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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Das Konsortium-EU Boss Kills
1Whitesnout SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1642851727Not updated
2Xerasjk SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU13573641721Not updated
3Teschhammer SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1467991566Not updated
4Zelgadis SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU8544491303Not updated
5Kleckz SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1089471136Not updated
6Akrias SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1068291097Not updated
7Chulye SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU765233998Not updated
8Pyrotic SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU771148919Not updated
9Tolucán SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU79475869Not updated
10Exee SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU80926835Not updated
11Brongzo SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU76715782Not updated
12Áshley SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU61838656Not updated
13Martinian SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU55715572Not updated
14Damiischer SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU53039569Not updated
15Fezziks SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU46039499Not updated
16Dromenos SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU4777484Not updated
17Cojonés SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU39578473Not updated
18Silvàná SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU42717444Not updated
19Jenkî SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU37038408Not updated
20Duras SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU3710371Not updated
21Stampead SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU31120331Not updated
22Fîrsana SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU28717304Not updated
23Zelarn SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU2895294Not updated
24Hurikân SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU2789287Not updated
25Nallina SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU11654170Not updated
26Volvex SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1441145Not updated
27Záranùs SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1300130Not updated
28Tygora SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1187125Not updated
29Cashindra SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1200120Not updated
30Mhay SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1171118Not updated
31Faulhuf SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU1106116Not updated
32Tachykard SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU81081Not updated
33Karogh SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU71071Not updated
33Zerafin SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU71071Not updated
35Raya SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU56561Not updated
36Pyrus SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU59059Not updated
36Nozdarmus SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU59059Not updated
38Äxö SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU53053Not updated
39Gollnom SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU49150Not updated
40Thielle SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU48048Not updated
41Malcoth SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU44145Not updated
42Paijin SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU43043Not updated
43Kegya SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU34034Not updated
44Mystikx SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU30030Not updated
45Aloy SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU19019Not updated
46Flamez SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU18018Not updated
47Deepthroaten SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU13215Not updated
48Cartak SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU11011Not updated
49Zaranus SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU10010Not updated
50Tzurrak SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU459Not updated
50Vavuum SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU909Not updated
50Tsukí SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU909Not updated
53Raaya SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU808Not updated
53Vrox SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU808Not updated
55Ulquíora SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU707Not updated
55Absølut SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU707Not updated
57Posseidonn SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU505Not updated
58Dotorc SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU404Not updated
58Koinar SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU404Not updated
60Silithas SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU303Not updated
60Preaches SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU303Not updated
62Owleck SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU202Not updated
62Puddingløl SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU202Not updated
62Swiz SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU202Not updated
62Aethel SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU202Not updated
62Lindmio SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU202Not updated
62Trollalol SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU202Not updated
68Khrull SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU101Not updated
68Bibnam SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU101Not updated
68Zangiefwins SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU101Not updated
68Alestørm SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU101Not updated
68Draugur SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU101Not updated
73Blalala SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Wakzha SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Shavi SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Rhane SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Chéàtêr SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Zérøxx SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Valorïan SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Kwayarianisa SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Wilberth SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated
73Tushei SturmklingeDas Konsortium-EU000Not updated

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