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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spinebreaker-EU Boss Kills
1Kirava Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU14818052286Not updated
2Alloallo Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU12972391536Not updated
3Lunaire Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU9762751251Not updated
4Nue Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU9881181106Not updated
5Anven Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU9161581074Not updated
6Lanet Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU91085995Not updated
7Mastema Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU720247967Not updated
8Montsegur Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU82273895Not updated
9Perfectcrime Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU536196732Not updated
10Festral Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU6756681Not updated
11Lachtobi Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU483153636Not updated
12Utrotad Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU52191612Not updated
13Hooglee Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU53725562Not updated
14Findabair Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU54116557Not updated
15Damnrogue Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU441113554Not updated
16Kaedin Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU334151485Not updated
17Warisagame Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU335130465Not updated
18Levicious Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU32294416Not updated
19Eclìpse Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU34743390Not updated
20Ecrone Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU31843361Not updated
21Hocâ Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU32724351Not updated
22Smerfetka Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU25077327Not updated
23Ilijas Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU3119320Not updated
24Zngyalol Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU23374307Not updated
25Drædlord Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU3021303Not updated
26Shirohige Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU20384287Not updated
27Flashbolt Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU25228280Not updated
28Ehrir Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU24023263Not updated
29Bzyl Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU2387245Not updated
30Morfej Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU13385218Not updated
31Analgesia Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU13462196Not updated
32Gôku Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1845189Not updated
33Strafer Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU13549184Not updated
34Alnílam Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU13333166Not updated
35Jokerface Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1489157Not updated
36Innari Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU8565150Not updated
37Försiktig Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1481149Not updated
37Shrewedeye Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1472149Not updated
39Sanitas Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU12819147Not updated
40Ironhiide Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1276133Not updated
41Chomson Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1223125Not updated
42Lovisaxe Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1212123Not updated
42Heartrazer Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1212123Not updated
44Leenellen Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1192121Not updated
45Elica Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU1141115Not updated
46Gotbank Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU7830108Not updated
47Crankworks Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU98098Not updated
48Crazycroat Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU91596Not updated
49Niside Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU761389Not updated
50Onetreeheals Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU79988Not updated
51Gorrba Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU81687Not updated
52Kynthie Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU601777Not updated
53Pikulica Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU531467Not updated
54Hugmee Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU60666Not updated
55Krmenadla Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU521062Not updated
56Clarénse Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU41950Not updated
57Woorthless Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU47148Not updated
58Marylion Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU47047Not updated
59Zenozide Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU38240Not updated
59Holywitch Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU39140Not updated
61Believil Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU34034Not updated
62Tuhajbej Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU24024Not updated
63Rhadoo Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU21021Not updated
64Mejhyjunior Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU19019Not updated
65Geevee Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU15015Not updated
66Rambobambo Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU14014Not updated
67Serby Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU12012Not updated
68Pljackas Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU10010Not updated
69Huntrõll Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU909Not updated
70Duktig Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU707Not updated
71Badeaux Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU606Not updated
71Bila Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU606Not updated
71Njursten Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU606Not updated
71Alnilamqt Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU606Not updated
75Melte Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU404Not updated
75Meliia Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU404Not updated
75Leventako Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU404Not updated
78Blacksnake Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU303Not updated
79Varekk Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU202Not updated
80Herpert Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU101Not updated
80Zàsz Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU101Not updated
82Kominek Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU000Not updated
82Olesa Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU000Not updated
82Brandeau Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU000Not updated
82Derpetta Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU000Not updated
82Celiste Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU000Not updated

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