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Anub'arak-EU Boss Kills
1Hexwife The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU90239941Not updated
2Lexsy The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU3513354Not updated
3Anelune The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU31030340Not updated
4Nawrina The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU32811339Not updated
5Savira The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU28321304Not updated
6Scrátch The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU25028278Not updated
7Mohawki The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU2693272Not updated
8Tipocané The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU20229231Not updated
9Qwerti The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU2023205Not updated
10Sàphirà The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU1886194Not updated
11Talarus The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU1796185Not updated
12Pâtriciâ The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU1775182Not updated
13Ðarilyn The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU16810178Not updated
14Elîea The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU1604164Not updated
15Zagì The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU1146120Not updated
16Parsano The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU1160116Not updated
17Dabelka The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU966102Not updated
18Hagnessa The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU701383Not updated
19Restalaan The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU70676Not updated
20Aciron The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU67269Not updated
20Archold The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU63669Not updated
22Scheggewara The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU59160Not updated
23Pernicies The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU59059Not updated
24Tamfanatu The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU55358Not updated
25Armika The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU461157Not updated
26Mondragoro The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU43649Not updated
27Talaru The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU39241Not updated
28Saade The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU34034Not updated
29Welima The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU24024Not updated
30Maadcat The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU23023Not updated
31Präladus The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU22022Not updated
31Wirgun The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU22022Not updated
33Ergoproxie The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU41620Not updated
34Sussy The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU16016Not updated
35Tysotis The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU15015Not updated
36Necri The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU13013Not updated
37Aryah The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU11011Not updated
38Checkí The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU909Not updated
39Kescha The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU808Not updated
40Ànùbìs The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU707Not updated
41Mlîa The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU606Not updated
42Jeradús The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU505Not updated
42Lillyfêê The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU505Not updated
44Tâvion The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU404Not updated
44Arâchne The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU404Not updated
46Pâranoid The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU303Not updated
47Wòdan The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU202Not updated
47Elidor The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU202Not updated
47Vianca The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU202Not updated
50Râphâelâ The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU101Not updated
50Peryos The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU101Not updated
50Silverrius The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU101Not updated
50Xtclunatic The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU101Not updated
54Hhubahhuba The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Cyriandar The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Yule The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Drungà The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Bohnensuppe The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Nasuahdah The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Aryahs The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Daviley The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Muimuii The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated
54Malonia The Burning LegendsAnub'arak-EU000Not updated

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