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Alleria-EU Boss Kills
1Sco Last LegendsAlleria-EU24149713385
2Luxaterna Last LegendsAlleria-EU25166753191
3Kìrá Last LegendsAlleria-EU23435802923
4Millefleur Last LegendsAlleria-EU19567672723
5Thebar Last LegendsAlleria-EU19606322592
6Hurricáne Last LegendsAlleria-EU13627942156
7Vocado Last LegendsAlleria-EU15545012055Not updated
8Zeøx Last LegendsAlleria-EU15684652033
9Axzimona Last LegendsAlleria-EU13915881979
10Terranios Last LegendsAlleria-EU16433301973Not updated
11Disaria Last LegendsAlleria-EU11465011647
12Lajuna Last LegendsAlleria-EU12392391478
13Sekodoc Last LegendsAlleria-EU1315831398Not updated
14Awentia Last LegendsAlleria-EU9024931395
15Chrîstl Last LegendsAlleria-EU8814061287
16Lyllena Last LegendsAlleria-EU10172311248
17Äce Last LegendsAlleria-EU9222911213
18Teradril Last LegendsAlleria-EU10141301144Not updated
19Snurf Last LegendsAlleria-EU8242541078
20Nicodemús Last LegendsAlleria-EU8941691063Not updated
21Typhón Last LegendsAlleria-EU83062892Not updated
22Amicélli Last LegendsAlleria-EU81362875Not updated
23Blackface Last LegendsAlleria-EU617209826
24Pylaja Last LegendsAlleria-EU72975804Not updated
25Barøx Last LegendsAlleria-EU533181714
26Wrongturn Last LegendsAlleria-EU61190701
27Hydrá Last LegendsAlleria-EU61938657Not updated
27Kyko Last LegendsAlleria-EU58968657
29Lunà Last LegendsAlleria-EU524118642
30Deliláh Last LegendsAlleria-EU477121598
31Zmascher Last LegendsAlleria-EU50229531Not updated
32Nohsa Last LegendsAlleria-EU375110485Not updated
33Reavn Last LegendsAlleria-EU309155464Not updated
34Bloodprince Last LegendsAlleria-EU38911400
35Aéon Last LegendsAlleria-EU30346349Not updated
36Cheytac Last LegendsAlleria-EU202133335
37Merryl Last LegendsAlleria-EU28829317Not updated
38Roxy Last LegendsAlleria-EU197108305
39Golda Last LegendsAlleria-EU2840284
40Sélara Last LegendsAlleria-EU23734271
41Kamikazo Last LegendsAlleria-EU24425269
42Orell Last LegendsAlleria-EU23915254Not updated
43Treckerfahre Last LegendsAlleria-EU19259251
44Elrana Last LegendsAlleria-EU18062242
45Lylana Last LegendsAlleria-EU19832230
46Lyxiâ Last LegendsAlleria-EU17638214
47Terrania Last LegendsAlleria-EU18128209Not updated
48Mägie Last LegendsAlleria-EU17515190Not updated
49Pyta Last LegendsAlleria-EU16415179Not updated
50Shezana Last LegendsAlleria-EU12937166Not updated
51Télar Last LegendsAlleria-EU14915164Not updated
51Lilliane Last LegendsAlleria-EU1640164
51Amazonin Last LegendsAlleria-EU13826164Not updated
54Dekleine Last LegendsAlleria-EU1500150Not updated
55Purgâtory Last LegendsAlleria-EU10826134
56Achera Last LegendsAlleria-EU1238131
57Pad Last LegendsAlleria-EU8540125
57Meixiu Last LegendsAlleria-EU1241125
59Clubberlang Last LegendsAlleria-EU1190119Not updated
60Syandra Last LegendsAlleria-EU1152117
61Isác Last LegendsAlleria-EU1072109Not updated
62Affinichi Last LegendsAlleria-EU9311104
63Squishy Last LegendsAlleria-EU593897
64Karkel Last LegendsAlleria-EU91091Not updated
65Kurîna Last LegendsAlleria-EU78381
66Calligulà Last LegendsAlleria-EU581169
67Morfonius Last LegendsAlleria-EU362056Not updated
68Ethernia Last LegendsAlleria-EU421254Not updated
69Schuppe Last LegendsAlleria-EU45651Not updated
70Schmith Last LegendsAlleria-EU47047Not updated
71Kolloßus Last LegendsAlleria-EU29029
72Syrinxx Last LegendsAlleria-EU151126Not updated
73Mcwuffel Last LegendsAlleria-EU15116Not updated
74Mimmimi Last LegendsAlleria-EU15015Not updated
75Scâpi Last LegendsAlleria-EU909
76Karkelina Last LegendsAlleria-EU707Not updated
76Rambø Last LegendsAlleria-EU707Not updated
78Shywanna Last LegendsAlleria-EU606
79Gwynie Last LegendsAlleria-EU404Not updated
80Mandîoca Last LegendsAlleria-EU303Not updated
81Plumbs Last LegendsAlleria-EU202Not updated
81Bluepearl Last LegendsAlleria-EU202Not updated
83Alyessa Last LegendsAlleria-EU101Not updated
84Snowbell Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Aric Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Pyla Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Lycanto Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Marishua Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Ricardo Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Nârutø Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Ricardi Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Kìrà Last LegendsAlleria-EU000
84Feuerschwert Last LegendsAlleria-EU000
84Ichîgø Last LegendsAlleria-EU000
84Earthquáke Last LegendsAlleria-EU000
84Tituani Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated
84Linø Last LegendsAlleria-EU000Not updated

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