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Minahonda-EU Boss Kills
1Nathalïe Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU21887762964
2Sheiku Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU20247812805
3Dilayla Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU24742982772Not updated
4Kios Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU20355802615
5Dremke Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU20285392567
6Benedíctus Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU19705642534Not updated
7Sawer Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU19275812508
8Rewas Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU19185872505Not updated
9Recalcitra Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU19814912472Not updated
10Kraven Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU18086452453Not updated
11Soyk Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU18805662446
12Beøgolfa Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU19284632391
13Silmeriä Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU18124012213
14Normanoth Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU17973912188
15Angmor Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU15844952079
16Hexyl Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU17393262065Not updated
17Acly Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU16693181987Not updated
18Xean Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU14104391849Not updated
19Samuraïblack Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU14993291828
20Reapersoul Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU14693101779Not updated
21Ätenea Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU16261231749
22Eneritz Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU14213141735
23Yöru Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU13063361642
24Serénity Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU13033001603
25Barn Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU12843071591
26Azoum Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU12433131556Not updated
27Elisacutberg Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU11693651534
28Viedma Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU11983141512
29Shiba Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU12652301495
30Tremënda Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU13591341493Not updated
31Yagharek Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU9874191406
32Marconi Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU11491851334Not updated
33Isaldur Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU9372541191Not updated
34Cibaris Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU10261611187Not updated
35Skyder Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU7643691133
36Ercurro Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1078501128Not updated
37Karah Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU9491501099Not updated
38Grajea Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU9061591065Not updated
39Yiazmat Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU8482051053Not updated
40Dhexther Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU920971017Not updated
41Damael Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU766174940
42Mêl Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU796118914Not updated
43Güdam Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU719165884Not updated
44Hisweloke Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU685164849
45Kimbala Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU659131790Not updated
46Cbx Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU62963692
47Lënnëth Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU553117670
48Elektron Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU6569665Not updated
49Talue Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU60634640Not updated
50Taigers Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU501104605Not updated
51Pulgosô Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU53340573Not updated
52Rober Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU51836554Not updated
53Chôpper Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU48843531Not updated
54Hryst Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU47331504
55Palito Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU40676482Not updated
56Ofnight Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU41347460Not updated
57Rây Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU4535458
58Elfyta Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU40453457Not updated
59Piks Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU42425449Not updated
60Larïta Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU40241443
61Coldheart Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU3856391Not updated
62Meshildayé Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU3799388Not updated
63Twinx Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU35232384
64Riya Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU32824352
65Akë Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU29737334Not updated
66Dilay Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU29633329Not updated
67Laella Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU2957302Not updated
68Baratah Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU2847291Not updated
69Montkar Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU26228290
70Elrayo Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU25616272
71Faithray Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU24612258Not updated
72Nakels Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU2484252Not updated
73Isolda Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU2413244
74Psytrâncë Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU20716223Not updated
75Kumaka Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU2162218
76Silãs Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU2111212Not updated
77Bloodymerÿ Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1990199Not updated
78Jomica Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU16328191Not updated
79Orushi Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU15632188Not updated
80Finalhunter Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1779186Not updated
81Sasimi Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1767183
82Thibôd Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1744178Not updated
83Galira Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1730173
84Vukodlak Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU15220172Not updated
85Desastratza Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1611162Not updated
86Yukki Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU12129150
87Anjelic Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1453148Not updated
88Kurosane Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU13113144Not updated
89Krhatoss Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1420142Not updated
90Raskull Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1310131Not updated
91Azöte Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1145119Not updated
92Áiam Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU9910109
93Hanmer Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU958103Not updated
93Llåwëllyn Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU985103
95Malfuriôn Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU98098Not updated
96Luminae Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU781896Not updated
97Thibodk Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU95095
98Säshä Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU89089
99Titanida Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU82183
100Xeam Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU74074Not updated

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