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Korgath-US Boss Kills
1Pheex Vis MajorKorgath-US23745872961Not updated
2Hairalx Vis MajorKorgath-US19065322438Not updated
3Steups Vis MajorKorgath-US15533141867
4Rawwdog Vis MajorKorgath-US14402041644Not updated
5Basscreator Vis MajorKorgath-US13711911562Not updated
6Hameringtroy Vis MajorKorgath-US12251781403
7Hypnotitz Vis MajorKorgath-US11021351237Not updated
8Mughor Vis MajorKorgath-US9591091068
9Hellbass Vis MajorKorgath-US94422966Not updated
10Xúni Vis MajorKorgath-US784163947Not updated
11Egeaux Vis MajorKorgath-US88258940Not updated
12Rizent Vis MajorKorgath-US88546931Not updated
13Ments Vis MajorKorgath-US751133884Not updated
14Truegazm Vis MajorKorgath-US72949778Not updated
15Lunakoi Vis MajorKorgath-US66839707Not updated
16Crunktotem Vis MajorKorgath-US61259671Not updated
17Mayura Vis MajorKorgath-US59377670
18Efektive Vis MajorKorgath-US6515656Not updated
19Debrawhitman Vis MajorKorgath-US489159648Not updated
20Noobslayer Vis MajorKorgath-US519125644Not updated
21Pallystrasza Vis MajorKorgath-US54165606Not updated
22Ted Vis MajorKorgath-US58512597Not updated
23Kittyclap Vis MajorKorgath-US472104576Not updated
24Oreó Vis MajorKorgath-US46783550Not updated
25Craelheroth Vis MajorKorgath-US46940509Not updated
26Fupataptap Vis MajorKorgath-US48810498Not updated
27Lonwolf Vis MajorKorgath-US38672458
28Vorkheals Vis MajorKorgath-US42918447
29Fuarkxoxo Vis MajorKorgath-US41317430Not updated
30Mishun Vis MajorKorgath-US3885393Not updated
31Valexea Vis MajorKorgath-US34723370
32Gunnolfz Vis MajorKorgath-US3384342Not updated
33Blackmoth Vis MajorKorgath-US32411335
34Gizuss Vis MajorKorgath-US3321333Not updated
35Panika Vis MajorKorgath-US30418322Not updated
36Eloisa Vis MajorKorgath-US26514279Not updated
37Senswi Vis MajorKorgath-US2645269
37Hámmertyme Vis MajorKorgath-US2672269
39Dynastys Vis MajorKorgath-US22048268Not updated
40Charleymrphy Vis MajorKorgath-US23333266Not updated
41Thanatôs Vis MajorKorgath-US2650265Not updated
42Banguskahn Vis MajorKorgath-US2590259Not updated
43Eulã Vis MajorKorgath-US2520252Not updated
44Pinoywarrior Vis MajorKorgath-US21140251
45Mousefeet Vis MajorKorgath-US22118239Not updated
46Junglebeatz Vis MajorKorgath-US2350235Not updated
46Hardclasscya Vis MajorKorgath-US20827235Not updated
48Yuul Vis MajorKorgath-US2198227Not updated
49Mowf Vis MajorKorgath-US20015215Not updated
50Nappamage Vis MajorKorgath-US15841199Not updated
51Jaytap Vis MajorKorgath-US1930193Not updated
52Haugs Vis MajorKorgath-US16616182Not updated
53Samujier Vis MajorKorgath-US15718175Not updated
54Kruma Vis MajorKorgath-US1672169
55Bsalts Vis MajorKorgath-US1625167
56Tanovahqtx Vis MajorKorgath-US1631164Not updated
57Diiablo Vis MajorKorgath-US13320153Not updated
58Zo Vis MajorKorgath-US1444148Not updated
58Baragan Vis MajorKorgath-US12721148Not updated
60Khrum Vis MajorKorgath-US1450145
61Revengè Vis MajorKorgath-US1384142Not updated
62Naturedude Vis MajorKorgath-US1340134Not updated
63Dipndotss Vis MajorKorgath-US8348131
64Totwisted Vis MajorKorgath-US1241125Not updated
65Psylocybin Vis MajorKorgath-US1177124Not updated
66Superswifty Vis MajorKorgath-US1191120
67Woppler Vis MajorKorgath-US1130113Not updated
68Geneijin Vis MajorKorgath-US1111112Not updated
69Nelfdruidqt Vis MajorKorgath-US1091110Not updated
70Watt Vis MajorKorgath-US1054109Not updated
71Seratedblade Vis MajorKorgath-US1060106Not updated
72Riptits Vis MajorKorgath-US7230102Not updated
73Aard Vis MajorKorgath-US841498Not updated
74Chééch Vis MajorKorgath-US92597Not updated
75Synnergy Vis MajorKorgath-US821092Not updated
76Cørrupt Vis MajorKorgath-US91091Not updated
76Bicboy Vis MajorKorgath-US801191Not updated
78Mioqt Vis MajorKorgath-US87087Not updated
79Goozoo Vis MajorKorgath-US681179Not updated
80Kujen Vis MajorKorgath-US76278Not updated
81Blåckout Vis MajorKorgath-US73073Not updated
82Myiz Vis MajorKorgath-US65267
83Klityeaswood Vis MajorKorgath-US66066Not updated
83Yiruki Vis MajorKorgath-US66066Not updated
85Phluxy Vis MajorKorgath-US61364Not updated
86Revengé Vis MajorKorgath-US511061Not updated
86Unbreakablë Vis MajorKorgath-US61061Not updated
86Kustom Vis MajorKorgath-US441761Not updated
89Korindoom Vis MajorKorgath-US441660Not updated
89Firaeveus Vis MajorKorgath-US60060Not updated
91Layonthese Vis MajorKorgath-US56359Not updated
92Râmune Vis MajorKorgath-US58058Not updated
92Khemistry Vis MajorKorgath-US57158
92Sybereius Vis MajorKorgath-US57158Not updated
95Heavycalves Vis MajorKorgath-US50757Not updated
96Ctz Vis MajorKorgath-US431053Not updated
97Swaggchamp Vis MajorKorgath-US51051Not updated
98Frostyle Vis MajorKorgath-US50050
99Coldcruiser Vis MajorKorgath-US232548Not updated
100Uperqunt Vis MajorKorgath-US42547Not updated

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