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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nazjatar-EU Boss Kills
1Fabler The DawNNazjatar-EU15063951901Not updated
2Saintknight The DawNNazjatar-EU14003731773Not updated
3Ooqi The DawNNazjatar-EU11234671590Not updated
4Dunkelstern The DawNNazjatar-EU10594961555Not updated
5Chivalry The DawNNazjatar-EU13101501460Not updated
6Av The DawNNazjatar-EU13001391439Not updated
7Vannile The DawNNazjatar-EU10033321335Not updated
8Blitzhack The DawNNazjatar-EU7264321158Not updated
9Pitbabi The DawNNazjatar-EU7543861140Not updated
10Gabbi The DawNNazjatar-EU1034701104Not updated
11Hunmil The DawNNazjatar-EU6984011099Not updated
12Newolc The DawNNazjatar-EU7682851053Not updated
13Rotnase The DawNNazjatar-EU840122962Not updated
14Amme The DawNNazjatar-EU86650916Not updated
15Jocy The DawNNazjatar-EU753101854Not updated
16Dummsupermt The DawNNazjatar-EU602230832Not updated
17Season The DawNNazjatar-EU635192827Not updated
18Rongrong The DawNNazjatar-EU573215788Not updated
19Xiaohei The DawNNazjatar-EU7802782Not updated
20Darkms The DawNNazjatar-EU549216765Not updated
21Teacup The DawNNazjatar-EU441275716Not updated
22Bigmimi The DawNNazjatar-EU403267670Not updated
23Meineu The DawNNazjatar-EU62223645Not updated
24Eisenkopf The DawNNazjatar-EU62810638Not updated
25Polonie The DawNNazjatar-EU54487631Not updated
26Yipe The DawNNazjatar-EU513113626Not updated
27Carbery The DawNNazjatar-EU59029619Not updated
28Wynnm The DawNNazjatar-EU441175616Not updated
29Kawi The DawNNazjatar-EU59617613Not updated
30Illuminàti The DawNNazjatar-EU421160581Not updated
31Imsorry The DawNNazjatar-EU367212579Not updated
32Shuobaoer The DawNNazjatar-EU422144566Not updated
33Arthuss The DawNNazjatar-EU460103563Not updated
34Kuainan The DawNNazjatar-EU424136560Not updated
34Greenteà The DawNNazjatar-EU51347560Not updated
36Avnehmen The DawNNazjatar-EU49361554Not updated
37Ahling The DawNNazjatar-EU5471548Not updated
38Skycrasher The DawNNazjatar-EU302229531Not updated
39Hudiezhilian The DawNNazjatar-EU5075512Not updated
40Lämmchen The DawNNazjatar-EU40689495Not updated
41Losttemple The DawNNazjatar-EU43360493Not updated
42Yezi The DawNNazjatar-EU42752479Not updated
43Guiqi The DawNNazjatar-EU45615471Not updated
44Heyne The DawNNazjatar-EU326136462Not updated
45Syanc The DawNNazjatar-EU40952461Not updated
46Aquamarine The DawNNazjatar-EU41735452Not updated
47Zehntagee The DawNNazjatar-EU44011451Not updated
48Boomerchick The DawNNazjatar-EU330119449Not updated
49Garbi The DawNNazjatar-EU40038438Not updated
49Akunana The DawNNazjatar-EU4353438Not updated
51Magemaomao The DawNNazjatar-EU42113434Not updated
52Rozzi The DawNNazjatar-EU34579424Not updated
53Qisie The DawNNazjatar-EU36059419Not updated
54Siyuee The DawNNazjatar-EU4140414Not updated
55Xinshou The DawNNazjatar-EU233179412Not updated
56Originalgeil The DawNNazjatar-EU32090410Not updated
57Schamasar The DawNNazjatar-EU38617403Not updated
58Löwen The DawNNazjatar-EU33063393Not updated
59Funkenprobe The DawNNazjatar-EU259112371Not updated
60Kybernetik The DawNNazjatar-EU30937346Not updated
61Tigerstyle The DawNNazjatar-EU3431344Not updated
62Bensiren The DawNNazjatar-EU3362338Not updated
63Eiies The DawNNazjatar-EU26967336Not updated
64Alystair The DawNNazjatar-EU212106318Not updated
65Ela The DawNNazjatar-EU23975314Not updated
66Himmelyyi The DawNNazjatar-EU188121309Not updated
67Huanghuan The DawNNazjatar-EU3080308Not updated
68Rojie The DawNNazjatar-EU27425299Not updated
69Himmellyi The DawNNazjatar-EU21778295Not updated
70Dryad The DawNNazjatar-EU189100289Not updated
71Trytank The DawNNazjatar-EU180102282Not updated
72Originaliang The DawNNazjatar-EU21764281Not updated
73Drka The DawNNazjatar-EU2754279Not updated
74Chaonv The DawNNazjatar-EU24433277Not updated
75Keylessgo The DawNNazjatar-EU2641265Not updated
76Qiaqia The DawNNazjatar-EU2528260Not updated
77Arrongreat The DawNNazjatar-EU20850258Not updated
77Lichen The DawNNazjatar-EU24513258Not updated
79Kyrius The DawNNazjatar-EU2476253Not updated
80Luxarius The DawNNazjatar-EU2474251Not updated
81Ashie The DawNNazjatar-EU2463249Not updated
81Aschieass The DawNNazjatar-EU21732249Not updated
83Dolls The DawNNazjatar-EU2425247Not updated
84Originallea The DawNNazjatar-EU18656242Not updated
85Judiciss The DawNNazjatar-EU2345239Not updated
86Xiaolongnv The DawNNazjatar-EU21622238Not updated
87Zaisser The DawNNazjatar-EU19040230Not updated
87Nirvanars The DawNNazjatar-EU17951230Not updated
87Memorymage The DawNNazjatar-EU21416230Not updated
90Anjian The DawNNazjatar-EU16561226Not updated
90Redhat The DawNNazjatar-EU21412226Not updated
92Quedeme The DawNNazjatar-EU19916215Not updated
92Horsewoman The DawNNazjatar-EU19520215Not updated
94Pfiffy The DawNNazjatar-EU19517212Not updated
95Joricy The DawNNazjatar-EU2056211Not updated
96Xiaoruirui The DawNNazjatar-EU18426210Not updated
97Donnerseelen The DawNNazjatar-EU19215207Not updated
98Fumokotaro The DawNNazjatar-EU17927206Not updated
99Akalleuz The DawNNazjatar-EU18916205Not updated
100Häckel The DawNNazjatar-EU18717204Not updated

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