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Thunderhorn-EU Boss Kills
1Ellgar The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU16873512038
2Maboriel The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU14933161809
3Denebalgedi The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU14173571774
4Corleonis The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU11524011553
5Enarmain The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU12702371507
6Oriel The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU11463141460
7Lapadinka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU9751271102
8Bodas The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU8622061068
9Alyssra The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU7702561026
10Poldecák The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU716182898Not updated
11Protman The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU70744751Not updated
12Oldcrow The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU425206631
13Stará The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU54084624
14Mateset The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU55833591Not updated
15Proty The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU50981590Not updated
16Huricaner The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU451136587
17Armaghios The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU5617568
18Bighell The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU45285537
19Klaticka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU45727484
20Prytank The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU44720467
21Doprovod The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU43032462
22Kacoper The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU42634460
23Schyza The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU36960429
24Wurgi The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU36154415
25Bhaalinecka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU34364407
26Enarr The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU38016396
27Imogine The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU37914393Not updated
28Pobehlica The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU33845383
29Xaranea The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU243137380
30Saifa The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU30069369
31Sussie The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU30935344
32Enarona The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU32914343Not updated
33Zorzanus The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU217122339
34Svekra The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU3311332
35Xenocidus The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU26523288
36Wolfire The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU2780278
37Krtson The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU23619255
38Verdantine The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU130122252
39Pasi The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU2326238
40Astrixia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU13996235
41Enarin The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU2049213
42Divicia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU16910179
43Bhaalus The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1731174Not updated
44Malakai The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU13522157Not updated
45Wolfajs The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1470147
45Poistka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1461147
47Duranda The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU12717144
48Kuvik The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1348142
49Grayfang The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU12216138Not updated
50Sadika The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU10926135
51Terrá The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1340134Not updated
51Kornélia The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU12410134
53Sargok The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1290129
54Mannimarco The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1270127
55Lelloo The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU11015125Not updated
56Felixa The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1230123
57Nenenerobo The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1160116Not updated
58Mory The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU9117108Not updated
59Atelerix The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU1060106
60Lexaurin The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU6340103Not updated
61Kregka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU92092
61Sandallopez The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU92092
63Miang The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU91091Not updated
64Amariell The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU424890
65Duriswina The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU87289Not updated
66Mikeezz The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU84084Not updated
67Smoras The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU71475
67Honzis The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU581775Not updated
69Istaria The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU74074
70Smudl The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU70272Not updated
71Stormtank The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU69069
72Jestarek The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU491362Not updated
73Thrylania The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU60161
74Xuen The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU332457Not updated
75Azuritka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU49554Not updated
75Luciféria The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU431154
75Sandalos The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU54054
75Oldcrown The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU54054
79Protmanka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU401252Not updated
80Friton The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU34851
81Elfkam The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU50050Not updated
81Vejcman The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU50050Not updated
83Líradel The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU48048Not updated
84Mizeria The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU281947Not updated
84Pjurinka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU47047Not updated
86Pterodaktyl The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU45045Not updated
87Enaron The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU44044Not updated
87Jurauhni The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU331144
89Muar The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU41041
90Sonkadrobcek The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU271340Not updated
91Turrican The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU39039Not updated
92Nenerobik The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU32537Not updated
93Atum The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU36036
93Kostolnik The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU32436
95Máánicka The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU33033Not updated
96Masaker The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU141832Not updated
97Cordraconis The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU191231
97Gylien The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU24731
99Lanmuvar The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU22830Not updated
100Plankton The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU29029

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