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Arthas-US Boss Kills
1Taiyaki M I CArthas-US21076662773Not updated
2Emeraldancer M I CArthas-US19727742746
3Ciaos M I CArthas-US131910732392
4Heavenwolf M I CArthas-US16785932271
5Top M I CArthas-US12599442203
6Loveyau M I CArthas-US19281492077
7Darkmond M I CArthas-US17672642031Not updated
8Missland M I CArthas-US16253311956Not updated
9Paradots M I CArthas-US11347531887
10Simplecow M I CArthas-US10167341750
11Demonqq M I CArthas-US8878261713
12Acelolz M I CArthas-US10896131702Not updated
13Nighthurts M I CArthas-US9537311684
14Xiaozhii M I CArthas-US9016981599
15Harder M I CArthas-US1374781452
16Silvaevangel M I CArthas-US9205311451Not updated
17Heavenstyle M I CArthas-US7606851445
18Pshadowfiend M I CArthas-US9614731434
19Cathesia M I CArthas-US7215901311
20Deepmèmory M I CArthas-US6476551302
21Mushily M I CArthas-US6216691290
22Êver M I CArthas-US10042621266
23Mayfly M I CArthas-US10332211254Not updated
24Simplehero M I CArthas-US9423091251
25Imnowhere M I CArthas-US8194241243
26Machvise M I CArthas-US9902241214
27Unknowhunter M I CArthas-US7064771183
28Junqing M I CArthas-US8193311150
29Wildholycat M I CArthas-US5256161141
30Posadon M I CArthas-US7673371104
31Supercellryo M I CArthas-US6294471076
32Pikacow M I CArthas-US5385211059
33Sweet M I CArthas-US6913411032
34Bébest M I CArthas-US6683541022
35Shadomancer M I CArthas-US581389970
36Tpog M I CArthas-US591360951
37Grigiometro M I CArthas-US554385939
38Bestwarlocka M I CArthas-US578337915
39Madmad M I CArthas-US618266884Not updated
40Johnnymao M I CArthas-US575293868Not updated
41Satans M I CArthas-US663203866
42Nadà M I CArthas-US77977856Not updated
43Icepunisher M I CArthas-US632211843Not updated
44Frostmeteor M I CArthas-US374467841
45Antimonster M I CArthas-US79743840Not updated
46Skyyw M I CArthas-US78745832
47Sweetly M I CArthas-US431396827
48Batbatbat M I CArthas-US588206794
49Unknowman M I CArthas-US533216749
50Jokertroll M I CArthas-US342395737
51Yaomogauchaw M I CArthas-US70133734
52Uni M I CArthas-US454272726
53Bailing M I CArthas-US7034707Not updated
54Letgo M I CArthas-US271392663
55Brotherli M I CArthas-US555101656
56Reasanka M I CArthas-US436210646Not updated
57Simplethug M I CArthas-US402195597
58Nadá M I CArthas-US397199596Not updated
59Soy M I CArthas-US304290594Not updated
60Cysaber M I CArthas-US406173579
61Bilibili M I CArthas-US307254561
62Feedplz M I CArthas-US223336559
63Tynibaby M I CArthas-US418119537
64Rankill M I CArthas-US49536531Not updated
65Drzyzyzyzyzy M I CArthas-US43392525Not updated
66Thrúd M I CArthas-US229273502
67Darkpirate M I CArthas-US395104499Not updated
68Quadralol M I CArthas-US329158487Not updated
69Durantk M I CArthas-US129352481
70Urel M I CArthas-US316157473
71Shuaixiaojun M I CArthas-US334131465
72Chewinggum M I CArthas-US39665461
73Devilpully M I CArthas-US194265459
74Toffeeapple M I CArthas-US282112394
75Simplek M I CArthas-US250126376
76Mikezheal M I CArthas-US30066366
77Shaerra M I CArthas-US26789356
78Barbiiel M I CArthas-US27255327Not updated
79Babyswiss M I CArthas-US127193320
80Éver M I CArthas-US27041311Not updated
81Lolichris M I CArthas-US27430304Not updated
82Mederoice M I CArthas-US180120300
83Serenitatis M I CArthas-US24649295Not updated
84Majestyi M I CArthas-US20094294
85Peterogue M I CArthas-US146138284
86Yilai M I CArthas-US19946245Not updated
86Drsidious M I CArthas-US2387245
88Blessedmage M I CArthas-US21625241
89Crystaldrop M I CArthas-US20828236
90Papercutter M I CArthas-US18147228Not updated
91Lunesniper M I CArthas-US18135216Not updated
92Simpleknight M I CArthas-US14959208
93Darkpunk M I CArthas-US1959204Not updated
94Qiaozz M I CArthas-US18517202Not updated
95Simplehunter M I CArthas-US18514199
96Unknowlock M I CArthas-US1809189
97Pandatong M I CArthas-US14338181Not updated
98Pamkael M I CArthas-US1649173
99Vinona M I CArthas-US1691170Not updated
100Shengunxz M I CArthas-US15514169Not updated

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