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Barthilas-US Boss Kills
1Gimpmonkey Red SunBarthilas-US15017552256Not updated
2Tapit Red SunBarthilas-US15596382197Not updated
3Crábbattle Red SunBarthilas-US16884752163Not updated
4Elypia Red SunBarthilas-US12289142142Not updated
5Iceinvein Red SunBarthilas-US16303822012Not updated
6Silphras Red SunBarthilas-US12375921829Not updated
7Diems Red SunBarthilas-US11945581752Not updated
8Blockade Red SunBarthilas-US12813781659Not updated
9Patrol Red SunBarthilas-US12134211634Not updated
10Buffdroods Red SunBarthilas-US11264871613Not updated
11Jigs Red SunBarthilas-US10964251521Not updated
12Overmindus Red SunBarthilas-US11503481498Not updated
13Thedoctorr Red SunBarthilas-US10603851445Not updated
14Obiewon Red SunBarthilas-US9614561417Not updated
15Dashee Red SunBarthilas-US9724211393Not updated
16Supervivi Red SunBarthilas-US1310521362Not updated
17Smokestar Red SunBarthilas-US11102211331Not updated
18Supernaut Red SunBarthilas-US9173991316Not updated
19Nosc Red SunBarthilas-US9981181116Not updated
20Drainbamaged Red SunBarthilas-US789130919Not updated
21Joanorleon Red SunBarthilas-US84430874Not updated
22Midgetmeat Red SunBarthilas-US82819847Not updated
23Inside Red SunBarthilas-US72638764Not updated
24Quinos Red SunBarthilas-US58545630Not updated
25Elyxia Red SunBarthilas-US443109552Not updated
26Gimpydin Red SunBarthilas-US345188533Not updated
27Aire Red SunBarthilas-US48052532Not updated
28Nammu Red SunBarthilas-US362119481Not updated
29Atrem Red SunBarthilas-US300171471Not updated
30Xarrah Red SunBarthilas-US36159420Not updated
31Fergzie Red SunBarthilas-US3867393Not updated
32Snowykitten Red SunBarthilas-US30675381Not updated
33Jigadin Red SunBarthilas-US27136307Not updated
34Buniboom Red SunBarthilas-US23858296Not updated
35Tidalstick Red SunBarthilas-US2679276Not updated
36Terrafirma Red SunBarthilas-US2506256Not updated
37Patrols Red SunBarthilas-US73159232Not updated
38Fermi Red SunBarthilas-US2280228Not updated
39Thegap Red SunBarthilas-US18733220Not updated
40Feature Red SunBarthilas-US2033206Not updated
41Krispykremé Red SunBarthilas-US13163194Not updated
42Mynxee Red SunBarthilas-US14835183Not updated
43Aesteria Red SunBarthilas-US1691170Not updated
44Ëroka Red SunBarthilas-US14717164Not updated
45Resonato Red SunBarthilas-US1485153Not updated
46Mabzqt Red SunBarthilas-US1466152Not updated
47Redwaves Red SunBarthilas-US1436149Not updated
48Antillopia Red SunBarthilas-US1265131Not updated
49Averline Red SunBarthilas-US1281129Not updated
50Jigstasy Red SunBarthilas-US1240124Not updated
51Rissa Red SunBarthilas-US1146120Not updated
52Mearly Red SunBarthilas-US10711118Not updated
53Hammershield Red SunBarthilas-US98098Not updated
54Reina Red SunBarthilas-US93295Not updated
55Aoteroa Red SunBarthilas-US88088Not updated
56Gimpley Red SunBarthilas-US701484Not updated
57Onwelfare Red SunBarthilas-US82183Not updated
58Kynki Red SunBarthilas-US77481Not updated
59Mcgarnigle Red SunBarthilas-US571976Not updated
60Nwtiso Red SunBarthilas-US72274Not updated
60Sophkeldk Red SunBarthilas-US631174Not updated
62Meatwall Red SunBarthilas-US69372Not updated
63Souvdk Red SunBarthilas-US60161Not updated
64Skilleze Red SunBarthilas-US51253Not updated
64Kishår Red SunBarthilas-US53053Not updated
66Imagine Red SunBarthilas-US381048Not updated
67Eversummer Red SunBarthilas-US43043Not updated
68Twinblaydes Red SunBarthilas-US241438Not updated
69Phhoebetia Red SunBarthilas-US31334Not updated
70Cassiopa Red SunBarthilas-US31233Not updated
71Xeinos Red SunBarthilas-US29130Not updated
72Zanrik Red SunBarthilas-US161329Not updated
72Arcticstorm Red SunBarthilas-US29029Not updated
72Elflacko Red SunBarthilas-US29029Not updated
75Stormfjurie Red SunBarthilas-US25025Not updated
76Idranax Red SunBarthilas-US18018Not updated
77Nettlebear Red SunBarthilas-US17017Not updated
77Peeved Red SunBarthilas-US17017Not updated
79Deamonscribe Red SunBarthilas-US15015Not updated
79Eve Red SunBarthilas-US15015Not updated
81Impulsê Red SunBarthilas-US14014Not updated
82Atramentous Red SunBarthilas-US12012Not updated
83Tmamma Red SunBarthilas-US11011Not updated
84Crunchychips Red SunBarthilas-US10010Not updated
85Tansy Red SunBarthilas-US808Not updated
86Crazzhunter Red SunBarthilas-US707Not updated
86Conkers Red SunBarthilas-US707Not updated
86Dashnee Red SunBarthilas-US707Not updated
89Hiddenbear Red SunBarthilas-US606Not updated
89Auriala Red SunBarthilas-US606Not updated
91Cadenza Red SunBarthilas-US404Not updated
91Marla Red SunBarthilas-US404Not updated
91Paprika Red SunBarthilas-US314Not updated
94Mongral Red SunBarthilas-US202Not updated
94Bowinator Red SunBarthilas-US202Not updated
96Nadoo Red SunBarthilas-US101Not updated
96Misspie Red SunBarthilas-US101Not updated
96Meekilol Red SunBarthilas-US101Not updated
96Twinklespark Red SunBarthilas-US011Not updated
100Heeved Red SunBarthilas-US000Not updated

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