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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Boss Kills
1Ashlk Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU70646752Not updated
2Sanctivia Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU72613739Not updated
3Flamerun Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU64152693Not updated
4Austenkate Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU55631587Not updated
5Runkleman Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU54932581Not updated
6Krazyhorse Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU48327510Not updated
7Rezalu Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU38699485Not updated
8Sqwidger Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU43237469Not updated
9Sjukdom Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU43210442Not updated
10Deathhackk Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU32566391Not updated
11Nojus Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU32552377Not updated
12Ashlo Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU28842330Not updated
13Rhangz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU30816324Not updated
14Hoilir Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3170317Not updated
15Shamxx Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU30310313Not updated
16Miksutusmaxi Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU28326309Not updated
17Stabstorm Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2446250Not updated
18Drshammy Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2472249Not updated
19Hozanko Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU21727244Not updated
20Mcpawn Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU17639215Not updated
21Dknd Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1695174Not updated
22Destor Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1547161Not updated
22Illaza Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU14813161Not updated
24Vexious Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU14313156Not updated
25Clotharius Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1449153Not updated
26Vivic Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1406146Not updated
27Arconic Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU13114145Not updated
28Landstorm Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1401141Not updated
29Verinia Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU8935124Not updated
30Armaada Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU10517122Not updated
31Udbÿ Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU10417121Not updated
32Kaylith Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU8535120Not updated
33Enàriel Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU712899Not updated
34Deathofblade Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU821193Not updated
35Holyylightt Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU712192Not updated
36Missionary Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU85691Not updated
37Soira Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU761389Not updated
38Orpheous Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU82587Not updated
39Brappie Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU82082Not updated
40Ivanovà Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU75075Not updated
41Nykila Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU74074Not updated
41Trojanfire Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU74074Not updated
43Martinî Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU70070Not updated
43Suraz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU65570Not updated
45Brauny Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU68169Not updated
46Jammz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU491968Not updated
47Ioka Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU64266Not updated
47Angrydog Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU501666Not updated
49Cyrida Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU63265Not updated
50Holydura Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU60464Not updated
51Volcheq Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU61061Not updated
52Chelsée Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU56258Not updated
52Bláckfángs Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU57158Not updated
54Asaviour Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU57057Not updated
55Afgara Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU48856Not updated
56Burningdruid Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU49352Not updated
57Pradda Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU51051Not updated
58Saldia Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU50050Not updated
59Eliziè Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU44549Not updated
60Steinbock Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU48048Not updated
61Vodkastorm Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU46046Not updated
61Elizià Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU46046Not updated
63Sydni Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU45045Not updated
64Arisona Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU42042Not updated
65Terragoz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU39039Not updated
65Maneschijn Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU39039Not updated
65Dogkit Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU291039Not updated
68Maxinè Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU32436Not updated
69Caladra Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU35035Not updated
70Arcadea Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU34034Not updated
70Srrate Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU34034Not updated
70Aureka Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU32234Not updated
73Kenzó Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU151833Not updated
73Davix Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU32133Not updated
73ßlackbeard Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU32133Not updated
76Licylia Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU31031Not updated
76Shadoth Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU31031Not updated
76Lyzz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU29231Not updated
76Sicknez Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU131831Not updated
80Grándpa Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU28129Not updated
80Nodrea Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU29029Not updated
82Ejdeer Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU91928Not updated
83Angryvaffel Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU27027Not updated
84Wanezzi Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU26026Not updated
85Hazanko Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU131225Not updated
85Tsurakai Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU18725Not updated
85Swagalot Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU25025Not updated
88Emoir Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU20424Not updated
88Leyjana Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU24024Not updated
88Grinmir Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU22224Not updated
91Barfmaster Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU21021Not updated
92Tizard Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU19019Not updated
92Mysteryghost Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU19019Not updated
94Cheyennee Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU81018Not updated
95Skeletina Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU41216Not updated
95Xanthic Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU16016Not updated
95Asvaldr Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU10616Not updated
95Kaeleth Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU16016Not updated
95Knaveparty Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU16016Not updated
95Loogie Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU16016Not updated

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