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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arathi-EU Boss Kills
1Worgesia  Arathi-EU28726903562Not updated
2Lofftar Skill LoadingArathi-EU26756053280Not updated
3Aemaeth PhoeniXiaArathi-EU24423672809Not updated
4Xaemoo NoWayArathi-EU21983142512Not updated
5Patis Psykø FøundatiønArathi-EU21082392347Not updated
6Elfirus Trÿ AgainArathi-EU19583172275Not updated
7Benus  Arathi-EU19003072207Not updated
8Narda HasTinGArathi-EU18393202159Not updated
9Løüløü HasTinGArathi-EU17423582100Not updated
10Madoffi  Arathi-EU1989612050Not updated
11Dalhia  Arathi-EU16334062039Not updated
12Jinxaran  Arathi-EU17102972007Not updated
13Announaki  Arathi-EU17272221949Not updated
14Aùrôrä  Arathi-EU15214071928Not updated
15Tetsualle  Arathi-EU14284381866Not updated
16Kryte  Arathi-EU16691741843Not updated
17Psyroth PhoeniXiaArathi-EU16531771830Not updated
18Coperlyne PhoeniXiaArathi-EU16331471780Not updated
19Corgh Broyeurs De GnômesArathi-EU14742991773Not updated
20Hîggs La Legion ElfiqueArathi-EU12904811771Not updated
21Ellegie NoWayArathi-EU13533961749Not updated
22Diviciacos  Arathi-EU15531871740Not updated
23Fortis PhoeniXiaArathi-EU1619741693Not updated
24Mùgen HordofwarArathi-EU13712641635Not updated
25Housë  Arathi-EU13932411634Not updated
26Grandti  Arathi-EU1494831577Not updated
27Niight  Arathi-EU14161591575Not updated
28Trollorc SphereArathi-EU13062671573Not updated
29Frazir Skill LoadingArathi-EU10964431539Not updated
30Mizura DamnationArathi-EU1428771505Not updated
31Kïshin  Arathi-EU11313691500Not updated
32Discjockey  Arathi-EU10584411499Not updated
33Deathdoras PhoeniXiaArathi-EU13521431495Not updated
34Perrus Breath Of DeathArathi-EU12931921485Not updated
35Dèesse RédemptïonArathi-EU13421401482Not updated
36Gets Broyeurs De GnômesArathi-EU12502221472Not updated
37Dovid Skill LoadingArathi-EU12062541460Not updated
38Deerg Trÿ AgainArathi-EU12581941452Not updated
39Panolero Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU12661821448Not updated
40Palantides Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU11462981444Not updated
41Kamalari PhoeniXiaArathi-EU13071231430Not updated
42Astragæl OurøbørøsArathi-EU11692581427Not updated
43Aurïon NaheulbandArathi-EU12791461425Not updated
44Pücca Roxx and RollArathi-EU12321911423Not updated
45Histugawa  Arathi-EU12451701415Not updated
46Zorgha  Arathi-EU12061831389Not updated
47Zhaadoom  Arathi-EU1338501388Not updated
48Izøka  Arathi-EU11981871385Not updated
49Mutapala Les Derniers TempliersArathi-EU12491341383Not updated
50Lïnae Skill LoadingArathi-EU10692981367Not updated
51Sogekïng  Arathi-EU11661971363Not updated
52Hartéon Trÿ AgainArathi-EU11392141353Not updated
53Paljin PhoeniXiaArathi-EU11182301348Not updated
53Lepetitange Skill LoadingArathi-EU10063421348Not updated
55Wantêd Broyeurs De GnômesArathi-EU11122031315Not updated
56Mørloc PhoeniXiaArathi-EU10332771310Not updated
57Gazone  Arathi-EU11911151306Not updated
58Muzz M A Ð EArathi-EU11351611296Not updated
59Øutblast  Arathi-EU1215741289Not updated
60Oscool Skill LoadingArathi-EU9802911271Not updated
61Hystera InertiaArathi-EU8644041268Not updated
62Fïfoudruide  Arathi-EU11481051253Not updated
63Bäkou NoWayArathi-EU10452041249Not updated
64Zozow Skill LoadingArathi-EU9283151243Not updated
65Sudowoodo  Arathi-EU9423001242Not updated
66Calieris  Arathi-EU1145851230Not updated
67Zanovitch Breath Of DeathArathi-EU10781511229Not updated
68Muju  Arathi-EU1186341220Not updated
69Krokodette  Arathi-EU10511621213Not updated
69Killingzoé wipe is funArathi-EU1165481213Not updated
71Panactis  Arathi-EU1121901211Not updated
72Maêlya La Legion ElfiqueArathi-EU10041961200Not updated
73Ðocc Trÿ AgainArathi-EU1153451198Not updated
74Volus Le Clan Des RastasArathi-EU10891081197Not updated
75Arhia InertiaArathi-EU9192731192Not updated
76Barbuturik Roxx and RollArathi-EU10741121186Not updated
76Myamor killeurArathi-EU10201661186Not updated
78Trukapwals  Arathi-EU10221591181Not updated
79Niniclasse  Arathi-EU1075961171Not updated
80Weedfresh  Arathi-EU9262381164Not updated
81Drekzar  Arathi-EU10201071127Not updated
82Thèk Soa GamingArathi-EU9431771120Not updated
83Xemio  Arathi-EU9701421112Not updated
84Kronic Skill LoadingArathi-EU8762341110Not updated
85Deathluffy  Arathi-EU9311541085Not updated
86Yaro  Arathi-EU9371431080Not updated
87Matrok Broyeurs De GnômesArathi-EU9731011074Not updated
87Décapote  Arathi-EU8622121074Not updated
89Naidarim EnjøyArathi-EU1001721073Not updated
90Aélita  Arathi-EU999651064Not updated
91Kirã HordofwarArathi-EU8182431061Not updated
92Elues Phalanges de LunedargentArathi-EU8412191060Not updated
93Rutilus Les Tigres De GuerreArathi-EU1008481056Not updated
93Othonn  Arathi-EU8452111056Not updated
95Hàsh les héritiers d UtopiaArathi-EU9531011054Not updated
96Ärwen DJYV TeamArathi-EU7343191053Not updated
97Eldaril  Arathi-EU7413111052Not updated
97Warriørette  Arathi-EU1034181052Not updated
99Dakkôn Les Derniers TempliersArathi-EU9381101048Not updated
100Gøsa  Arathi-EU958881046Not updated

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