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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalvengyr-US Boss Kills
1Sapphireblue The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US962411003Not updated
2Holyhawk The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US93924963Not updated
3Kiyiya The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US91120931Not updated
4Feedbackpot The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US69698794Not updated
5Leilana The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US76113774Not updated
6Onionknight The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US74419763Not updated
7Holihawk The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US63838676Not updated
8Mathers The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US52284606Not updated
9Ezekiah The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US52422546Not updated
10Erudite The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US49025515Not updated
11Freckle The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US48219501Not updated
12Falco The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US4893492Not updated
13Gedoch The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US4870487Not updated
14Bubahotep The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US46615481Not updated
15Påco The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US45211463Not updated
16Shiftme The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US44814462Not updated
17Tuladia The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US4441445Not updated
18Talkhimouta The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US36766433Not updated
19Ailande The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US3803383Not updated
20Crazydub The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US3736379Not updated
21Imposed The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US33339372Not updated
22Hotlovin The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US31525340Not updated
23Fandel The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US3060306Not updated
24Wowkwis The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US2655270Not updated
25Muirín The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US2681269Not updated
26Implicate The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US2547261Not updated
27Nuittari The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US2294233Not updated
28Amberorchid The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US2219230Not updated
29Krythus The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US2254229Not updated
30Uplockswich The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US20618224Not updated
31Althios The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US2152217Not updated
32Aelfwin The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US15917176Not updated
33Zevria The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US14923172Not updated
34Holeehawk The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1612163Not updated
35Wickedbeauty The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1593162Not updated
36Jonnytsunami The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1554159Not updated
37Zemora The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1522154Not updated
38Fellart The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1485153Not updated
39Newspaperboy The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1520152Not updated
40Footz The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1510151Not updated
41Kissmequick The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1473150Not updated
42Pissypants The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US13611147Not updated
43Moneymakers The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1390139Not updated
44Corporis The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1380138Not updated
45Evor The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1351136Not updated
46Ivik The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1310131Not updated
47Triggaslice The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1270127Not updated
48Mysticalblue The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US10710117Not updated
49Azurandria The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1065111Not updated
50Susanox The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US8221103Not updated
51Divinex The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1020102Not updated
52Scrita The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US1001101Not updated
53Quelinor The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US98199Not updated
54Purplemouse The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US93396Not updated
55Hamblurgler The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US93194Not updated
56Crunt The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US83689Not updated
57Kakerot The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US81485Not updated
58Tìckles The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US68371Not updated
59Baranow The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US66066Not updated
60Ksengaged The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US56157Not updated
61Arachidamia The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US54054Not updated
62Assandra The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US51051Not updated
63Sahar The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US49049Not updated
63Aççeleration The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US45449Not updated
65Oldensole The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US48048Not updated
66Virtumonde The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US43245Not updated
67Dimethyltryp The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US37037Not updated
68Undomestic The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US36036Not updated
69Nalli The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US33134Not updated
69Alseia The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US34034Not updated
71Tatersalad The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US33033Not updated
72Senger The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US31031Not updated
72Whos The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US30131Not updated
74Syrara The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US28230Not updated
74Amorasa The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US30030Not updated
76Castlesspain The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US29029Not updated
77Brøgan The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US27027Not updated
78Fladiir The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US26026Not updated
78Santaana The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US26026Not updated
78Aliarana The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US26026Not updated
78Aelfred The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US26026Not updated
82Nagomi The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US25025Not updated
83Postulate The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US22022Not updated
84Veladra The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US21021Not updated
85Khatiana The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US18018Not updated
85Drianor The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US18018Not updated
85Grimborn The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US51318Not updated
85Improvised The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US18018Not updated
89Saintbrigget The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US16016Not updated
90Àmidala The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US15015Not updated
91Impersonate The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US14014Not updated
91Artémiss The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US14014Not updated
93Donts The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US13013Not updated
94Elfhealer The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US11011Not updated
95Dkpminus The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US9110Not updated
95Silverdew The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US10010Not updated
97Graypriest The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US808Not updated
97Vokida The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US808Not updated
99Ooglybecky The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US707Not updated
99Shenron The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US707Not updated

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