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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Boss Kills
1Zoddus Shadow FateAzralon-US15901751765Not updated
2Twhchacal Shadow FateAzralon-US13101081418Not updated
3Gnarkill Shadow FateAzralon-US1004211025Not updated
4Blainne Shadow FateAzralon-US89729926Not updated
5Syllåbear Shadow FateAzralon-US87346919Not updated
6Ellefge Shadow FateAzralon-US74891839Not updated
7Rapzor Shadow FateAzralon-US67892770Not updated
8Hisnightmare Shadow FateAzralon-US68728715Not updated
9Anabolic Shadow FateAzralon-US68219701Not updated
10Ecks Shadow FateAzralon-US51675591Not updated
11Carinä Shadow FateAzralon-US57810588Not updated
12Dhalilla Shadow FateAzralon-US4820482Not updated
13Rakkgar Shadow FateAzralon-US44825473Not updated
14Twhanubis Shadow FateAzralon-US44228470Not updated
15Twhnelore Shadow FateAzralon-US4337440Not updated
15Mayume Shadow FateAzralon-US40436440Not updated
17Catrao Shadow FateAzralon-US40821429Not updated
18Gearr Shadow FateAzralon-US40223425Not updated
19Freeloader Shadow FateAzralon-US3992401Not updated
20Kiryll Shadow FateAzralon-US3919400Not updated
21Alpinestars Shadow FateAzralon-US33133364Not updated
22Chinaspec Shadow FateAzralon-US30457361Not updated
23Narcki Shadow FateAzralon-US219115334Not updated
24Draconubis Shadow FateAzralon-US3207327Not updated
25Follek Shadow FateAzralon-US28638324Not updated
25Éckís Shadow FateAzralon-US30816324Not updated
27Galudo Shadow FateAzralon-US3148322Not updated
28Écks Shadow FateAzralon-US3136319Not updated
29Drawor Shadow FateAzralon-US28334317Not updated
30Roguexanne Shadow FateAzralon-US3160316Not updated
31Mätagal Shadow FateAzralon-US3141315Not updated
32Quitis Shadow FateAzralon-US26145306Not updated
33Éckis Shadow FateAzralon-US29013303Not updated
33Zedaesquina Shadow FateAzralon-US3021303Not updated
35Feiim Shadow FateAzralon-US24938287Not updated
36Biglron Shadow FateAzralon-US2860286Not updated
37Thundera Shadow FateAzralon-US25715272Not updated
38Chavera Shadow FateAzralon-US19771268Not updated
39Exill Shadow FateAzralon-US18676262Not updated
40Morkol Shadow FateAzralon-US2449253Not updated
41Flashblade Shadow FateAzralon-US2365241Not updated
42Srshubert Shadow FateAzralon-US2175222Not updated
43Donabenta Shadow FateAzralon-US20513218Not updated
44Sennin Shadow FateAzralon-US1980198Not updated
45Hollyshock Shadow FateAzralon-US1916197Not updated
46Purunga Shadow FateAzralon-US17125196Not updated
47Dommedag Shadow FateAzralon-US15439193Not updated
48Expeon Shadow FateAzralon-US1756181Not updated
49Iasminne Shadow FateAzralon-US16514179Not updated
50Jarmenkel Shadow FateAzralon-US1707177Not updated
50Hecken Shadow FateAzralon-US1770177Not updated
50Ivanir Shadow FateAzralon-US1770177Not updated
53Covardis Shadow FateAzralon-US1741175Not updated
54Yunzarnbek Shadow FateAzralon-US16013173Not updated
55Lexan Shadow FateAzralon-US13931170Not updated
56Hutrah Shadow FateAzralon-US15118169Not updated
57Ginp Shadow FateAzralon-US1670167Not updated
58Kaledyn Shadow FateAzralon-US1631164Not updated
59Kabael Shadow FateAzralon-US13326159Not updated
60Ruthlessness Shadow FateAzralon-US1459154Not updated
61Yamka Shadow FateAzralon-US1485153Not updated
62Haifisch Shadow FateAzralon-US12923152Not updated
63Vük Shadow FateAzralon-US12229151Not updated
64Lockedo Shadow FateAzralon-US12425149Not updated
65Bändidä Shadow FateAzralon-US13512147Not updated
66Fatshadow Shadow FateAzralon-US1394143Not updated
67Ddowns Shadow FateAzralon-US1345139Not updated
68Galã Shadow FateAzralon-US1361137Not updated
69Matematico Shadow FateAzralon-US10627133Not updated
70Martiria Shadow FateAzralon-US1271128Not updated
71Vagabundu Shadow FateAzralon-US1220122Not updated
72Jøgåðør Shadow FateAzralon-US1174121Not updated
73Ololiuhqui Shadow FateAzralon-US9228120Not updated
73Leonaa Shadow FateAzralon-US1128120Not updated
75Krazzle Shadow FateAzralon-US1145119Not updated
76Ulttor Shadow FateAzralon-US1144118Not updated
77Ozzur Shadow FateAzralon-US7344117Not updated
78Thorken Shadow FateAzralon-US1088116Not updated
79Paixoxô Shadow FateAzralon-US1110111Not updated
80Gigra Shadow FateAzralon-US9612108Not updated
81Naji Shadow FateAzralon-US966102Not updated
82Chronicler Shadow FateAzralon-US7031101Not updated
83Eckis Shadow FateAzralon-US97097Not updated
84Trevoürs Shadow FateAzralon-US811192Not updated
85Dess Shadow FateAzralon-US91091Not updated
86Tulgar Shadow FateAzralon-US88290Not updated
87Hunterx Shadow FateAzralon-US79887Not updated
88Ecksdee Shadow FateAzralon-US85186Not updated
89Encøstø Shadow FateAzralon-US83083Not updated
90Powverine Shadow FateAzralon-US711182Not updated
90Automathiko Shadow FateAzralon-US82082Not updated
92Mofado Shadow FateAzralon-US80080Not updated
93Abajour Shadow FateAzralon-US72577Not updated
94Blazro Shadow FateAzralon-US66773Not updated
95Pirota Shadow FateAzralon-US611172Not updated
96Gurdasdruid Shadow FateAzralon-US64468Not updated
97Tenten Shadow FateAzralon-US66066Not updated
98Jairorabecão Shadow FateAzralon-US58664Not updated
99Gynp Shadow FateAzralon-US61263Not updated
100Blackzombie Shadow FateAzralon-US461662Not updated

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