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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Boss Kills
1Blackehart High FiveArea 52-US600222028204Not updated
2Lilgushy Casual AchievementArea 52-US440711315538Not updated
3Roggendorf GiggityArea 52-US316522665431Not updated
4Utherpendrg  Area 52-US344818295277Not updated
5Fnfal Shots FiredArea 52-US355517035258Not updated
6Jedaelm High FiveArea 52-US368614975183Not updated
7Khaila GiggityArea 52-US365415035157Not updated
8Garetjaxx Chocolate Bunny MeltdownArea 52-US391612355151Not updated
9Nakaa Extreme VengeanceArea 52-US42448265070Not updated
10Burnsey LegitimateArea 52-US41738695042Not updated
11Elitesbane Odins Chosen OnesArea 52-US288721165003Not updated
12Slambow Turn Down for WhatArea 52-US383611134949Not updated
13Arranum SolinaraArea 52-US365712654922Not updated
14Lovy Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US383710574894Not updated
15Valrith Death By LagArea 52-US41446664810Not updated
16Minawa Shots FiredArea 52-US374010114751Not updated
17Tølar DamagedArea 52-US361411144728Not updated
18Dopescope Six Beers DeepArea 52-US351411614675Not updated
19Hellreiserr ToastyArea 52-US300416494653Not updated
20Beefyrend FreakshowArea 52-US301616224638Not updated
21Englishdude Mixed SignalsArea 52-US345511384593Not updated
22Sucubuslover  Area 52-US36569304586Not updated
23Zeitgeists UnstableArea 52-US327213014573Not updated
23Monataurm Ladies OnlyArea 52-US326813054573Not updated
25Ursoc Legacy RebornArea 52-US37807784558Not updated
26Bunnychaser Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US237921354514Not updated
27Bloodshred We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US335311114464Not updated
28Zilimir CausticArea 52-US330911384447Not updated
29Kalagren Delicious CakeArea 52-US39274814408Not updated
30Franksredhot  Area 52-US323011734403Not updated
31Kaisse High FiveArea 52-US314312404383Not updated
32Kôrben ArtificeArea 52-US321811124330Not updated
33Rabbitly Tired of DragonsArea 52-US36336784311Not updated
34Tomhanx Legacy RebornArea 52-US311511914306Not updated
35Hellmarch CausticArea 52-US286314334296Not updated
36Canaw Death By LagArea 52-US324310434286Not updated
37Tenna SleepArea 52-US299712644261Not updated
38Bonqueequee SwaggArea 52-US35137344247Not updated
39Vatrilian CausticArea 52-US258516174202Not updated
40Xraus RepriseArea 52-US310510884193Not updated
41Pyrae ExodusArea 52-US308410864170Not updated
42Demonicskull A Coterie Of CasualsArea 52-US33987674165Not updated
43Greywolff GiggityArea 52-US262915324161Not updated
44Amoriar Sick SocietyArea 52-US31639564119Not updated
45Flightpath Chain ReactionArea 52-US269813684066Not updated
46Westte TechniqueArea 52-US31349224056Not updated
47Luneden Get The CartArea 52-US32777764053Not updated
48Bolgard Horde CoreArea 52-US37023424044Not updated
49Ilunne Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US269213394031Not updated
50Asava RetrogradeArea 52-US35434784021Not updated
51Thornsz Extreme VengeanceArea 52-US34545534007Not updated
52Razórs Chain ReactionArea 52-US286411213985Not updated
53Mezasu Shots FiredArea 52-US288510893974Not updated
54Kelthrayden MonolithArea 52-US34125593971Not updated
55Jeanna VindicationArea 52-US34205453965Not updated
56Dyson CausticArea 52-US267612623938Not updated
57Vilesilencer ConvictionArea 52-US32217113932Not updated
58Rikapi Shots FiredArea 52-US288810363924Not updated
59Drakton Dragons FlightArea 52-US185620633919Not updated
60Iot SliverArea 52-US29559583913Not updated
60Eelfyy Shots FiredArea 52-US279711163913Not updated
62Bspec ArtificeArea 52-US281110873898Not updated
63Perigee Chosen ExileArea 52-US28699973866Not updated
64Nacoma Extreme VengeanceArea 52-US32486163864Not updated
65Roxd CausticArea 52-US271311383851Not updated
65Invincibill Stockholm SyndromeArea 52-US32156363851Not updated
67Kalzad SereñityArea 52-US28859623847Not updated
68Ryechu  Area 52-US232815123840Not updated
69Admirin  Area 52-US278310413824Not updated
70Ðd Defiant UnityArea 52-US28739493822Not updated
71Spw Chain ReactionArea 52-US235814373795Not updated
72Cenful  Area 52-US270710833790Not updated
73Sephåroth PotentArea 52-US31716163787Not updated
74Lyim Pleasure and PainArea 52-US28229523774Not updated
74Didymoose Six Beers DeepArea 52-US268410903774Not updated
76Magikal Incandescent DawnArea 52-US31476183765Not updated
77Meerti GiggityArea 52-US28539023755Not updated
78Tewt Ladies OnlyArea 52-US261311383751Not updated
79Kirikae High FiveArea 52-US235613943750Not updated
80Ometeotl UnityArea 52-US33763713747Not updated
81Oombulance ScornArea 52-US217615663742Not updated
82Ilúvatar  Area 52-US31316083739Not updated
83Fitzgerald We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US31126223734Not updated
84Crimsonsaber Common AfflictionArea 52-US29767533729Not updated
85Alanium TechniqueArea 52-US29907363726Not updated
86Naturalborn High FiveArea 52-US33303813711Not updated
87Juztaposed  Area 52-US265410483702Not updated
88Ditka High FiveArea 52-US239212953687Not updated
89Jotaux GiggityArea 52-US196417223686Not updated
90Arkatëkt WreckëdArea 52-US267110113682Not updated
91Xazanghuul Lincoln Wìped On OperaArea 52-US31205613681Not updated
92Absumo Team ShadowknightsArea 52-US250611653671Not updated
93Enlitenme Was HereArea 52-US32454243669Not updated
94Zairy Knights of ArcaniaArea 52-US30106473657Not updated
95Ongorom Sha HappensArea 52-US29876693656Not updated
96Taldará CausticArea 52-US224014143654Not updated
97Xemani ScornArea 52-US245111973648Not updated
98Gelflin  Area 52-US263410063640Not updated
99Madmoose Stockholm SyndromeArea 52-US29856503635Not updated
100Rollkai  Area 52-US262810063634Not updated

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