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Aerie Peak-US Boss Kills
1Eneia AloneAerie Peak-US402624296455
2Illeyna  Aerie Peak-US42009545154
3Ranikotar AloneAerie Peak-US285119364787
4Usha Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US38329534785
5Faiboy OutlandersAerie Peak-US38708744744
6Cloveresque AloneAerie Peak-US259021214711
7Zamboozle AloneAerie Peak-US271119154626
8Rabbimoses Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US37758284603
9Durly Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US328512614546
10Bloodberry AloneAerie Peak-US332311784501
11Xaberier My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US38356654500
12Rachel AloneAerie Peak-US324012004440
13Shavok AloneAerie Peak-US331010694379
14Jeffdaheff My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US34708484318
15Keyvon Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US34278004227
16Tymaishu Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US34146754089
17Tyrael Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US280012084008
18Stano Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US32047403944
19Holybee Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US30918233914
20Hiricine AloneAerie Peak-US231715883905
21Kat AloneAerie Peak-US216316983861
22Trigor UnrivaledAerie Peak-US29168253741
23Flynnt AloneAerie Peak-US254311653708Not updated
24Advo AloneAerie Peak-US241212933705
25Sabri Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US33073513658
26Murdertramp Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US32094403649
27Kenny AloneAerie Peak-US260210363638
28Bearnakked InsanityAerie Peak-US26009583558
29Kaylii AloneAerie Peak-US209214653557
30Lostblades AloneAerie Peak-US238111303511Not updated
31Snozberries My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US28606093469
32Jeco Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US30354283463
33Lianailyn Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US28465663412
34Jacksavage  Aerie Peak-US25938113404Not updated
35Apples AloneAerie Peak-US28495453394
36Bdf AloneAerie Peak-US29783993377Not updated
37Yestheydo  Aerie Peak-US29324363368Not updated
38Reighton InvictusAerie Peak-US28035443347
39Shpadoink Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US26446603304
40Alevander  Aerie Peak-US226910303299Not updated
41Legnadercas Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US24798023281
42Vslayer The Crimson KnightsAerie Peak-US3238373275
43Rovayne AloneAerie Peak-US218210893271
44Whô  Aerie Peak-US28613923253
45Cybeloras ParagønAerie Peak-US23628493211Not updated
46Pshift Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US216510443209
47Altonas InsanityAerie Peak-US27844223206Not updated
48Adianar Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US24807103190
49Lethiaa AloneAerie Peak-US21979763173
50Bieke Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US24676913158
51Evellynn Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US28503033153
52Doublebubble The SeraphimAerie Peak-US25376083145Not updated
53Kurtles AloneAerie Peak-US208410553139
54Babycrafting ArcticAerie Peak-US23417873128
55Zensifuliren Nice CritzAerie Peak-US26474803127
56Wickedess UnrivaledAerie Peak-US25945053099
57Soupy PeachesAerie Peak-US22358533088Not updated
58Treid AloneAerie Peak-US173113523083
59Angermage Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US24096473056
60Rikà Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US25455053050
61Elloria The SeraphimAerie Peak-US21588843042
62Tibberia AloneAerie Peak-US22118283039
63Serendipty My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US26174183035
64Nazuvious AloneAerie Peak-US182811853013
65Chupac Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US27852233008
66Tixie  Aerie Peak-US20829213003Not updated
67Aurar PeachesAerie Peak-US24425552997
68Silverz My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US25574392996
69Oyi Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US26952882983
70Tahlos AloneAerie Peak-US178611962982Not updated
71Megabat InsanityAerie Peak-US21708052975
72Sou Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US25673972964
73Mangeycroket AloneAerie Peak-US161013422952
74Jessy My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US23945562950
75Ronninn Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US24434962939
76Milk AloneAerie Peak-US174111962937
77Karrun InsanityAerie Peak-US22686552923Not updated
78Simplèjack  Aerie Peak-US24324752907Not updated
79Jerryrice OrionAerie Peak-US25713342905Not updated
80Épia My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US22186852903Not updated
81Skythorn Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US25313712902
82Novashark X RaidedAerie Peak-US26652302895
83Felecia EndureAerie Peak-US26512422893
84Chemicell Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US24764122888
85Kuriandus Stack for PoundAerie Peak-US24664152881Not updated
86Venom The SeraphimAerie Peak-US24174602877
86Gabirel Brutal NoodlesAerie Peak-US25832942877
88Setic Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US22596062865
89Bloodzone Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US24983622860
90Bigworm PeachesAerie Peak-US23355072842
91Deadlydreams Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US26821512833
92Lardeñ Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US25562582814
93Morace PeachesAerie Peak-US23154892804
94Warenpeace InsanityAerie Peak-US21176842801
95Soolrush UnrivaledAerie Peak-US21626332795
96Loquacious Training WheelsAerie Peak-US21286652793
97Vêx AloneAerie Peak-US176010192779
98Julí Metal Wielding ManiacsAerie Peak-US24283472775
98Hellgoddess InsanityAerie Peak-US22245512775
100Uziga UprisingAerie Peak-US19038672770Not updated

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