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Azgalor-US Boss Kills
1Madvar Righteous DawnAzgalor-US15291911720Not updated
2Lethuin Righteous DawnAzgalor-US11431181261
3Warlockzorz Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1008631071Not updated
4Greatshot Righteous DawnAzgalor-US70646752Not updated
5Paragon Righteous DawnAzgalor-US65788745Not updated
6Lesgrossman Righteous DawnAzgalor-US72812740Not updated
7Murakumo Righteous DawnAzgalor-US67015685Not updated
8Nezumi Righteous DawnAzgalor-US59688684Not updated
9Myliana Righteous DawnAzgalor-US524126650Not updated
10Kaiona Righteous DawnAzgalor-US398108506Not updated
11Dorito Righteous DawnAzgalor-US48712499Not updated
12Mauvais Righteous DawnAzgalor-US3052307Not updated
13Photas Righteous DawnAzgalor-US24222264Not updated
14Elira Righteous DawnAzgalor-US120120240Not updated
15Alydar Righteous DawnAzgalor-US2390239Not updated
16Boofs Righteous DawnAzgalor-US2325237Not updated
17Om Righteous DawnAzgalor-US2213224
18Sahri Righteous DawnAzgalor-US2080208Not updated
19Tickmagnet Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1760176Not updated
20Lazerchicken Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1676173Not updated
21Beerz Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1675172Not updated
22Druidlove Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1521153Not updated
23Gunnydan Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1319140Not updated
24Feathers Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1194123Not updated
25Widdle Righteous DawnAzgalor-US1202122Not updated
26Exìle Righteous DawnAzgalor-US9624120Not updated
27Siaanna Righteous DawnAzgalor-US965101Not updated
28Thebody Righteous DawnAzgalor-US851297Not updated
29Keltorryn Righteous DawnAzgalor-US811192
30Drorgen Righteous DawnAzgalor-US83891Not updated
31Itscoldhere Righteous DawnAzgalor-US88189Not updated
32Flåshlight Righteous DawnAzgalor-US681381Not updated
33Melanctha Righteous DawnAzgalor-US78179Not updated
34Celessa Righteous DawnAzgalor-US64973Not updated
35Grappler Righteous DawnAzgalor-US72072Not updated
36Anjil Righteous DawnAzgalor-US63467Not updated
37Oberik Righteous DawnAzgalor-US65065Not updated
38Guilliaume Righteous DawnAzgalor-US51859Not updated
39Stealthaway Righteous DawnAzgalor-US53255Not updated
40Syllana Righteous DawnAzgalor-US48048Not updated
40Glecko Righteous DawnAzgalor-US42648Not updated
42Aewyn Righteous DawnAzgalor-US291847Not updated
43Deara Righteous DawnAzgalor-US33336Not updated
44Kroniq Righteous DawnAzgalor-US31031Not updated
44Ikao Righteous DawnAzgalor-US31031Not updated
44Shawtty Righteous DawnAzgalor-US22931Not updated
47Sweettwink Righteous DawnAzgalor-US102030Not updated
47Arthalas Righteous DawnAzgalor-US30030Not updated
49Vinn Righteous DawnAzgalor-US28129Not updated
50Arkatraz Righteous DawnAzgalor-US22123Not updated
51Enette Righteous DawnAzgalor-US20020Not updated
52Lockeddown Righteous DawnAzgalor-US16016Not updated
53Sepi Righteous DawnAzgalor-US14014
53Jalthas Righteous DawnAzgalor-US14014
55Iixv Righteous DawnAzgalor-US11011Not updated
56Glynden Righteous DawnAzgalor-US7310Not updated
57Sarene Righteous DawnAzgalor-US156Not updated
58Wickedclownz Righteous DawnAzgalor-US505Not updated
58Aet Righteous DawnAzgalor-US505Not updated
60Zibtrix Righteous DawnAzgalor-US404Not updated
61Tooter Righteous DawnAzgalor-US303Not updated
61Gilval Righteous DawnAzgalor-US303Not updated
63Aamin Righteous DawnAzgalor-US101Not updated
63Cleao Righteous DawnAzgalor-US101
63Banchee Righteous DawnAzgalor-US101Not updated
63Tamra Righteous DawnAzgalor-US101Not updated
63Itukyourflag Righteous DawnAzgalor-US101Not updated
63Averigity Righteous DawnAzgalor-US101
69Hans Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Slie Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Twodogz Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Seleene Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Crázydrúid Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Pepip Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Alabee Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Decicast Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000
69Kareanna Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Enulsechs Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated
69Pataedo Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000
69Kelthynn Righteous DawnAzgalor-US000Not updated

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