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Aegwynn-EU Boss Kills
1Blackpopi Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU14922571749
2Koralia Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU8883011189Not updated
3Baelish Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU9651051070Not updated
4Miseral Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU672223895Not updated
5Piew Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU85931890Not updated
6Elphias Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU71516731
7Seiru Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU64545690Not updated
8Router Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU60779686
9Jenjiyanaa Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU393198591Not updated
10Snìps Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU5356541Not updated
11Quuz Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU318138456Not updated
12Ashleylol Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU343104447Not updated
13Sakù Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU28183364Not updated
14Blazinqt Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU27377350
15Nocteron Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU26770337Not updated
16Isaron Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU25969328Not updated
17Violetpopi Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU169151320
18Ikanee Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU26138299
18Crolok Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU26336299Not updated
20Thorongil Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU25526281
21Eniria Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU22224246Not updated
22Liliena Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU2182220Not updated
23Tschornaja Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU1551156Not updated
24Lumafeucht Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU1363139
25Deadcrown Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU10316119Not updated
26Kyrtana Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU1170117Not updated
27Bônker Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU1072109Not updated
28Alkanus Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU948102Not updated
29Bronku Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU583896Not updated
30Whitepopi Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU80080
31Rayest Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU373976Not updated
32Lumbo Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU60464
33Nibbsi Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU52052Not updated
33Zeroonic Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU381452Not updated
35Acona Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU48351Not updated
35Markis Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU51051Not updated
37Anto Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU49150Not updated
38Krokaral Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU291948Not updated
39Jenjiyuna Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU32032Not updated
40Lykanthros Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU30030Not updated
41Hórgenwexer Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU101828Not updated
42Antomer Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU25025Not updated
43Chambolzen Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU51116Not updated
44Nanonya Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU7714
45Luiana Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU7411Not updated
45Buffalobernd Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU11011Not updated
45Amârth Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU3811
48Anhedonia Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU303
49Caipirinhya Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU101Not updated
50Leviosa Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU000Not updated
50Mondschauer Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU000
50Eccho Nerdish by NatureAegwynn-EU000

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