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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Boss Kills
1Exover Legends Never DieAzralon-US10531871240Not updated
2Shanaia Legends Never DieAzralon-US90178979Not updated
3Scyrax Legends Never DieAzralon-US88053933Not updated
4Pharante Legends Never DieAzralon-US688194882Not updated
5Scardru Legends Never DieAzralon-US602132734Not updated
6Kalohtar Legends Never DieAzralon-US577131708Not updated
7Analuisa Legends Never DieAzralon-US474123597Not updated
8Zolkonshesk Legends Never DieAzralon-US46685551Not updated
9Lkzz Legends Never DieAzralon-US31076386Not updated
10Lkz Legends Never DieAzralon-US250134384Not updated
11Suca Legends Never DieAzralon-US30846354Not updated
12Senjo Legends Never DieAzralon-US26622288Not updated
13Shaayde Legends Never DieAzralon-US160104264Not updated
14Kargoth Legends Never DieAzralon-US2250225Not updated
15Maxheal Legends Never DieAzralon-US1894193Not updated
16Windfire Legends Never DieAzralon-US1823185Not updated
17Bigornocombo Legends Never DieAzralon-US1759184Not updated
18Robsão Legends Never DieAzralon-US1498157Not updated
19Lukina Legends Never DieAzralon-US13212144Not updated
20Cassandro Legends Never DieAzralon-US1327139Not updated
21Tuutti Legends Never DieAzralon-US946100Not updated
22Avalos Legends Never DieAzralon-US91091Not updated
23Xunkakumba Legends Never DieAzralon-US83285Not updated
24Serjão Legends Never DieAzralon-US82284Not updated
25Scarzita Legends Never DieAzralon-US54155Not updated
26Jendia Legends Never DieAzralon-US52052Not updated
27Sazze Legends Never DieAzralon-US361349Not updated
28Nathrex Legends Never DieAzralon-US47047Not updated
29Galináceo Legends Never DieAzralon-US301141Not updated
29Succa Legends Never DieAzralon-US38341Not updated
31Kenganabenga Legends Never DieAzralon-US38038Not updated
32Scarzero Legends Never DieAzralon-US35136Not updated
33Luvaestéril Legends Never DieAzralon-US35035Not updated
34Jonco Legends Never DieAzralon-US34034Not updated
35Mustäine Legends Never DieAzralon-US33033Not updated
36Tybør Legends Never DieAzralon-US30030Not updated
37Cabra Legends Never DieAzralon-US21829Not updated
38Amrod Legends Never DieAzralon-US28028Not updated
38Xico Legends Never DieAzralon-US27128Not updated
38Baphomeh Legends Never DieAzralon-US28028Not updated
41Xinforinfera Legends Never DieAzralon-US26026Not updated
42Lukera Legends Never DieAzralon-US21425Not updated
43Darthrotten Legends Never DieAzralon-US21021Not updated
44Lukez Legends Never DieAzralon-US17017Not updated
44Scarrior Legends Never DieAzralon-US16117Not updated
44Randow Legends Never DieAzralon-US12517Not updated
47Chokodeath Legends Never DieAzralon-US13013Not updated
48Obscura Legends Never DieAzralon-US12012Not updated
49Scarxammy Legends Never DieAzralon-US10010Not updated
49Blackwill Legends Never DieAzralon-US10010Not updated
51Obïna Legends Never DieAzralon-US909Not updated
51Larika Legends Never DieAzralon-US909Not updated
53Bowënspawn Legends Never DieAzralon-US808Not updated
54Grimlöck Legends Never DieAzralon-US606Not updated
54Azuzim Legends Never DieAzralon-US606Not updated
54Vektorios Legends Never DieAzralon-US606Not updated
57Shizue Legends Never DieAzralon-US505Not updated
57Brastus Legends Never DieAzralon-US505Not updated
57Jclomax Legends Never DieAzralon-US415Not updated
60Olli Legends Never DieAzralon-US404Not updated
60Abilon Legends Never DieAzralon-US404Not updated
60Scyrus Legends Never DieAzralon-US404Not updated
63Tomaladaca Legends Never DieAzralon-US303Not updated
63Alurath Legends Never DieAzralon-US303Not updated
63Müsgo Legends Never DieAzralon-US303Not updated
63Yoin Legends Never DieAzralon-US303Not updated
63Dreadii Legends Never DieAzralon-US303Not updated
68Coldreaper Legends Never DieAzralon-US202Not updated
68Krabby Legends Never DieAzralon-US202Not updated
68Baphomett Legends Never DieAzralon-US202Not updated
68Tiauum Legends Never DieAzralon-US202Not updated
68Zehbença Legends Never DieAzralon-US202Not updated
73Xuim Legends Never DieAzralon-US101Not updated
73Lockdedorgas Legends Never DieAzralon-US101Not updated
73Kaniggia Legends Never DieAzralon-US101Not updated
73Santanary Legends Never DieAzralon-US101Not updated
73Huscar Legends Never DieAzralon-US101Not updated
78Melchiades Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Boibril Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Lippstick Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Funësto Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Scargo Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Docrates Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Docwra Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Vilakin Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Dkralhu Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Scaçador Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Biroleibi Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Doidenho Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Acanthus Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Indioveio Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Cabradanada Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Pepegol Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Euvôdamági Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Hefestolk Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Baphometo Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Khrauzer Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Domangue Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Hortel Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated
78Tropas Legends Never DieAzralon-US000Not updated

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