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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vol'jin-EU Boss Kills
1Shøeî Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU18822452127Not updated
2Zalrïn Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU15873341921Not updated
3Neko Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU16201931813Not updated
4Rurka Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU12542411495Not updated
5Sayami Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU11532541407Not updated
6Lousolitair Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU11482201368Not updated
7Magibus Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU11681941362Not updated
8Vïnz Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU9882931281Not updated
9Traïzer Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU9182131131Not updated
10Zahia Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU96531996Not updated
11Amulius Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU861100961Not updated
12Sïnøp Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU849108957Not updated
13Azshanti Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU80346849Not updated
14Mizore Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU67681757Not updated
15Gatsue Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU621120741Not updated
16Falis Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU578118696Not updated
17Berlingot Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU520130650Not updated
18Lumar Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU462159621Not updated
19Noobzorine Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU51026536Not updated
20Menolia Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU419104523Not updated
21Teianna Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU4783481Not updated
22Petronïlle Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU4653468Not updated
23Vikiz Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU38177458Not updated
24Tinelia Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU38161442Not updated
25Sïnopsette Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU34741388Not updated
26Kalwen Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU3790379Not updated
27Sothashill Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU3658373Not updated
28Dygonn Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU24778325Not updated
29Demostica Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU21883301Not updated
30Doliperane Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU21830248Not updated
30Ann Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU2480248Not updated
32Shäkmal Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU2450245Not updated
33Noobzorelle Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1936199Not updated
34Nysc Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU11076186Not updated
34Kaervek Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1860186Not updated
36 Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU14222164Not updated
37Lyseleï Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1506156Not updated
38Jaïan Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1502152Not updated
39Flaÿ Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1437150Not updated
40Teagan Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1390139Not updated
40Faïel Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1363139Not updated
42Harland Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1295134Not updated
43Tiah Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1321133Not updated
44Møijtape Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1246130Not updated
45Tityte Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1136119Not updated
46Säyami Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU9719116Not updated
46Alya Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU10016116Not updated
48Viñz Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU8421105Not updated
49Vikizouille Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU9111102Not updated
50Ceana Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU1001101Not updated
51Ellenlyd Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU811899Not updated
52Monette Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU87188Not updated
52Keïnan Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU88088Not updated
52Delÿnn Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU721688Not updated
55Sia Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU701585Not updated
56Nöx Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU83083Not updated
57Melanÿn Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU641074Not updated
58Afnushnish Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU71071Not updated
59Reiia Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU68169Not updated
60Mía Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU68068Not updated
61Hoofette Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU64266Not updated
62Tripote Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU63063Not updated
63Stïx Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU56056Not updated
64Etzebeth Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU54054Not updated
65Shâkirâ Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU50050Not updated
65Elisha Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU50050Not updated
67Kalyl Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU49049Not updated
68Titiyet Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU43043Not updated
69Khyrä Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU39039Not updated
70Haïly Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU36036Not updated
71Mulace Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU31031Not updated
72Shionë Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU26026Not updated
73Draelia Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU24024Not updated
74Laetherna Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU20020Not updated
75Fairytaill Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU19019Not updated
75Thortorim Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU19019Not updated
77Kränn Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU18018Not updated
78Gihane Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU13013Not updated
79Hansa Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU909Not updated
80Deminuit Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU808Not updated
81Coru Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU707Not updated
82Arriuss Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU606Not updated
82Broccoli Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU606Not updated
82Monamour Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU606Not updated
85Mirroir Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU505Not updated
86Trolin Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU404Not updated
86Kutto Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU314Not updated
88Louema Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU303Not updated
89Louusolitair Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU202Not updated
90Cerber Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU101Not updated
90Teiana Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU101Not updated
92Vinz Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Vikizou Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Blodwen Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Rank Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Sinopsette Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Reyassa Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Bosman Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Ÿøvt Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated
92Tinda Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU000Not updated

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