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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nathrezim-EU Boss Kills
1Animositi set sail for failNathrezim-EU352726656192Not updated
2Togi set sail for failNathrezim-EU355423835937Not updated
3Kataraqz set sail for failNathrezim-EU257926275206Not updated
4Nagso set sail for failNathrezim-EU285218414693Not updated
5Keqz set sail for failNathrezim-EU215024684618Not updated
6Donodan set sail for failNathrezim-EU271518614576Not updated
7Nuncaa set sail for failNathrezim-EU217123244495Not updated
8Seriv set sail for failNathrezim-EU282415444368Not updated
9Ruzzlefuzzle set sail for failNathrezim-EU237417524126Not updated
10Câne set sail for failNathrezim-EU235916343993Not updated
11Sastron set sail for failNathrezim-EU275311513904Not updated
12Certaz set sail for failNathrezim-EU252212893811Not updated
13Mefailz set sail for failNathrezim-EU202716403667Not updated
14Raiya set sail for failNathrezim-EU233110803411Not updated
15Gorgil set sail for failNathrezim-EU145317343187Not updated
16Lostprophêt set sail for failNathrezim-EU211610573173Not updated
17Ashqaya set sail for failNathrezim-EU143316973130Not updated
18Gronec set sail for failNathrezim-EU130918073116Not updated
19Landré set sail for failNathrezim-EU163513402975Not updated
20Stronzium set sail for failNathrezim-EU106219122974Not updated
21Praystation set sail for failNathrezim-EU20309052935Not updated
22Ceraron set sail for failNathrezim-EU177211612933Not updated
22Animhoos set sail for failNathrezim-EU174511882933Not updated
24Shadowseeker set sail for failNathrezim-EU18399582797Not updated
25Laidback set sail for failNathrezim-EU21026172719Not updated
26Grimcow set sail for failNathrezim-EU16568962552Not updated
27Whisperheal set sail for failNathrezim-EU16968242520Not updated
28Alleyne set sail for failNathrezim-EU17177402457Not updated
29Raiox set sail for failNathrezim-EU120710592266Not updated
30Fearings set sail for failNathrezim-EU42417632187Not updated
31Zaljim set sail for failNathrezim-EU16554862141Not updated
32Nyzumi set sail for failNathrezim-EU11488762024Not updated
33Xeek set sail for failNathrezim-EU56914021971Not updated
34Apathetic set sail for failNathrezim-EU14923851877Not updated
35Eirenia set sail for failNathrezim-EU64712281875Not updated
36Natezz set sail for failNathrezim-EU70411091813Not updated
37Soudi set sail for failNathrezim-EU76110401801Not updated
38Lean set sail for failNathrezim-EU48213031785Not updated
39Awesomepe set sail for failNathrezim-EU59211591751Not updated
40Xyren set sail for failNathrezim-EU9816481629Not updated
41Pistolpia set sail for failNathrezim-EU11764511627Not updated
42Ruzzlefazzle set sail for failNathrezim-EU9246881612Not updated
43Zänky set sail for failNathrezim-EU9496291578Not updated
44Pazze set sail for failNathrezim-EU6059391544Not updated
45Valfar set sail for failNathrezim-EU29812021500Not updated
46Nisor set sail for failNathrezim-EU10173971414Not updated
47Grimkeg set sail for failNathrezim-EU23811131351Not updated
48Elladriell set sail for failNathrezim-EU6257031328Not updated
49Snowrlyqt set sail for failNathrezim-EU5207821302Not updated
50Katarah set sail for failNathrezim-EU7165701286Not updated
51Ruzzletonk set sail for failNathrezim-EU19310861279Not updated
52Enolie set sail for failNathrezim-EU10592161275Not updated
53Togy set sail for failNathrezim-EU6985511249Not updated
54Natezzy set sail for failNathrezim-EU5836541237Not updated
55Ryvv set sail for failNathrezim-EU4807561236Not updated
56Xoiar set sail for failNathrezim-EU8074231230Not updated
57Estinien set sail for failNathrezim-EU10371831220Not updated
58Anouq set sail for failNathrezim-EU6565101166Not updated
59Draus set sail for failNathrezim-EU5326111143Not updated
60Smokeryoyo set sail for failNathrezim-EU3747251099Not updated
61Asuna set sail for failNathrezim-EU2048881092Not updated
62Koqz set sail for failNathrezim-EU5674351002Not updated
63Ceranyr set sail for failNathrezim-EU489505994Not updated
64Xyrenshaman set sail for failNathrezim-EU314607921Not updated
65Ilaý set sail for failNathrezim-EU703197900Not updated
66Ratzlfatzl set sail for failNathrezim-EU389491880Not updated
67Foalin set sail for failNathrezim-EU77893871Not updated
68Mestabz set sail for failNathrezim-EU481296777Not updated
69Barely set sail for failNathrezim-EU495270765Not updated
69Tetania set sail for failNathrezim-EU207558765Not updated
71Elagoeson set sail for failNathrezim-EU200535735Not updated
72Jinzoh set sail for failNathrezim-EU602121723Not updated
73Asùna set sail for failNathrezim-EU400318718Not updated
74Malsum set sail for failNathrezim-EU552136688Not updated
75Schaefchen set sail for failNathrezim-EU59179670Not updated
76Lìnera set sail for failNathrezim-EU56897665Not updated
77Necnec set sail for failNathrezim-EU406233639Not updated
78Scashshaman set sail for failNathrezim-EU393241634Not updated
79Lilis set sail for failNathrezim-EU481146627Not updated
80Volothamp set sail for failNathrezim-EU60619625Not updated
81Xyrendruid set sail for failNathrezim-EU245357602Not updated
81Captnstabbin set sail for failNathrezim-EU6020602Not updated
83Katarow set sail for failNathrezim-EU200400600Not updated
84Paracletus set sail for failNathrezim-EU175422597Not updated
85Kamisama set sail for failNathrezim-EU53952591Not updated
86Zwen set sail for failNathrezim-EU50683589Not updated
87Lockrenia set sail for failNathrezim-EU201380581Not updated
88Meflayz set sail for failNathrezim-EU418154572Not updated
89Nancu set sail for failNathrezim-EU418145563Not updated
89Zeek set sail for failNathrezim-EU269294563Not updated
91Svág set sail for failNathrezim-EU165387552Not updated
92Ryv set sail for failNathrezim-EU327223550Not updated
93Mullen set sail for failNathrezim-EU332191523Not updated
94Mogna set sail for failNathrezim-EU42398521Not updated
95Ragor set sail for failNathrezim-EU189306495Not updated
96Drfailz set sail for failNathrezim-EU326154480Not updated
97Lasandor set sail for failNathrezim-EU186291477Not updated
98Kaast set sail for failNathrezim-EU342120462Not updated
98Eireniajr set sail for failNathrezim-EU175287462Not updated
100Nerdynurse set sail for failNathrezim-EU276185461Not updated

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