220213513553
30Xöjii Atraxian CouncilArgent Dawn-EU30175263543
31Winter The ShadowstalkersArgent Dawn-EU28227133535
32Voisin CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU29495783527Not updated
33Plukette Blackrock Diving SchoolArgent Dawn-EU29125573469
34Quedric MoonlightArgent Dawn-EU31872733460
35Arangast LightArgent Dawn-EU230711513458
36Orcad ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU231411363450
37Tremnei Show Your AllegianceArgent Dawn-EU29295173446
38Zennach Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU27337053438
39Helion  Argent Dawn-EU27596663425Not updated
40Tya The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU24899243413Not updated
41Psychokiler Principal GodsArgent Dawn-EU28075953402
42Igano Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU25977883385Not updated
43Nagual The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU27486353383
44Iraela LightArgent Dawn-EU27236573380Not updated
45Doesnt  Argent Dawn-EU27646093373Not updated
46Nakrul Theramore VanguardArgent Dawn-EU28804753355
47Warfare The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU25967583354
48Dru LightArgent Dawn-EU25817623343
49Synthea InnovationArgent Dawn-EU29453863331
50Skikda The Wyld HuntArgent Dawn-EU23829213303Not updated
51Dranoel  Argent Dawn-EU23699223291Not updated
52Saradain The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU25637193282
53Fenerio The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU220910723281
54Vendraxul DominionArgent Dawn-EU29393353274
55Eikou Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU24578043261Not updated
56Dargen The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU24737663239
57Snabelad The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU24917433234
58Vaeralyn Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU23348823216Not updated
59Lenard The Wyld HuntArgent Dawn-EU23248753199
60Tolaris Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU27444313175
61Langomar CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU24697033172Not updated
62Athariel The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU24826873169
63Nasica  Argent Dawn-EU26265323158Not updated
64Cloudius The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU26984423140
65Temida Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU28502873137
65Demonicd Auroras PromiseArgent Dawn-EU27254123137Not updated
67Arrowdancer Principal GodsArgent Dawn-EU25206143134
68Arudar StormguardArgent Dawn-EU26285023130
69Tachyon CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU24486763124Not updated
70Quatheri LEGITArgent Dawn-EU21849163100Not updated
71Pùffylol GitsArgent Dawn-EU23357533088Not updated
72Occultuso CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU25934893082Not updated
73Tzaphi The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU23876943081
74Zeohn Sanctus ImperiumArgent Dawn-EU27433333076
75Belore  Argent Dawn-EU26164503066Not updated
76Raegon Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU25055193024
77Daphnié Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU21328853017
78Mak TalKraas FangArgent Dawn-EU23876233010
79Grabit PvPArgent Dawn-EU22827233005Not updated
80Calypsis The Vigilant OnesArgent Dawn-EU26753253000Not updated
81Phalek NukezArgent Dawn-EU23866062992Not updated
82Nymue The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU22886992987
83Kazini InnovationArgent Dawn-EU24185682986
84Slowhoof AmentiaArgent Dawn-EU25883962984
85Domidic RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU192610472973
86Myrithi Nomads of TureemArgent Dawn-EU24045642968Not updated
87Hinyhiny  Argent Dawn-EU23366302966Not updated
88Duniates  Argent Dawn-EU23426062948Not updated
89Winterheart The Wyld HuntArgent Dawn-EU23545922946
90Quellar Theramore VanguardArgent Dawn-EU23775642941
91Rota The Wyld HuntArgent Dawn-EU22436912934
92Dawnwriter Angels of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU23645542918Not updated
93Calhanol AmentiaArgent Dawn-EU24254892914
94Solaerias Wardens of ExileArgent Dawn-EU23595452904
95Natae Duskhoof TribeArgent Dawn-EU22796202899
96Spóck VinculumArgent Dawn-EU24574402897
97Yamila Faulty SwitchArgent Dawn-EU25353602895
98Dude Pixel HeroesArgent Dawn-EU19549392893
99Sylfaria DetoxArgent Dawn-EU23185732891
100Cowworth The Final EclipseArgent Dawn-EU21587252883

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