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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Doomhammer-EU Boss Kills
1Xfanta The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU14171871604Not updated
2Kathla The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU10801471227Not updated
3Tiael The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU8612181079Not updated
4Ston The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1022201042Not updated
5Gandlann The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU97515990Not updated
6Silverfox The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU94622968Not updated
7Samarion The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU690151841Not updated
8Thundergodz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU72869797Not updated
9Pyrhena The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU6526658Not updated
10Ofwolfandman The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU51975594Not updated
11Cirno The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU55712569Not updated
12Dogmeatman The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU43568503Not updated
13Totum The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU49010500Not updated
14Awech The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU4930493Not updated
15Mashu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU41366479Not updated
16Fuddyduddy The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU44928477Not updated
17Guð The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU38517402Not updated
18Furion The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU37425399Not updated
19Xabbu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU37321394Not updated
20Powerline The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU30978387Not updated
21Malthred The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU29563358Not updated
21Mangelita The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3499358Not updated
23Bunkzì The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3427349Not updated
24Tritan The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU3219330Not updated
25Tedith The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU28344327Not updated
26Rhinoa The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU24254296Not updated
27Whoopsey The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU19864262Not updated
28Aimonme The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU24714261Not updated
29Záruni The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2533256Not updated
30Galai The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU23512247Not updated
31Hogvonsparkx The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU23511246Not updated
32Asupera The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU21129240Not updated
33Halinor The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU18350233Not updated
34Taxer The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU19236228Not updated
35Rhal The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU21611227Not updated
36Lilifae The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2222224Not updated
36Giggilebiz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU20024224Not updated
38Predatorwolf The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU19327220Not updated
39Essencetaker The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU20117218Not updated
39Ladoon The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU19127218Not updated
41Scrumpyjoe The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU20017217Not updated
42Zoráz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU20114215Not updated
43Stephÿ The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU2047211Not updated
44Ugoagogo The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU18029209Not updated
45Holoman The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1999208Not updated
46Warme The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU14254196Not updated
47Lylitu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU17317190Not updated
48Fitzroyal The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1863189Not updated
49Kenjico The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU16716183Not updated
50Dog The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU16912181Not updated
51Shímota The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU11455169Not updated
52Aisy The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU14914163Not updated
52Airani The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU13924163Not updated
52Dreemz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU10855163Not updated
55Federal The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1610161Not updated
56Apocaluna The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU13918157Not updated
57Patje The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU12627153Not updated
58Goldlilly The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU10633139Not updated
59Elaruna The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1350135Not updated
60Pertu The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU11221133Not updated
61Foxfur The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1300130Not updated
62Tubben The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU10124125Not updated
63Zuzie The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1211122Not updated
63Iridari The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU9527122Not updated
63Smutsig The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU7745122Not updated
63Brightscales The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1211122Not updated
67Warrkus The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1129121Not updated
68Pallis The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1181119Not updated
68Cococola The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1190119Not updated
70Kaetlin The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1081109Not updated
71Poochey The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU1070107Not updated
72Zaij The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU7429103Not updated
73Vrome The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU97198Not updated
74Gigglebuzz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU811495Not updated
75Tomelietee The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU87592Not updated
75Ragnarrók The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU87592Not updated
75Bobajob The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU92092Not updated
78Darkndspirit The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU781290Not updated
79Totums The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU781088Not updated
80Leonhartt The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU83487Not updated
80Heartseek The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU711687Not updated
82Lillesatan The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU86086Not updated
82Khristos The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU86086Not updated
82Chiekkun The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU543286Not updated
85Sparklies The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU84084Not updated
86Desso The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU78583Not updated
87Klaunkutz The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU81182Not updated
88Forgotenmonk The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU671279
89Tha The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU324577Not updated
90Neall The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU74276Not updated
91Silvesa The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU74074Not updated
92Pathunt The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU70171Not updated
93Giilnid The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU70070Not updated
94Ceraquil The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU69069Not updated
94Jexoq The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU561369Not updated
96Almeron The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU68068Not updated
97Rogueje The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU64165Not updated
98Luttvik The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU521264Not updated
99Balorn The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU61061Not updated
99Kilallius The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU59261Not updated

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