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Anub'arak-EU Boss Kills
1Môkkî The GuardsAnub'arak-EU16423732015Not updated
2 The GuardsAnub'arak-EU10931361229Not updated
3Inflâmês The GuardsAnub'arak-EU874123997Not updated
4Rubyflame The GuardsAnub'arak-EU717131848Not updated
5Kushiel The GuardsAnub'arak-EU716111827Not updated
6Perci The GuardsAnub'arak-EU77531806Not updated
7Madbutcher The GuardsAnub'arak-EU643129772Not updated
8Zeiko The GuardsAnub'arak-EU71251763Not updated
9Todesente The GuardsAnub'arak-EU59195686Not updated
10Netherwolf The GuardsAnub'arak-EU62540665Not updated
11Snowwhíte The GuardsAnub'arak-EU61524639Not updated
12Roganus The GuardsAnub'arak-EU57549624Not updated
13Ayomil The GuardsAnub'arak-EU56544609Not updated
14Cryptia The GuardsAnub'arak-EU5984602Not updated
15Netherdrûy The GuardsAnub'arak-EU51643559Not updated
16Cilja The GuardsAnub'arak-EU4297436Not updated
17Momuth The GuardsAnub'arak-EU41817435Not updated
18Volcan The GuardsAnub'arak-EU31766383Not updated
19Pnotic The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3770377Not updated
20Tekytekek The GuardsAnub'arak-EU33535370Not updated
21Mêgadeth The GuardsAnub'arak-EU29960359Not updated
22Neopyhte The GuardsAnub'arak-EU3381339Not updated
23Kanisha The GuardsAnub'arak-EU28831319Not updated
24Kashia The GuardsAnub'arak-EU26011271Not updated
25Hammerfàll The GuardsAnub'arak-EU25315268Not updated
26Silina The GuardsAnub'arak-EU21945264Not updated
27Asmodera The GuardsAnub'arak-EU22821249Not updated
28Eccozeus The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2394243Not updated
28Sôilwôrk The GuardsAnub'arak-EU22221243Not updated
30Páralyse The GuardsAnub'arak-EU21818236Not updated
31Allakhazham The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2305235Not updated
32Katelynn The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2340234Not updated
32Kenshura The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2268234Not updated
34Tyrdrazul The GuardsAnub'arak-EU2138221Not updated
35Melphista The GuardsAnub'arak-EU19714211Not updated
35Zjk The GuardsAnub'arak-EU17239211Not updated
37Caio The GuardsAnub'arak-EU17224196Not updated
38Lunnater The GuardsAnub'arak-EU14736183Not updated
39Crúsch The GuardsAnub'arak-EU16012172Not updated
40Horrorbash The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1656171Not updated
41Anelti The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1680168Not updated
42Ðedbeast The GuardsAnub'arak-EU14620166Not updated
43Bêhîndyôu The GuardsAnub'arak-EU10456160Not updated
44Azeon The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1533156Not updated
45Exumer The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1433146Not updated
46Terrorclaw The GuardsAnub'arak-EU9929128Not updated
47Calypsø The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1177124Not updated
48Teroduk The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1220122Not updated
49Despérado The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1152117Not updated
50Kenir The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1046110Not updated
51Kamak The GuardsAnub'arak-EU1010101Not updated
51Rastok The GuardsAnub'arak-EU8516101Not updated
53Suffocation The GuardsAnub'arak-EU89897Not updated
54Dartok The GuardsAnub'arak-EU93093Not updated
55Liviaa The GuardsAnub'arak-EU761490Not updated
56Cowabanga The GuardsAnub'arak-EU85287Not updated
57Norlén The GuardsAnub'arak-EU70575Not updated
58Ruhestoerer The GuardsAnub'arak-EU63871Not updated
59Tyyra The GuardsAnub'arak-EU64468Not updated
60Chrisella The GuardsAnub'arak-EU62466Not updated
61Alûmin The GuardsAnub'arak-EU65065Not updated
62Akronym The GuardsAnub'arak-EU63164Not updated
62Redbullt The GuardsAnub'arak-EU60464Not updated
64Whîplash The GuardsAnub'arak-EU56561Not updated
65Ertâx The GuardsAnub'arak-EU55358Not updated
66Mîsha The GuardsAnub'arak-EU53356Not updated
67Frostlotuz The GuardsAnub'arak-EU52052Not updated
67Risuion The GuardsAnub'arak-EU52052Not updated
67Clubfreak The GuardsAnub'arak-EU49352Not updated
70Platinos The GuardsAnub'arak-EU48149Not updated
70Naaruk The GuardsAnub'arak-EU45449Not updated
72Seloex The GuardsAnub'arak-EU44246Not updated
73Josyphine The GuardsAnub'arak-EU40545Not updated
74Failorz The GuardsAnub'arak-EU43144Not updated
75Exxodus The GuardsAnub'arak-EU36036Not updated
76Sentlock The GuardsAnub'arak-EU32335Not updated
77Melaria The GuardsAnub'arak-EU34034Not updated
78Sologirl The GuardsAnub'arak-EU30030Not updated
79Crasscore The GuardsAnub'arak-EU21829Not updated
80Melyîa The GuardsAnub'arak-EU28028Not updated
81Asmordena The GuardsAnub'arak-EU26026Not updated
82Caiona The GuardsAnub'arak-EU25025Not updated
82Mapsy The GuardsAnub'arak-EU25025Not updated
82Snòòpy The GuardsAnub'arak-EU121325Not updated
85Cybrîs The GuardsAnub'arak-EU23023Not updated
85Xertanus The GuardsAnub'arak-EU23023Not updated
87Kalaan The GuardsAnub'arak-EU22022Not updated
88Graagh The GuardsAnub'arak-EU21021Not updated
89Heysinde The GuardsAnub'arak-EU19019Not updated
89Luckystrìkè The GuardsAnub'arak-EU18119Not updated
91Asmordera The GuardsAnub'arak-EU18018Not updated
91Schoggibär The GuardsAnub'arak-EU18018Not updated
91Syntiâ The GuardsAnub'arak-EU18018Not updated
94Manakeks The GuardsAnub'arak-EU17017Not updated
94Drborderline The GuardsAnub'arak-EU17017Not updated
96Vancrox The GuardsAnub'arak-EU61016Not updated
97Nácho The GuardsAnub'arak-EU11011Not updated
98Kamikatzé The GuardsAnub'arak-EU808Not updated
98Selvirâ The GuardsAnub'arak-EU358Not updated
100Ukada The GuardsAnub'arak-EU527Not updated

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